Concussion Grenade (Classic)

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The Concussion Grenade, or Conc Grenade for short, is a secondary grenade for the Medic and Scout in the Team Fortress Classic series of games.

When the timer goes off, the Concussion Grenade explodes with a release of energy – dealing no damage – that pushes anyone in the blast radius away and applies a disorientation effect for a short time. The explosion has an inverted force, meaning that the further from the center of the blast radius you are, the more knock back you will experience. While intended as a distraction weapon, it has evolved into a tool for faster movement – something that is vital for flag-runners.


  • The Concussion Grenade has two purposes: it can be used for concussion jumping, allowing the player to traverse great distances quickly, or (confusingly, more rarely) for its intended purpose of disorienting enemies.
  • Used offensively, it is most effective against the Heavy Weapons Guy and Sniper since their ability to aim their main weapons gets particularly hindered by the concussion effect.
  • Even though it is not easy, it is still possible to control your aiming when you are under the effects of the Concussion Grenade. You need to take one thing into consideration:
    • You will be shooting in the direction your weapon is aiming at, therefore use the weapon's model as a basic orientation.
  • As a Heavy Weapons Guy, you actually have a good chance of regaining control of your aim if you use the Assault Cannon's tracers as a visual guide.
  • Remember, your enemies are affected by the Concussion Grenade's push as well - though this will not be useful in many situations, it is still a good thing to keep in mind.

Concussion jumping

The Concussion Grenade can be used for concussion jumping - an incredibly useful (when done correctly) technique which makes the Scout and Medic very agile. Concussion jumping can be performed in one of two ways:

  • By throwing the grenade onto the ground and jumping over it right as it explodes. This is usually easier to perform, but remember that the power of a concussion blast increases as the distance from the center of the blast radius increases, therefore being strongest right at the very edge of the blast radius.
  • By priming the Concussion Grenade (hold down your secondary grenade key) and letting it go, while simultaneously jumping at the correct moment. This type of conc jumping can be slightly more difficult to do, and is also more dependent on your ping.

It is also possible to chain several consecutive conc jumps. Chaining two Concussion Grenades can be very useful in actual gameplay, such as throwing one down and then priming another one in hand. Using more than two grenades has very little use in actual gameplay, and is mostly used for completing "trick" maps.

Differences between Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic

In Team Fortress, a person affected by the disorientation effect has their view randomly shake and their body move erratically. In Team Fortress Classic, a player affected by the disorientation effect has their aim sway in a figure 8 pattern that shrinks over time.


  • The Concussion Grenade was scheduled to appear in Team Fortress 2, but was scrapped when grenades were removed as weapons. Unlike the Team Fortress Classic series of games, the Scout would have been the only class able to use the Concussion Grenade. The Medic, on the other hand, would have been able to use the Heal Grenade.