Mann vs. Machine (teaser)

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Mann vs. Machine (teaser)
Mann Vs Machine Video.png
Video Info
Released: August 13, 2012
Run time: 3:01

Video transcript


  • According to the filename (if the trailer is downloaded directly through Steam), the video went through at least 35 major revisions before being finalised.
  • This video takes place on a modified Viaduct.
  • At 0:06, "Mann Co. no more." (Mann Co. taken over by Gray Mann.)
  • What looks like the antennae and roof line of another Carrier Tank appears behind the CLOSED sign.
  • Each Shotgun is shown to be pumped at least twice. Both by the Engineer at 0:45, once by the BLU Demoman at 1:08, and again by the Engineer at 1:40.
  • The Scout is shown using the Sandman at 0:35 but later changes to the default Bat at 0:53 then back to the Sandman at 2:20. In the final scene, he has a Scattergun and no bat.
  • The Demoman is wearing the old "dynamite stick" class emblem.
  • At 0:47, the Soldier's cards turned by shirt to the Demoman, but at 1:06 cards is turned to the opposite side.
  • At 0:49, a Power Up Canteen is on the poker table.
  • The BLU Soldier is seen with the Soldier's Stogie at 0:58 and again at 1:40.
  • A picture of the Spy and the Scout's mother from Meet the Spy can be seen on the table to the right of the chips at 1:08.
  • At 1:13, the Demoman's Shotgun turns into his Grenade Launcher.
  • The Medic's Medi Gun backpack is on at 1:19 but vanishes at 1:22. It later re-appears at 1:37.
  • The hatch that opens from the carrier tank makes the same sound as a Dispenser.
  • The Scout, Sniper, and Spy Robots do not appear in the close-up on the carrier tank, but appear as an outline when the carrier tank's hatch opens.
  • At 2:44, the Soldier is seen equipped with the Power Up Canteen.
  • At 2:37, the Soldier's Rocket Launcher has a single rocket protruding from its muzzle, similar to the Rocket Launcher in Team Fortress Classic.
  • The Engineer's Shotgun changes during the midst of the battle to the Frontier Justice at 2:39 and utilizes sounds from Father Grigori's rifle from Half-Life 2.