Caltrop (Classic)

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The Caltrop is a primary grenade for the Scout in the Team Fortress series of games.

When the primary grenade key is pressed, a second passes and then the player releases six Caltrops in a circular pattern. When an enemy walks on the Caltrop, they suffer a small amount of damage and their maximum speed decreases. This effect is similar to that of being shot in the leg with the Sniper Rifle. The effects of the Caltrop can be stacked. The player that releases the Caltrop is not immune to its effects, and suffers from the maximum speed penalty if they step on it. The penalty from the Caltrop can be removed by passing through a door.


Low for each Caltrop stepped on.

Team Fortress death messages

Player1 stepped on too many of Player2's Caltrops.
Player killed by the Caltrop
Player stepped on too many of his Caltrops.
Caltrop suicide