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Construction Theme
ZEAL! VIGOR! INDUSTRY! (and vast amounts of coffee) This can only mean one thing: Construction
Construction Theme publicity blurb

The Construction Theme is a collection of construction site-themed assets, including materials and models for mappers to use in their custom maps. It was assembled by a group of members and published here. The Construction Theme and the map Hardhat were mentioned in the January 21, 2011 official TF2 blog post.

There are 144 models and over 74 materials and overlays for mappers to implement in their maps.


  • Aeon 'Void' Bollig
  • Matt 'Boylee' Boyle
  • Kevin 'Ravidge' Brook
  • Mick 'Mick-a-nator' Deakin
  • Sebastian 'Seba' Grus
  • Samuel 'UGLYdumpling' Hallam
  • Matt 'Lord Ned' Hoffman
  • Kurt Mohty
  • Guy 'Gerbil' Ross
  • Gavin 'Equinoxo' Sawford
  • Eric 'A Boojum Snark' Ziegler



There are 144 separate props in the Construction Theme, condensed into 43 groups:

Barricades Barricades

For marking hazardous areas.

Bricks Bricks

Taken straight from Well!

Blueprints Blueprints

Make sure you know what you're building.

Bulldozer Bulldozer

Flattening homes has never been simpler!

Cinderblocks Cinderblocks

The building blocks of.... oh wait.

Concrete Barriers Concrete Barriers

To make sure cars won't see what you're building.

Construction Fences Construction Fences

Keep those pesky pedestrians away.

Crane (inc. skybox model) Crane (inc. skybox model)

Constructing short buildings is for the poor and Irish.

Demolition kit Demolition kit

This kit puts the demoman(sic) to shame!

Dumpster Dumpster

Throw away your worries!

Excavator Excavator

Because digging is hard

Flatbed Truck & Trailer Flatbed Truck & Trailer

Great for carrying supplies and running over hippies!

Flatbed cart Flatbed cart

For those heavy Gorge crates.

Guardrails Guardrails

They'll save you from a lawsuit or two.

Hammers Hammers

Building identical secret bases one nail at a time.

Hand Drill Hand Drill

Drill holes, conserve energy!

Handsaw Handsaw

We couldn't find any of these in Sawmill.

Hampshire's Heavy Sign Hampshire's Heavy Sign

A heavy-duty sign for a heavy-duty company.

I-beams I-Beams

I beam, you beam, we all beam for I-beams!

Metal parts Metal parts

They go well with I-beams.

Pack o' nails Pack o' nails

The hammer's best friend.

Mug + pencil Mug + pencil

For making plans instead of drinking coffee.

Pigeons Pigeons

They poop on everything.

Plastic Bucker Plastic Bucket

The best kind of container!

Power Drill Power Drill

Don't let your kids near this!

Rebar Rebar

Making sure your building is demo-proof.

Rubble Rubble

Industrial rubble has never been so useful!

Sandbagged sign Sandbagged sign

Making sure people will notice what you have to say.

Sandwich signs Sandwich signs

Not signs made of Sandviches (sorry, Heavy).

Sawhorse Barricade Sawhorse Barricade


Scaffolding Scaffolding

The safe way of reaching high places.

Skip Skip

The dumpster's industrial cousin.

Skybox buildings Skybox buildings

We're building over there too.

Spirit level Spirit level

Use the power of physics to tell if your wall is straight.

Steamroller Steamroller

Flatten your enemies and/or ground!

Strongarm Lifting Sign Strongarm Lifting Sign

Strong arms operating cranes.

Tablesaw Tablesaw

The best combination of furniture and power tools!

Measuring Tape Measuring Tape

For measuring your sightlines.

Tarpaulin Tarpaulin

Cover up your industrial secrets!

Ladders Ladders

Not for use with func_ladder. No really, we're serious.

Trailer (inc. Generator & Box) Trailer (inc. Generator & Box)

Three for the price of one!

Trowel Trowel

That concrete better stay flat!

General Purpose Van General Purpose Van

For general purposes.

Rubber Boot Rubber Boot

For those with two left feet.


There are 74 materials in the Construction Theme, condensed into 16 groups:

Tension Netting Tension Netting

Performs well under stress.

Rebar grids Rebar grids

When 3D rebar just isn't flat enough.

Fresh concrete Fresh concrete

Don't step in it.

Concrete splash Concrete splash

Someone missed.

Concrete ground Concrete ground

More constructiony than before!

Asphalt Asphalt

For durable roads.

Dirt ground Dirt ground*

Even more constructiony!

Concrete walls Concrete walls

Who needs construct walls.

Construct walls Construct walls

Who needs concrete walls.

Construct wood Construct wood

More durable than normal wood!

Fabric Fabric

Semi-transparent for almost hiding your illegal activities.

Gravel Gravel

The number one hit, straight from the pit!

Pigeon Dropping Pigeon Dropping

Told you.

Signage / Posters Signage / Posters

One of'em is sure to fit your needs!

Cable textures Cable textures

From hazard tape to electrical wires, we have them all.

Ground blends Ground blends*

Useful transitions.