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Group picture of all combat classes (original models).
From left to right: the Spy, Scout, Pyro, Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Heavy Weapons Guy, Engineer, and Demoman.

There are ten classes that can be used in the classic Team Fortress games.

Class roles

While class roles are not stated for any of the classes in the classic Team Fortress games, some classes are better at offense or better at defense while some classes are suited to both.


Offensive classes are the primary attacking classes. They use their speed and/or movement techniques to run past enemy defense and grab the flag. Some examples of offensive classes are the Scout, Medic, Spy, Pyro, Soldier, and Demoman.


Defensive classes are the backbone of a good base defense. They combine firepower with great Armor, but usually sacrifice speed. Some examples of defensive classes include the Heavy, Soldier, Engineer, and Demoman.

Health and Armor

The classic Team Fortress games use a mixture of health and armor to determine how long a class can live. A chart showing how much health and armor each class has is seen below.

Class Health and Armor chart

Class Name Health Maximum
Adrenalised Health
Scout 75 125 50 Light Very Fast
Sniper 90 140 50 Light Medium
Soldier 100 150 200 Heavy Slow
Demoman 90 140 120 Medium Medium-Slow
Medic 90 140 100 Medium Fast
Heavy 100 150 300 Heavy Very Slow
Pyro 100 150 150 Medium Medium
Spy 90 140 100 Medium Medium
Engineer 80 130 50 Medium-Light Medium
Civilian 50 100 0 None Medium