Sniper (Classic)

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Sniper (Classic)
Sniper (Classic)
Basic Information
Health: 90 / 140
Armor: 50
Armor type: Light
Speed: 100% (300 units/s)

The Sniper is a playable class in Team Fortress Classic. He possesses average health and the weakest armor. He moves at a medium speed, and his weapons are designed to destroy all enemies at long-range.

The class is ineffective in a direct firefight, so Snipers should always try to stay away from close combat as they have a large advantage over all classes from a distance.

Basic Strategy

  • Use your Sniper Rifle often.
  • Do not attempt to use your Sniper Rifle when forced into close combat. Instead, use your Nail Gun or Auto Rifle at close range; however, using the Auto Rifle can consume all the Sniper's ammo for his Sniper Rifle, as it shares ammo reserves (since it is a Sniper Rifle turned to automatic fire mode).
  • Avoid alerting enemies by hiding your laser sight until you're ready to fire.
  • Always aim for the head.
  • A Sniper does not need to kill every target to be effective. For example, Soldiers rely on their health for mobility. Simply damaging them may make it impossible for them to effectively push for the flag until they retreat in order to refill their health.
  • Any Sniper Rifle shot to an enemy's legs will lower their running speed. Use this if you do not have the proper angle to headshot them nor the time to charge a fatal shot before they move out of your line of sight.
  • Depending on the status of friendly fire on a server, Snipers can use the Sniper Rifle to launch teammates great distance using a tactic called Sniper Jumping; however, it can be viewed as griefing unless a Sniper is asked to boost a player.

Special Abilities

Class Skill: Toggles Sniper Rifle zoom.

Quake Console Aliases:

Alias Effect
autozoom Toggle the automatic zooming of the Sniper Rifle.


Weapon Ammo Damage
per hit
Notes / Special Abilities
Type Loaded Carried
HUD crowbar TFC.png
Weapon 1
Crowbar N/A N/A N/A 18 N/A
HUD sniper rifle TFC.png
Weapon 2
Sniper Rifle Shells 75 N/A 75-375 on bodyshot.

150-750 on headshot.

Capable of headshooting; must hold down primary fire key to strengthen shot; must be standing still or moving slowly to shoot. Shares magazine with Automatic Rifle
HUD auto rifle TFC.png
Weapon 3
Automatic Rifle Shells 75 N/A 8 Shares ammo reserve with Sniper Rifle
HUD nail gun TFC.png
Weapon 4
Nailgun Nails 100 N/A 9 Used as a backup weapon or a replacement for the Automatic Rifle as it does more damage over time plus Nailgun ammunition is independent from the Sniper Rifle.


Grenade Grenades
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Frag tfc.png
Hand Grenade 4 145-50 Deals massive damage on a four second fuse.
(Quake Team Fortress only)
4 None N/A


  • According to the Team Fortress 2 comic, The Naked and the Dead, the Sniper from Team Fortress Classic's name is Virgil.


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