Exploits (Classic)

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This is a page listing exploits the player can use in Team Fortress Classic, including instructions on how to use each one.

Teleporting the Flag

When a player throws a flag, there is a cooldown before they can pick it up again. When a player stops over a teleport entrance, the game checks to see if they have a flag on them. If they do, the teleportation is canceled. The actual process of teleporting takes about one second before the player is moved. A method to teleport the flag can be performed by creatively combining this information. Begin by picking up the flag and throwing it on to the teleport entrance.

Wait about 5 seconds, then move onto the teleporter. If timed correctly, you will not pick up the flag and will start to teleport. The cooldown for picking up the flag will then expire mid-teleport, thus you will then automatically pick up the flag and arrive at the exit with the flag in hand. This glitch is not feasible in a normal game due to the difficulty of getting an Engineer into the enemy's flag room and keeping the setup alive.

Shooting Crowbar / Alternative Weapon Fire

Players are able to use a different weapon to fire another weapon's attack. For example, a Crowbar shooting rockets is possible for a Soldier, or a Spy Knife shooting Super Shotgun Rounds.

Swap to your "Off-weapon", such as a crowbar, then back to the "Main Weapon" you wish to fire such as a Rocket Launcher. Hold fire until all of your ammo has been spent for your Main Weapon, then while still holding fire, press your "Use last weapon" bind twice, then collect some ammo. This will then allow you to shoot ammo from your main weapon while displaying your off weapon, even to other players on the server.

This resets when the player changes weapon or is killed.