Sniper Rifle (Classic)

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The Sniper Rifle is a weapon in the Classic Team Fortress games unique to the Sniper.


By holding down the primary fire, the Sniper can charge a shot; releasing primary fire after charging a shot will fire the Sniper Rifle. A shot can be fired by simply tapping the primary fire once, though the shot will deal minimal damage. A red-colored dot will appear when a shot has been charged enough to be able to fire. The brighter the dot is, the stronger the shot will be. By using secondary fire, the Sniper can zoom in or out of one resolution. Holding alt can allow the Sniper to zoom in slightly, useful when trying to see more at once.

Mobility downsides

Charging a shot will hamper the Sniper's mobility greatly, making it nearly impossible to walk around without being an easy target. Being off the floor by jumping or swimming will prevent the player from firing the Sniper Rifle. Although, these can be used to conserve ammunition. Running or walking will also prevent the Sniper from charging a shot, forcing the latter to stop.


While having several downsides, the rifle possesses several abilities that make up for its lack of maneuverability. The most important ability is its ability to headshot: hitting an enemy's head deals a far greater amount of damage, capable of killing or seriously wounding any enemy. The rifle can also halve an opponent's speed with leg-shots, at the cost of half its damage. This slowing effect can be removed if the victim is treated by a Medic. The rifle is also capable of pushing any players who are shot. This can help slow down enemy movement, or to interfere with rocket, grenade, and concussion jumps. It can also be used to launch teammates (a practice known as Sniper-jumping), allowing them to quickly move from position to position in the map.

Comparison to its Team Fortress 2 counterpart (stock Sniper Rifle)

  • Unlike its Team Fortress 2 counterpart, the Rifle does not need to be zoomed in to be able to headshot or to charge.
  • The Rifle has the slowdown ability while its Team Fortress 2 counterpart does not.
  • Holding the primary fire is necessary to charge to shot, while its counterpart automatically charges while zoomed in.


  • The Team Fortress Classic's Sniper Rifle design resembles the Heckler & Koch G36 with a ZF 3×4° dual optical sight.
  • A fatal headshot or a well placed fully charged shot will gib the victim as if they were killed by an explosion.
  • The kill icon in Team Fortress Classic resembles the Quake Team Fortress Sniper Rifle, rather than the first person Sniper Rifle in TFC.
  • This weapon was re-added in Team Fortress 2 in the Love & War Update as the Classic.