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This article lists currently unreleased content that is assumed will be released before the end of Team Fortress 2 development.

Unreleased items

Certain evidence of unreleased items can be found within the game files or by official sources. It is unclear why they have not been released as of yet.

Weapons and tools

Main article: Unused content
  • A community-contributed hat known as the Legionaire's Lid (according to the tf_english.txt file) exists in the "VPK" complete with description.
  • In the Jungle Inferno Update, 7 unused community-created weapons (the Assault Cannon, the Afterburner, the Viewfinder, the Spitfire, the Handy Pardner, the Specialist, and the Inside Jab) were added.

Pubbers vs Pros Medal

Main article: Pubstars vs Pros

The Pubbers vs Pros Medal is a Miscellaneous item created by Lord Ned of TF2Maps to reward participants of the Pubstars vs Pros event. This medal is similar to the Polycount Pin as it will only be available to those who compete within the event.

Other Polycount contest entries

Valve initially selected five entries from the Polycount Contest out of a total of 76. Robin Walker has stated that nearly half of the entries were of high enough quality to be used in-game, and Valve has since implemented an additional six entries.[1][2][3] All of the entries can be found here.

Dr. Grordbort's Packs

The WETA Workshop, known for making Dr. Grordbort's Victory Pack, Dr. Grordbort's Brainiac Pack and Dr. Grordbort's Moonman Pack item sets for TF2, announced on the official Dr. Grordbort's site that two new packs were in development for the game[4] with Steam users being able to vote on which set they wanted to see in the game first. The sets are the Dr. Grordbort's Rocketboy Pack for the Scout, and the Dr. Grordbort's Man of Science Pack for the Medic. Both sets follow the pattern of the other Grordbort sets, being retro-futuristic styled items.

Man Of Science Pack

Five items were announced for this set. So far, there are two weapons in this set: a primary weapon, the Mercy Killer, is a laser gun; and the secondary weapon, the Anti-Deathray, seems to be a ray-based Medi Gun. Both were already designed, but have no models. However, the three cosmetic items were already modeled and submitted to the Steam Workshop, being the Negative Prognosis, a replacement for the backpack, the Second Opinion - Utility Belt, a set of surgical tools wrapped to the Medic's waist, and the Scientific Science Goggles of Science, a pair of goggles with multiple lenses.

Rocketboy Pack

Five items were announced for this set. So far, there are two weapons in this set: a primary weapon, the Mule Molestor 600, appears to be a retro-styled Force-A-Nature; and a secondary weapon, the Saboteur 66, which appears to be a ray-based Pistol. Both were already designed, but have no models. However, the three cosmetic items were already modeled and submitted to the Steam Workshop, being the Gloves of Progress, a pair of black gloves, the Ballistic Trajectory, a jetpack replacing the backpack, and the Futuristic 'Future Hat' of the Future, a helmet.

Dota 2 promotional items

Sniper's Snipin' Glass, Clockwerk's Helm, and Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat have existed fully modeled and textured in the game files since August 2011.

Improv Coonskin Cap

The Improv Coonskin Cap is a community-contributed cosmetic item for the Soldier. It was added in the Scream Fortress 2016 update as an Assassin-grade cosmetic item as part of the Creepy Crawly Case Collection. Shortly after the update went live, Valve released another patch removing the item and all related text from the game.

The Improv Coonskin Cap was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Jungle Inferno hats

The Jungle Inferno update added 4 unused hats, 3 of which are reskins of the Monstrous Memento and the last of which is a reskin of the Aperture Labs Hard Hat. Although these hats are in the Mann Co. Catalog, they are currently unobtainable in-game.

Large-scale performance update

Shortly after the Mann-Conomy Update, Robin Walker discussed in an email with one of the community contributors a large-scale performance update in the works which would replace all W (World) and V (View) models with the new C (Combination) model type, as well as an update to the existing C models and the new C models with LODs. This update would significantly increase performance and allow for a greater range of community and Valve item replacements in later updates. In the updates released since this email was sent, a sizable portion of the game's C models have received LODs. Many more, however, are still to come.

Training Mode for the remaining classes

Training Mode for the remaining classes (Scout, Pyro, Heavy, Medic, Sniper) is to be released in a future update.[citation needed]

64-bit macOS executable and patches

Currently, as of October 2019, no patches have been made for the macOS version of Team Fortress 2, due to the reliance on the discontinued Carbon API, and Apple's deprecation of OpenGL on macOS in favor of the Metal API.[citation needed]


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