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When using ToDo lists, please add them on the discussion page rather than the main article.

Creating a list

1. Once on the discussion page, Edit the page and at the top of the text add a
to the top of the article text. This will create a reference to the list (as you don't actually populate the list on the article page).
2. After you have typed this, click the Save page button. The ToDo list will then become visible on the discussion page.
3. Click the Edit button on the ToDo list. This will create a page for the Todo contents with some default text (basic instructions) on it.
4. Once you save this article (the contents), it will show up in the Todo list (at the top of the discussion page).

Using the Watch icon

You can use the Watch link at the top of any ToDo list to add the ToDo list to your Special:Watchlist and track any changes.

Completing ToDo items

When completing items, add your name against the item and strike it out. Striking an item out can be achieved by adding <s> at the beginning and a </s> at the end of the item (see example below). If all the items have been completed, you can then remove the {{Todo}} from the discussion page.


*Add a picture to the article.

To complete the item, change it to:

*<s>Add a picture to the article.</s> - Done --~~~~

Which will show as:

  • Add a picture to the article. - Done -- (Signature)