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Basic information
Health: 50
Speed: 100%
Native language: Hungarian
Age: 14
Team Fortress 2
Contact information


Hello i'm CoderMedia my Favorite game is TFC. My favorite Class is the Civilian.

About Me

I started translating the wiki for about 4 months ago. I like this wiki and I'm going to translate the TFC wiki to hungarian. But I also like creating video games and share them on the Internet. I now planing that to get TFC cause It's a cool game.

Favorite Pages

Favorite Weapons

Picture Weapon Damage Used
Notes / Special Abilities
HUD medkit TFC.png Medkit Initial: 9
Infection: 8 per hit
Medic Used to heal teammates and infect enemies.
HUD knife TFC.png Knife Standard: 36
Back-stab: instant kill
Spy Can backstab for an instant kill.
HUD Wrench TFC.png Wrench 18 Engineer Used to upgrade buildings and repair armor.
HUD crowbar TFC.png Umbrella 18 Civilian Remodel of the Crowbar.