Pyro (Classic)

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Pyro (Classic)
Pyro (Classic)
Basic Information
Health: 100 / 150
Armor: 150
Armor type: Medium
Speed: 100% (300 units/s)

The Pyro is a playable class in Team Fortress Classic. She[1] possesses fairly high health and medium armor. She moves at a medium speed, and her weapons are designed to incite confusion and deal damage over time.

Basic Strategy

  • Avoid water sources, as your potential victims can extinguish themselves.
  • Your Incendiary Cannon is your incendiary Rocket Launcher. If you cannot deal direct hits, use splash damage in a similar fashion to a Soldier's Rocket Launcher. Note that the blast radius is much larger than the Rocket Launcher and sets enemies on fire, and the heat travels through thin walls.
  • Your Flamethrower is your standard Flamethrower. It is to be used at close-mid range. The flame sprites travel a decent distance, unlike what some sources say. You should still stick to this weapon for mainly close encounters. A major problem, however, is that against faster classes (like Scout and Medic) the flames may be a bit too slow to catch them, depending on your position relative to the enemy
  • By hitting your enemies with your different flame weapons, you can stack the afterburn damage. A common strategy is to bombard the enemy team from long range with the Incendiary Cannon, and to then burn them again with the Flamethrower and Napalm Grenades.
  • The Afterburn of the Pyro in TFC is drastically slower than in Team Fortress. Attempting to leave someone to fall to afterburn without using Frag Grenades and/or burning them heavily is rather unwise, especially if they are standing near a resupply bag. Demomen and lighter classes have a greater chance of falling to afterburn than a Soldier or HWGuy.
  • Try to play both offensively and defensively depending upon the situation.
  • Napalm Grenades are a great area denial tool. They are also great at disrupting enemies’ vision and aim.
  • Use all of your fire-based weapons to cause confusion among members of the other team. The flame sprites can obstruct enemy vision, especially Snipers, but, obstructing enemy vision this way is not as effective as concing the enemy.
  • Use your Single-Barrel Shotgun as a last resort or at very long range. It should seldom be used, if at all. You can also use this gun underwater, or after using a Frag grenade on a medium-light class to finish them off.
  • The afterburn damage seems to be capped. This is best seen with using the Incendiary Cannon. Firing more than three rockets at an enemy does not cause afterburn damage, as the flames cancel out, forcing the player to start burning the enemy again. It is best to use only 3 rockets in this instance if you desire to inflict afterburn damage. With the Flamethrower and Napalm Grenade, the situation is not as consistent and not as observable.
  • Rarely, a Pyro can catch fire. It is possibly due to a Pyro being depleted of Asbestos Armor, as all classes come with a special armor type.

Special Abilities

Class Skill: Selects Flamethrower.

Abilities: Can't be set on fire.


Weapon Ammo Damage
per hit
Notes / Special Abilities
Type Loaded Carried
HUD crowbar TFC.png
Weapon 1
Crowbar N/A N/A N/A 18 N/A
HUD single shotgun TFC.png
Weapon 2
Single-Barrel Shotgun Shells 8 40 4-23 Fires six pellets.
HUD flamethrower TFC.png
Weapon 3
Flamethrower Cells N/A 200 20 (Contact)
6 (on classes with Heavy armor)
9 (on classes with Medium armor)
5 (on other Pyros)
15 (on classes with light armor)
2 (Afterburn)
Ignites players. Cannot inflict afterburn on enemy Pyros. Afterburn can increase as fire is concentrated on an enemy
HUD incendiary cannon TFC.png
Weapon 4
Incendiary Cannon Rockets 20 N/A 30-60 (direct hit on armorless enemies)
20 (splash damage on armorless enemies)
Splash damage does about the same as hits with the Flamethrower.
Ignites players. Cannot inflict afterburn on enemy Pyros. Afterburn can increase as fire is concentrated on an enemy


Grenade Grenades
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Frag tfc.png
Hand Grenade 4 High Deals massive damage on a four second fuse.
Napalm tfc.png
Napalm Grenade 4 Medium Ignites environment and enemies within blast radius for a limited amount of time upon explosion.



  • According to the Team Fortress 2 comic, Old Wounds, the Pyro from Team Fortress Classic is named Beatrice.

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