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  • ...that the Vita-Saw was originally going to have the Solemn Vow attribute along with its attributes?

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  • ...that a Full Moon occurs every 29.5 days starting Midday, October 12, 2011, but NASA times the average length of a synodic month as 44 minutes and 3 seconds longer?
  • ...that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 instruction manuals included with The Orange Box incorrectly list the Sniper's Kukri as a machete?
  • ...that the Short Circuit was originally planned to be a machine gun that opened up out of the Engineer's glove instead of an electricity-based weapon?
  • ...that there were Rock, Paper, Scissors taunt animations for all classes, and a backflip taunt for Soldier and Demoman added into TF2's files in the Scream Fortress 2013 update that remain unused?
  • ...that the Medic's hometown was Stuttgart before being changed to Rottenburg in Two Cities Update?
  • ...that the map used for Meet the Medic is actually just an edited version of Badwater Basin?
  • ...that a Heavy with any melee weapon as his active weapon can continue to attack while stunned?
  • ...that the taunts for the Medic's Bonesaw and Vita-Saw have a chance to play versions of Playing With Danger, the Domination jingle and the Revenge jingle?
  • ...that the files for the Sniper's Kukri (such as texture, model and sound) lists it as "machete"

  • ...that there are unused headshot and backstab animations for MVM's robots? [2]
  • ...that Merasmus has a tattoo of the Soldier's emblem on his left bicep?
  • ...that the textures of Ground Control contain the Japanese characters "のヮの" (No Wa No). These refer to one of the common expressions the character Haruka Amami makes in the THE iDOLM@STER games?
  • ...that the front cover of the tf2 comic "A cold day in hell" strikes a matching resemblance to the action comic's first edition front cover?

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