Spy (Classic)

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Spy (Classic)
Spy (Classic)
Basic Information
Health: 90 / 140
Armor: 100
Armor type: Medium
Speed: 100% (300 units/s)

The Spy is a playable class in the Team Fortress classic series of games. His primary role is to infiltrate the enemy's base and perform activities such as killing high value targets or slipping past enemy defenses and acquiring the enemy flag. To assist him with these tasks, the Spy has the ability to disguise himself as members of any team and feign death. In order to take out high value targets, the Spy is equipped with the Knife, which kills an enemy in one hit if the target is backstabbed. He can also use the Tranquilizer Gun to slow down a potential victim in order to make a backstab easier.

In case of an emergency, the Spy is equipped with the Double-Barrel Shotgun and Nailgun. These weapons let the Spy fight back in case he is caught. He also has 100 points of Medium Armor in order to survive a few extra hits.

Basic strategy

  • Plan ahead. Be prepared to run if discovered.
  • Choose your disguise well. Match your disguise with your environment. For example, if you are in the front lines, disguise as a Soldier or another class that would normally be seen in the front lines. If you are in the enemy base, disguise as an Engineer or Sniper depending on the location.
  • Avoid Pyros at all cost; if they set you on fire through a Spy check, you will usually be killed swiftly by the enemy team.
  • Destroy Sentry Guns. The Spy is the ultimate Sentry killer as they can throw grenades without losing their disguise. A single Hand Grenade will do the job if you can aim well. Throw two if you are in a hurry and cannot take the time to line it up.
  • Your backstab is an instakill to any enemy. Use it on high priority targets.
  • Your Hallucination Grenades last a relatively long time and can cause a lot of mayhem to an enemy. You can either distract them for others to finish off or force them to wait out until they can operate properly again.
  • Hallucination Grenades are great for defending a dropped flag. Throw 3 or 4 Hallucination Grenades on the flag. The stacked knock back is great enough to make the flag unapproachable by strafe jumps and slow rocket jumps. This helps prevent the enemy team from suiciding to touch the flag and resetting the return timer.
  • A valuable ability for the Spy is Feign Death; you will appear to die but can still look around. This can be done silently or audibly (where your character will make a sound as if he was killed). Be careful, though, as your corpse will rotate as you look around. Many will assume that they have killed you and move on. This ability can be used to get a second chance at a backstab if your target caught you the first time.
  • You can not get up while feigning death if someone is standing on top of you. Don't stay feigned in high traffic areas for too long or an enemy may spot you, stand on you, and Crowbar you to death, making you helpless.
  • To effectively use Feign Death, crouch with your back against a wall. This will force a specific animation that results in the body falling behind the wall. Only your feet will be visible.
  • If your cover has been blown, use your Tranquilizer gun to stun your enemy and get away safely.

Special abilities

Class Skill: Opens up disguise menu.


  • Uncover an enemy Spy by touching him.
  • Disguise as any class on any team.
  • Feign your own death.

Quake Console Aliases:

Alias Effect
disguise Go undercover.
feign Feign/Un-Feign death.


Weapon Ammo Damage
per hit
Notes/Special abilities
Type Loaded Carried
HUD knife TFC.png
Weapon 1
Knife N/A N/A N/A Standard: 36
Back-stab: instakill
If an enemy is hit from behind, it results in an instant kill.
HUD tranq TFC.png
Weapon 2
Tranquilizer Gun Shells 40 N/A 18 Reduces target's movement and turn speed by a half.
HUD double shotgun TFC.png
Weapon 3
Double-Barrel Shotgun Shells 16 40 4-51 Fires 14 pellets.
HUD nail gun TFC.png
Weapon 4
Nailgun Nails 100 N/A 9 N/A


Grenade Grenades
Damage range Notes/Special abilities
Frag tfc.png
Hand Grenade 4 High Deals high damage on a four second fuse.
Gas tfc.png
Hallucination Grenade 4 Low Continuously deals slight damage and causes knock-back and "hallucinations" (mirage objects) on activation.

Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Fixed Spies not being able to drop their cells.


  • The Spy was inspired by a bug where players could sometimes appear as the incorrect class and/or team.
  • A Team Fortress server setting allowed the Spy to turn invisible instead of disguising. This is similar to the Team Fortress 2 Cloak mechanic.


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