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{Hatnote|This is a proposed style guideline for Classic articles. Please see the talk page for discussion.}}

The (Classic) pages are an ongoing effort of the Wiki to better represent the Valve game Team Fortress Classic

These are only proposed guidelines. See the talk page to discuss changes.

(Classic) Explanation

  • The abbreviation (Classic) is a shortening of (Team Fortress Classic). It is not referring to all classic Team Fortress games. The primary focus of the article should remain on the Valve game Team Fortress Classic.

Naming Guidelines

  • Abbreviations, regardless of popularity, are not acceptable for use in the name or content of an article. Redirect all abbreviations to the main article, and make a parenthetical note of common abbreviations in the introductory paragraph.

Frequently Asked About Names

This is a list of the accepted versions of common naming discrepancies.

  • Heavy Weapons Guy
  • Assault Cannon
  • Medkit
  • Single-barrel Shotgun
  • Double-barrel Shotgun
  • Medic
  • Detpack

Sprites and Images

  • Sprites and images of the "old" models are acceptable to use for comparison to the "new" models. However the newest models should be used in all other instances.

Quake Team Fortress

  • All Quake Team Fortress Information should be should be set apart from the rest of the article, and placed in its own subsection. This is done merely to avoid confusion regarding which game the information in the article is referring to.


  • There will currently be no support for any Team Fortress Classic modifications or customizations. Current exceptions are: Scripting and Server Settings. This is subject to change in the future.

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