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Heya! I'm SuperLuigi9624, I like video games, etc etc etc

I'm rewriting this page, so sorry it's so unpolished. I'll finish it later

I main Heavy! Heavy is really fun. I used to play Pyro, but I figured I oughtta invest my time into the least appreciated class, so I main Heavy now.

Basic information
Gender: Male
Health: 300/175
Speed: 77%/100%
Birth place: Maryland
Native language: English
Age: 19
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Heavy/Pyro
Favourite maps: koth_viaduct, cp_gorge and koth_lakeside
Favourite weapons: Fire Axe/Killing Gloves of Boxing
Favourite hats: Officer's Ushanka
Contact information
Steam page:

My Userboxes

en This user has a native understanding of English.
es-2 Este usuario tiene un conocimiento intermedio del español.
RED Wiki Cap.png This user doesn't edit the Wiki for the sole purpose of getting a Wiki Cap.
User Pyro.png This user is a Pyro.
“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
User Heavy.png This user is a Heavy.
“Which one of you is crying?!”
Original.png This user owns a Genuine Original.
Backpack Fists.png This user is manly enough to battle with only Melee Weapons. Guns are for babies!
Melee icon Shovel.png Aaaaaaahhhhh! *bang bang bang*
Melee icon Axe.png This user plays air guitar over your smoldering corpse.
Melee icon Fists.png Pow!
Melee icon Bonesaw.png Saw-ry!
Fifth Annual Halloween Event Showcard.png This user witnessed the Scream Fortress 2013 Update!
Two Cities Showcard.png This user witnessed the Two Cities Update!
Smissmaspyro-smissmas13.jpg This user witnessed the Smissmas 2013 update!
Love and War update.png This user witnessed the Love & War Update!
Scream Fortress 2014 update.png This user witnessed the Scream Fortress 2014 Update!
End of The Line showcard.png This user witnessed the End of the Line Update!
Smissmas 2014 showcard.png This user witnessed the Smissmas 2014 update!
Gun Mettle showcard.png This user witnessed the Gun Mettle Update!
Previewinvasion.png This user witnessed the Invasion Community Update!
Scream Fortress 2015 update.png This user witnessed the Scream Fortress 2015 Update!
Tough Break update.png This user witnessed the Tough Break Update!
Meet Your Match Update.png This user witnessed the Meet Your Match Update!
Smissmas 2014 showcard.png This user witnessed the Smissmas 2014 update!
TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress 2 junky!
Heavy laugh.png This user page is so small,
it is funny to me!
Nemesis RED.png This user is dominating you!
Tf soldier gora gora gora.png This user likes to use Crit rockets to gib other players
User LordKelvin Spycheck.png This user HATES Spies.
Tf demoman decapitate equalizer.png This user is a Demoknight.
"There can be only one! Aye!"
Scout Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.

Dueling Medal Bronze.png This user owns a Bronze Dueling Badge.
Backpack Mann Co. Cap.png This user owns the Mann Co. Cap.
Backpack Haunted Metal Scrap.png This user owns the Haunted Metal Scrap.
your/ you’re This user thinks that if you're grammar is incorrect, then your in need of help. ><
Majority ≠ right This user recognizes that even if 1,000,000 people make the same mistake, it's still a mistake.
Flag Texas.png Howdy, I'm a Texan!
pwn. This user owns you.
Chrome Logo.png This user uses Google Chrome as their web browser.
Spy No smoking.png No smoking please!
DaniVoiceMenu.png This user loves to use the Team Fortress in-game voice menu (a lot) for talking.
User Lhavelund Idiot.png This user has moments of inate idiocy. Sorry.
HD.png This user likes HD videos.
Windows Logo.png This user uses Microsoft Windows Windows 10.
SmallEdit.jpg This user likes to edit articles in teeny baby bits.
Spysappinmahwiki.PNG This user says, "Spy's revertin' mah edit!".
Tf scout long distance runner.png This user enjoys Team Fortress 2 at 121. Max my monitor allows! frames per second.

Backpack Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.II.png This user owns a Strange Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.II.
Rank: Server-Clearing
Kills: 4,268

Backpack Natascha.png This user owns a Strange Natascha.
Rank: Wicked Nasty
Kills: 562

Backpack Killing Gloves of Boxing.png This user owns a Strange Killing Gloves of Boxing.
Rank: Positively Inhumane
Kills: 945

Backpack Fists.png This user owns a Strange Fists.
Rank: Sufficiently Lethal
Kills: 177

Backpack Fists of Steel.png This user owns a Strange Fists of Steel.
Rank: Uncharitable
Kills: 107

Backpack Gloves of Running Urgently.png This user owns a Strange Gloves of Running Urgently.
Rank: Truly Feared
Kills: 238

<-- I'm gonna compile all of these into a picture because they're misaligned. Give me a couple yeaaaarsssssortwo.