Medic (Classic)

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Medic (Classic)
Medic (Classic)
Basic Information
Health: 90 /Medic emblem RED.png135
Armor: 100
Armor type: Medium
Speed: 107% (320 units/s)
Excuse me, I'm in need of medical attention!
Injured teammates

The Medic, also known as the Combat Medic, is a playable class in Team Fortress Classic. While being the primary healing force, his speed and offensive abilities make him a proficient killer. To aid in survivability, the Medic passively recovers health over time.

Basic strategy

  • Use your Medkit to heal wounded teammates.
  • Pay attention to team members who call for help.
  • Use your Medkit to infect enemies. The contagion spreads to other members of the opposing team if they come into contact with each other, causing panic and massive damage.
  • Try to buff the vital members of your team. You can increase their health by 50 hit points over their maximum.
  • Pay attention to teammates who have been infected by opposing medics; you are the only person capable of healing the infection.
  • When forced into close combat, use your Double-Barrel Shotgun or Single-Barrel Shotgun to defend yourself. In a fight, the Super Nailgun should only be used as a last resort; the nails fired are slow and easily avoidable.
  • The player shouldn't forget to use the Medkit to heal allies while departing from their base.
  • The Medic is a Heavy's best friend. When in doubt, overheal a Heavy, however you shouldn't neglect your other teammates.

Special abilities

Class Skill: Selects the Medkit.


  • Heals team members with Medkits.
  • Passively heals self over time.
  • Infects enemies with Medkits.
  • Cures leg injury, infection, and puts out flames.
  • Immune to infection.


Weapon Ammo Damage
per hit
Notes/Special Abilities
Type Loaded Carried
HUD medkit TFC.png
Weapon 1
Medkit N/A N/A N/A Initial: 9
Infection: 8 per hit
Used to infect enemies. Heal teammates' infections, flames, hallucinations, and injuries to 100% Health. Overheals teammates to 50 additional health points that will decay over time.
HUD single shotgun TFC.png
Weapon 2
Single-Barrel Shotgun Shells 8 75 4-24 Fires six pellets.
HUD double shotgun TFC.png
Weapon 3
Double-Barrel Shotgun Shells 16 75 4-56 Fires fourteen pellets.
HUD super nailgun TFC.png
Weapon 4
Super Nailgun Nails 150 N/A 12 N/A


Grenade Grenades
Damage Range Notes/Special Abilities
Frag tfc.png
Hand Grenade 4 145-50 Deals massive damage on a four second fuse.
Conc tfc.png
Concussion Grenade 3 0 Upon detonation, enemies within the blast radius become disoriented. While dealing no damage, it causes considerable knockback.

Team Fortress

In Team Fortress, the Double-Barrel Shotgun's damage falloff makes it weak past very short range. In Team Fortress Classic, the Double-Barrel Shotgun has no falloff damage, making it much more powerful and letting the Medic keep his Super Nailgun ammo for Sentry Guns. In fact, the Double-Barrel Shotgun can be considered the Team Fortress Classic Medic's primary weapon because of its respectable damage output and range.


  • He is one of the only two Team Fortress Classic characters who did not make a reappearance in the Team Fortress 2 comic, A Cold Day in Hell, the other being The Civilian.


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