Civilian (Classic)

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Civilian (Classic)
Civilian (Classic)
Basic Information
Health: 50
Armor: 0
Armor type: None
Speed: 100% (300 units/s)

The Civilian, otherwise known as The Hunted or VIP, is a playable class in the Team Fortress Classic series of games. It is not only playable in Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic, but also in Enemy Team Fortress.


The Civilian is the "escortee" in VIP maps for the Team Fortress Classic series of games. He is only armed with the Umbrella.

His role is to reach an evacuation point before being killed by the assassins. The Assassins need to kill the Civilian while fighting off advancing Bodyguards. The Bodyguards need to protect the Civilian while he tries to escape.

On the Hunted map, the Assassins get 25 points if they kill the Civilian. If the Civilian reaches the escape truck, he and the Bodyguards get 50 points.

Whenever the Civilian dies or makes it to the truck, all players are moved back to their starting positions.


  • The Civilian makes a brief cameo in Meet the Sniper for Team Fortress 2 as a bobblehead sitting on the dashboard of the Sniper's camper. The Sniper flicks the head, making it bob while saying "Boom. Headshot."
  • Several glitches have arisen over the history of Team Fortress 2 which allow players to appear in an odd, un-animated form of their currently selected class. The player has all his health, but has none of the weapons or forms of attack. This glitch is nicknamed "the Civilian" because an early version of it was the result of code left over from early Team Fortress 2 development when the beta team was experimenting with adding the Civilian to Team Fortress 2. The name persists despite current versions of the glitch having no relevance to this code.
  • The placeholder model for the Civilian during early development of Team Fortress 2 was a weaponless, un-animated Scout with 50 health as opposed to his normal 125.


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