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Fortress Forever
Basic Information

Fortress Forever Development Team

Released: September 13, 2007
March 27, 2015 (Steam)




Fortress Forever is a Half-Life 2 mod utilizing the 2006 version of the Source engine. The game is based on Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic, but has been created entirely from scratch by the Fortress Forever development team. The intended scope of Fortress Forever is to please older Team Fortress Classic fans, while at the same time creating a game enjoyable enough to players new to Team Fortress styled games.[1]

Fortress Forever was released on September 13, 2007. The game was freely available to all who have purchased Half-Life 2 or any other game running off the Source engine. On January 18, 2013, Fortress Forever was put on Steam Greenlight.[2] On October 27, Fortress Forever was finally greenlit.[3] Since then, Fortress Forever beta Steam keys were sent out on it's forums.[4] At the end of March 2015, Fortress Forever was available on Steam one year after being greenlit.[5] The mod was apparently delayed due to the Fortress Forever staff thinking that the mod couldn't be released on Steam as it utilizes the 2006 version of the Source engine. The developers also announced in the same post that Fortress Forever has gone open source.[6] As of April 8, 2015, Fortress Forever is currently on version 2.5.0.[7]

Class Differences

Team Fortress 2 Fortress Forever Class Differences
Class Health Health
125 75, 50 armor Unlike in TF2, FF Scouts aren't made for combat - their main task is to get through enemy defence and get the flag. They carry 3 Concussion Grenades, a Pelletgun, Nailgun and Crowbar. Scouts are able to build Jump-pads which can help them reach greater heights. Scouts also cause enemy Spies to de-Cloak on contact.
200 100, 200 armor FF's Soldier is not very different from TF2 Soldier - he carries two types of Grenades: Frag and Laser, in addition to a Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun, Pelletgun and a Crowbar.
175 100, 150 armor FF's Pyro is fairly different from TF2's Pyro - unlike in TF2, he has to rely on stacking afterburn of his flame-based weapons to kill people. He is not able to airblast, or even one-shot kill with a melee or secondary. He is equipped with both Napalm and Frag Grenades. He also carries a Flamethrower, Incendiary Cannon, Pelletgun and a Crowbar. The Pyro is able to perform a Pyro Jump, a skill similar to the Soldier's Rocket Jump, and he is able to use his Flamethrower's force to propel himself upwards.
175 90, 120 armor Like the Soldier, the Demoman in FF is not very different from his TFC or TF2 counterparts. His Grenade Launcher launches grenades that explode on contact with enemies even after they were in contact with any surface. His Pipe Launcher launches pipes that will only explode upon pressing secondary fire button. The Demoman's next weapon is a Detpack with a timer that can be set from 5 to 50 seconds, exploding with devastating effect when the time reaches zero. He tops off his comprehensive loadout with a Pelletgun, MIRV and Frag Grenades, and a Crowbar.
300 100, 300 armor The Heavy is able to use Overpressure, a skill which allows him to release a shockwave that stuns all nearby enemies. He also carries Frag Grenades, Slowfield Grenades (which slow enemies), an Assault Cannon, Super Shotgun, Pelletgun and a Crowbar.
125 80, 50 armor FF's Engineer is pretty similar to TF2's. Unlike in TF2, however, the Engineer's Dispensers can be used by enemy players and can be detonated by the Engineer as explosives. Furthermore, they do not need to be upgraded. The familiar Sentry Guns are similar in operation to TF2's, but will be upgraded with 1 hit with the Spanner if the Engineer has 130 cells. However, the Engineer can't build Teleporters (they are replaced with the Scout's Jump-pads). The Engineer is equipped with EMP and Frag Grenades, a chargeable Railgun, a Super Shotgun and a Crowbar.
150 90, 100 armor FF's Medic is much better compared to TF2's Scout, as he is very fast and has good offensive capabilities. There is no ÜberCharge in FF. Instead, the Medic is able to "hit" teammates with a Medkit to heal them. Hitting an enemy player will afflict them with an infection, which causes damage over time, much like afterburn. Medics themselves are immune to being infected. The Medic carries Frag and Concussion Grenades, a Super Nailgun, Super Shotgun, Pelletgun and a Medkit
125 90, 50 armor The FF Sniper is able to "tag" enemy players that he has shot, but not killed. This allows for friendly players to see certain enemies through walls temporarily. He is also able to shoot at the legs of enemies to slow them down. He is equipped with Frag Grenades, a Sniper Rifle, Auto Rifle, Nailgun and a Crowbar.
125 90, 100 armor The Spy takes 50% fall damage and automatically has their disguise removed when they come into contact with an enemy Scout or Spy. Spies are able to rig unattended Sentry Guns and Dispensers to be remotely turned against the team it belongs to and then explode. Death can be feigned at will but the Spy's Cloak doesn't make the player fully invisible - moving means you will be partially visible; much like the Cloak and Dagger in TF2. The Spy can also throw grenades without having to re-disguise. His equipment includes Frag Grenades, a Tranquilizer Gun, Nailgun, Super Shotgun and a Knife.
50 75, 50 armor The Civilian is a playable character in FF. He has an Umbrella that the player can use as a weapon.



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