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  • ...that the Vita-Saw was originally going to have the Solemn Vow attribute along with its attributes?

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  • ...that a Full Moon occurs every 29.5 days starting Midday, October 12, 2011, but NASA times the average length of a synodic month as 44 minutes and 3 seconds longer?
  • ...that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 instruction manuals included with The Orange Box incorrectly list the Scout's Scattergun as a shotgun, the Heavy's Minigun as a chain gun, and the Sniper's Kukri as a machete?
  • ...that the Short Circuit was originally planned to be a machine gun that opened up out of the Engineer's glove instead of an electricity-based weapon?
  • ...that the Medic's hometown was Stuttgart before being changed to Rottenburg in Two Cities Update?
  • ...that the map used for Meet the Medic is actually just an edited version of Badwater Basin?
  • ...that a Heavy with any melee weapon as his active weapon can continue to attack while stunned?
  • ...that the taunts for the Medic's Bonesaw and Vita-Saw have a chance to play versions of Playing With Danger, the Domination jingle and the Revenge jingle?
  • ...that the files for the Sniper's Kukri (such as texture, model and sound) lists it as "machete"
  • ...that there are unused headshot and backstab animations for MVM's robots? [1]

  • ...that the Virtual Viewfinder has a Team Fortress cartridge inserted in it?
  • ...that the Love & War Update was once called the Bucket List Update?
  • ...that there is a reference to the Liberty Bell hidden in the Liberty Launcher?
  • ...that on its right side, the Family Business has a small faded picture of a hammer and sickle?
  • ...that Shakespearicles invented the Rocket Launcher, along with the method of rocket jumping?
  • ...that it is possible to assist yourself as a Scout by killing someone right as your Mad Milk lands on said person?
  • ...that there's an unused .midi version of Intruder Alert?
  • ...that in the newspaper shown on the comic Ring of Fired apparently uses an invented language on the small letters?
  • ...that while using the Vaccinator, keeping the alternate fire button pressed maintains an ÜberCharge through all of the charges left with no interruptions in between?

  • ...that the End of the Line Update update was originally supposed to include a map?
  • ...That the name of the Phlogistinator is based of the now disproven Phlogiston Theory that was based off the fact that a mythical element called phlogiston existed inside combustible materials.
  • ...That the Shotgun back in early beta was originally the Buff Banner taunt 2 years before the item was officially announced?

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