Obtaining PASS Time achievements

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Win 10 rounds playing PASS Time.
Reward: Civilian Grade JACK Hat
Difficulty: Easy
How to obtain: This achievement will naturally be obtained after a significant amount of time playing PASS Time. In order to get credit for this achievement, you must play from the start of setup time to the end of the round. Joining any later than the beginning of setup time will not count towards this achievement.

Tune Merasmus's Multi-Dimensional Television
Tune Merasmus's Multi-Dimensional Television
Reveal the mystery of the PASS Time TV Room.
Reward: Military Grade JACK Hat, PASS Time Miniature Half JACK
Difficulty: Very Hard
How to obtain: This achievement is relatively complicated and requires cooperation from 5 people on RED team and 4 people on BLU team, on the map Brickyard.
Spectrogram of tv1.wav showing relative placement of each player around of the television.
  1. On the RED side of the map facing the goal, on the left there is a small area with the Engineer's guitar and a Destruction PDA. A player must enter this area and stand on the guitar.
  2. The corresponding BLU side of the map will reveal a hidden goal. The Jack must be thrown into this goal.
  3. In the spawn rooms, doors marked "PRIVATE" will open in each spawn to reveal a Teleporter for each respective team.
  4. Players who walk into their special Teleporters will be transported to a room with a television. Surrounding the television are 9 smudge marks on the floor. A player with the correct class and color must stand on each respective mark. The required classes and colors from left to right forming a semi-circle are: RED Pyro, BLU Spy, RED Sniper, RED Medic, BLU Engineer, RED Heavy, RED Soldier, BLU Demoman, BLU Scout. Each class must stand exactly square on the smudge mark. Any spectators must not "stand" (or "float") in this area.
  5. The plug behind the television set must be shot out. The television will then glow green, earning the achievement.

It is possible to get this achievement in Singleplayer. See this tutorial. maxplayers must be set to a number greater than 9 in the console before the map pass_brickyard command or else the bots will be kicked. Despite using sv_cheats 1, this method works as long as it is set to 0 at the end.