Scout (Classic)

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Scout (Classic)
Scout (Classic)
Basic Information
Health: 75 / 125
Armor: 50
Armor type: Light
Speed: QWTF: 150% (450 units/s)
TFC: 133% (400 units/s)
Oh man, Classic Scout.
The Team Fortress 2 Scout recalling his counterpart

The Scout is a playable class in Team Fortress Classic. Like his Team Fortress 2 counterpart, the Team Fortress Classic Scout is the fastest and most mobile class but unlike his TF2 counterpart, his role on the team is more of a support class, being almost exclusively designed for capturing flags and completing objectives. His weapons are built around self defense if necessary and are not meant for taking on other players head-on. He is also the only class that does not possess one custom and one normal grenade. Instead, he has two custom grenades.

Basic Strategy

  • Always keep moving.
  • Report enemy activity.
  • Call for assistance when needed.
  • Move in unpredictable patterns.
  • Make use of your special abilities.
  • Do NOT try to deathmatch enemies. It should only be done as a joke or as humiliation, as the Scout's primary function here is to be an expert flag runner. The only enemy a Scout can possibly engage with greater luck of killing is another enemy Scout.

Special Abilities

  • Class Skill: Displays the status of each team's flag on capture the flag maps. Displays the status of each team's gas chamber keys on The Rock.
    • In Quake Team Fortress, the Scout can enable a scanner in which a lightning bolt points towards flags and other players every 2 seconds, at the cost of 2 cells per blip.


Quake Console Aliases:

Alias Effect
scane Toggle detection of enemies with the motion detector.
scanf Toggle detection of friendlies with the motion detector.
scan10 Use the motion detector with a radius of 250.
scan30 Use the motion detector with a radius of 750.
scan100 Use the motion detector with a radius of 2500.


Weapon Ammo Damage
per hit
Notes / Special Abilities
Type Loaded Carried
HUD crowbar TFC.png
Weapon 1
Crowbar N/A N/A N/A 18
HUD single shotgun TFC.png
Weapon 2
Single-Barrel Shotgun Shells 8 50 4 - 22 Fires six pellets.
HUD nail gun TFC.png
Weapon 3
Nailgun Nails 200 N/A 9 Scout holds double the amount of nails compared to anyone else with nailgun.


Grenade Grenades
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Caltrop tfc.png
Caltrop 3 9 Causes decrease in the enemies' speed.
Conc tfc.png
Concussion Grenade 3 0 Upon detonation, enemies within the blast radius become disoriented, causing the player's vision to wobble in a figure-8 pattern. While dealing no damage, it causes considerable knockback, which can be used for mobility.

Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Fixed Scouts not being able to drop their cells.



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