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  • ...that the Scout can achieve a movement speed of up to 22.2 miles or 35.7 kilometers per hour?
  • ...that the Sniper unlock was originally going to be a sniper rifle called the Walkabout, but it was later scrapped and replaced with the Huntsman?
  • ...that the Respawn Rooms were planned to have turrets, but were scrapped before the final release?
  • ...that if an arrow is nocked with the Huntsman, and the player is killed before the arrow was shot, the arrow will shoot immediately upon dying?

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  • ...that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 instruction manuals included with The Orange Box incorrectly list the Scout's Scattergun as a shotgun, the Heavy's Minigun as a chain gun, and the Sniper's Kukri as a machete?
  • ...that the Short Circuit was originally planned to be a machine gun that opened up out of the Engineer's glove instead of an electricity-based weapon?
  • ...that the Medic's hometown was Stuttgart before being changed to Rottenburg in Two Cities Update?
  • ...that the map used for Meet the Medic is actually just an edited version of Badwater Basin?
  • ...that a Heavy with any melee weapon as his active weapon can continue to attack while stunned?
  • ...that the taunts for the Medic's Bonesaw and Vita-Saw have a chance to play versions of Playing With Danger, the Domination jingle and the Revenge jingle?
  • ...that the files for the Sniper's Kukri (such as texture, model and sound) lists it as "machete"
  • ...that there are unused headshot and backstab animations for MVM's robots? [1]
  • ...that Merasmus has a tattoo of the Soldier's emblem on his left bicep?

  • ...that the Boxcar Bomber is named after the Bockscar B-29 bomber plane that dropped the nuclear bomb in Nagasaki, Japan during World War II?
  • ...that taunt:Box trot was hidden in the background of various places on the pages for the Gun Mettle Update?
  • ...that The Kazotsky Kick was an unused taunt titled "Taunt_Russian", which has been in the game files since Scream Fortress 2013?
  • ...that there was an cosmetic called the Bonk'n'Flash, which was scrapped due to copyright concerns and was replaced by the Bonk Boy?
  • ...that the original music used in The Kazotsky Kick came from a radio in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the map de_train near the terrorist team's spawn area?
  • ...that the loading screen of Yukon still shows the old control point placement?
  • ...that the Conniver's Kunai's over-heal bonus removes degenerative effects such as afterburn and Bleeding?
  • ...that the box from the Box Trot taunt has some Japanese written on it (スパイは、この箱のなかにいる) which translates to "The Spy is in this box"
  • ...that the Lead Pipe is an unused melee weapon for the Heavy?

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