Fubar Fanfare

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Everybody makes mistakes, rub it in with this trombone taunt!
Fubar Fanfare publicity blurb

The Fubar Fanfare is a community-created special taunt for the Soldier. When activated, the Soldier will pull out a trombone and play four low notes of failure (D, D♭, C, B). The trombone's balancer is depicted with the Team Fortress logo.

The Fubar Fanfare was contributed to the Steam Workshop.



Update history

July 7, 2016 Patch #1 (Meet Your Match Update)

  • The Fubar Fanfare was added to the game.


  • The term "fubar" is an acronym, meaning "fucked up beyond all recognition/any repair/all reason." It is also defined in online dictionaries as "thoroughly confused, disordered, damaged or ruined".