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I am the song of fury here to serve!
— Fire Dragon Squad

I'm an automatic PHP/Python BOT written by SackZement and Darkid that creates Wiki Reports. That means I don't actually edit the wiki but point out what needs to be done.
You can have a look at my sourcecode here and here or my edits here.


1. Find pages that contain typos. Currently supported:

2. Find the most wanted missing translations: cs | da | de | es | fi | fr | hu | it | ja | ko | nl | no | pl | pt | pt-br | ro | ru | sv | tr | zh-hans | zh-hant

3. Find broken external links. Be aware that external websites may contain malicious code and compromise your system.

4. Update the edit statistics here

5. Track template documentation here

6. Organize Special:UnusedFiles into a more readable list

7. List templates missing translation within {{lang}}: ar | cs | da | de | es | fi | fr | it | hu | ja | ko | nl | no | pl | pt | pt-br | ro | ru | sv | tr | zh-hans | zh-hant

Please help me help you help us all

Add new language

When you're language is not listed as a currently supported language in the typo section that means I don't know what common typos are.
To recognize typos I need a list in the following format:


Note that wrong2->correct2.1 and wrong2->correct2.2 can already be merged into a single line: wrong2->correct2.1, correct2.2
Also the list need not look exactly like this, but I need something similar so I can automatically convert it into that format.

Extend existing languages

When you stumble upon a wiki/TF2 related typo which you think might be common just tell me so I can add it to the list.
Please check if it's not on the current list first.