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Armed with only a rickety hammer and this definition of dynamic, the Mappers of TF2Maps.net took on the Major Mapping competition #7: Dynamic Payload.
From the official site for the contest

The Dynamic Payload contest was a map voting contest hosted by TF2Maps.net. Viewers were asked to help decide the top 3 dynamic Payload maps created by the mappers of the website.

Each mapper was given only 4 months to create a Payload map which could be entered into the competition. 27 entries were submitted, and the maps were opened to the community. After two weeks of preliminary voting, only eleven maps remained, and they were then voted on by judges, before finally being voted on by the public.

The deadline ended on the 30th April 2012, with submissions being opened a week beforehand.


Each map was judged on the following:

  • Gameplay (25% of final score)
  • Balance (25%)
  • Dynamic Element (20%)
  • Aesthetics (15%)
  • Performance (15%)


Map Map type File name Developer Setting
Pl volcanic.png Volcanic Payload pl_volcanic Blade ND64 Industrial
Plr frostfell.png Frostfell Payload Race plr_frostfell Tom Hoen Alpine / Snow
Pl moonlit.png Moonlit Payload pl_moonlit Ezekel Halloween


The three winners each were given a Map Maker's Medallion, and were shown on the site.

Definition of a dynamic element

According to the official forum post for the contest, a 'dynamic element' is any sort of Payload gameplay element that involves moving, turning, lifting, teleporting, cloning or turbo-boosting the Payload cart', for example the turntable on Barnblitz.