The Showdown

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For the Taunt, see Showdown.
The Showdown
Comic Strip Info
Released: July 7, 2016
Number of pages: 52
Artist: Rennerei

The Showdown is a comic that was released on July 7, 2016 to coincide with the Heavy vs. Pyro war during the Meet Your Match Update. It follows the Heavy as he encounters The Administrator with a simple request for her, only to run into a fiery opponent.

The Comic is also notable for continuity with Meet the Director and WAR! as well as naming each of the Heavy's Miniguns.


The comic opens with Heavy entering Bilious Gorge, tearing off a gated fence with no trouble. Down the path, he encounters a pack of guard dogs guarding a mine shaft, and readies to fight them with the fence door. However, he stops and gives a Sandvich to the dogs, taking them with him on his trek into the mine shaft. In the mine shaft, Heavy encounters some masked men, who are most likely the Administrator's messengers, ascending from an elevator. Heavy responds by sending the dogs after them, killing them. Descending the elevator, Heavy arrives in a secret lair with a retractable bridge to the next room. Waiting for the bridge to open, he pulls out another Sandvich and eats it. The bridge opens up, and Miss Pauling exits from the door on the other end. Heavy stops the door from closing with his backpack, quickly saying hello and goodbye to the startled secretary.

At the end of the room, Heavy encounters the Administrator herself. Thinking that Heavy is about to kill her, she prepares to set her base to self destruct, only stopping when Heavy proclaims he wants new weapons. The Administrator asks if Heavy wants to know why, but Heavy proclaims he doesn't care and just wants new weapons. The Administrator says she can get him new guns, but it will take time as she can only supply one mercenary at a time. Heavy says it's alright since he's the only one asking, until the Administrator explains that Pyro beat him by three minutes. Annoyed, Heavy takes her lighter and offers it to Pyro, on condition that Heavy is allowed to get new weapons first. The Pyro rejects the offer by crushing the lighter. The comic ends with the Administrator laughing at them, explaining that the thought of them killing each other would be perfect.



  • The gorge where the administrative-facility is located, Billious gorge, is named after Saxton Hale's father, Bilious Hale.

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