Improv Coonskin Cap

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Let's move some roadkill!
The Soldier on efficient corpse-recycling

The Improv Coonskin Cap is a scrapped community-created cosmetic item for the Soldier. It would replace the Soldier's default helmet with a raccoon hung upon his head, and then bound with a chin-strap.

Files referencing the item as originally being a part of the Creepy Crawly Case collection as an Assassin-grade item were added in the Scream Fortress 2016 update. A patch was later released in which all the files related to the item were removed from the game.

The Improv Coonskin Cap was contributed to the Steam Workshop, and was later removed.

Update history

October 21, 2016 Patch (Scream Fortress 2016)

  • [Undocumented] The Improv Coonskin Cap was added to the game.

October 25, 2016 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Removed the Improv Coonskin Cap.

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