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Built by Engineers for Engineers.
Handy Pardner publicity blurb

The Handy Pardner is a community-contributed, experimental PDA for the Engineer that was being play-tested by Valve. It is a PDA used to build the Mini-Dispenser, which itself is an experimental building that has not yet made it into the game. It appears to be a gray blocky device with a computer screen and three buttons, displaying a team-colored command-line interface filled with various commands and random text.

The backpack icons, model, and textures for the Handy Pardner were accidentally leaked in the Jungle Inferno Update. Based on the patch diff for the update, it appears that when Valve migrated some weapons and cosmetics over to the tf\models\workshop directory from their original directories (tf\models\player\items, tf\models\weapons\c_models), they accidentally migrated some "staging build" (in-dev) Workshop content they were testing at the time (if not for the past two years) and pushed it in the update.

The Handy Pardner was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Update history

October 20, 2017 Patch (Jungle Inferno Update Patch 1)

  • [Undocumented] Files for the Handy Pardner were added to the game.


  • [Undocumented] Files for the Handy Pardner were removed from the game.



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