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Swamp Theme
Website Info
URL: http://swamp.tf2maps.net
The Swamp Theme is a pack of swampy assets for you to use in your custom Team Fortress 2 map! We've assembled some of the best content creators at TF2Maps.net and forced them to make this set of cool models, textures, particles, and more for you to enjoy. So download it!
Swamp Theme publicity blurb

The Swamp Theme is a collection of swamp-themed assets for mappers to use in their custom maps. These assets include materials, models, particles, and more. The Swamp Theme was assembled by a group of TF2Maps.net members and published here. The Swamp Theme has been featured on the TF2 Official Blog, and was made official in the October 27, 2010 Patch as part of the Scream Fortress Update Halloween 2010 event.

The current version of the Swamp Theme is a second revision which brought many new assets to the pack, as well as a Swamp Theme Map Pack. The Swamp Theme Map Pack features popular custom maps that were created using the Swamp Theme assets. These maps include Atrophy, Fever, Wildmire, and Blackwood. The Hazardous Environments sign found in the Swamp Theme has since been added into the game in the form of Coldfront.

The Swamp Theme contains 40 models, over 30 materials and overlays, six skyboxes, one detail sprite, ten particles, and one new soundscape for mappers to implement in to their maps.


  • Aeon 'Void' Bollig
  • Kevin 'Ravidge' Brook
  • Mike 'Foda' Corsaro
  • Sean 'Heyo' Cutino
  • Wade 'Nineaxis' Fabry
  • Aaron 'Psy' Garcha
  • Frazer 'The Midget' Grant
  • Alex 'Randdalf' Gulliver
  • Tim 'YM' Johnson
  • Alex 'Rexy' Kreeger
  • Anton 'DaBeatzProject' Lecock
  • Wojtek 'Eerieone' Michalak
  • Tom 'zpqrei' Pritchard
  • Nova 'NovaSilisko' Silisko
  • Siewart 'Zeewier' van Wingerden
  • Eric 'A Boojum Snark' Ziegler



There are 40 props in the Swamp Theme:

"No Swimming" Sign "No Swimming" Sign

In case you need to warn people to stay out of the water.

Reeds and Cattails Reeds and Cattails

Swamp shrubbery.

Mushrooms Mushrooms

We don't recommend eating them.

Crocodile Cutout Crocodile Cutout

Good for scaring off people who can't tell it is wooden.

Light Post Light Post

We don't recommend eating this either.

Intelligence Sign Intelligence Sign

For alerting your enemies as to where you're keeping it.

Buoy Buoy

For keeping boaters in line.

Buttress Tree Buttress Tree

It's a big tree. Really big.

Jetty Jetty

It's like a dock, but smaller.

Buttress Stump Buttress Stump

It used to be a big tree. Really big.

Oar Oar

Being in a swamp without a paddle is just as bad a situation.

Cracky Crate Cracky Crate

Once proudly used for shipping Cracky Pop, this crate now rots away slowly.

Rowboat Rowboat

Because some people like floating on top of murky, alligator infested water.

Swamp Trees Swamp Trees

Some scraggly foliage.

Chainsaw Chainsaw

More rubble, less trouble!

Mounted Deer Bust Mounted Deer Bust

All your friends will know how big that stag was.

Railings Railings

If you're a nice person and want to keep people from falling into the water.

Oil Derrick Oil Derrick

For pumping black gold from the murky landscape.

Swamp Rocks Swamp Rocks

Rocky outcroppings for your map.

Anchor Anchor

To keep boats in place. Without a boat, it's kind of useless.

Swamp Cliff Swamp Cliff

Bigger rocky outcroppings for your map.

Doorframe Doorframe

To put around a door.

Swamp Roots Swamp Roots

The tongues of trees.

Rope Pile Rope Pile

Lying around waiting to tie something up.

Swamp Shrubbery Swamp Shrubbery

Even MORE swamp shrubbery!

Support Support

To keep things well supported.

Door Door

It's a door!

Land Rover Land Rover

Vehicle of choice for swamp exploration.

Bug Zapper Bug Zapper

POW! Haha. Bugs be gone.

Airboat Airboat

The other vehicle of choice for swamp exploration.

Ferns Ferns

It's another kind of shrubbery.

Connected Buoy Connected Buoy

To mark off sections of water.

Karst Rocks Karst Rocks

Some swampy landforms.

Hanging Sign Hanging Sign

For informing people of what you've got.

Lilypad Lilypad

A pad for lilies.

Picnic Table Picnic Table

In case you need to eat lunch in a swamp.

Tall Grass Tall Grass

Shrubbery galore.

Trophy Bass Trophy Bass

Show off your catch.

Open Oil Drum Open Oil Drum

If you are bored of closed ones.

Swamp Skybox Cards Swamp Skybox Cards

Make the forest look endless.


There are 31 materials in the Swamp Theme:

Swamp Rockwall Swamp Rockwall

A rockwall for swamps.

Swamp Mud Swamp Mud

A swamp wouldn't be a swamp without it.

Swamp Grass Swamp Grass

For less muddy places where grass would grow.

Swamp Mud #2 Swamp Mud #2

If you didn't have enough already.

Dirt to Grass Blend Dirt to Grass Blend

For that transition from dirt to grass.

Swamp Mud Blend Swamp Mud Blend

For going from one mud to another.

Dirt to Grass Blend #2 Dirt to Grass Blend #2

For that other transition from dirt to grass.

Swampy Concrete Swampy Concrete

It's not very pretty.

Swamp Water Swamp Water

Definately(sic) not for drinking. Or swimming. Or anything, really.

Vine Vine

No swinging.

Murky Swamp Water Murky Swamp Water

Should we mention what you shouldn't do in this water too?

Stained Office Door Stained Office Door

Don't mind the blood.

Tour Schedule Tour Schedule

Freeman Airboat Tours schedule. Nothing is final.

Leaf Pile Leaf Pile

Not as soft as it looks.

Swamp Cobble Swamp Cobble

When you just need some cobble in your swamp.

Swamp Cobble Blend Swamp Cobble Blend

To stain your cobble.

Swamp Mud #3 Swamp Mud #3

For you mud connoisseurs.

Swampcrete Blend Swampcrete Blend

Blend that swampcrete!

Karst Rock Karst Rock

It's a swampy kind of rock.

Karst Rock Blend Karst Rock Blend

Blend it to grass!

Karst Rock Blend #2 Karst Rock Blend #2

Blend it to dirt!

Worn Tile Worn Tile

Nothing in this swamp is clean.

Swamp Brick Swamp Brick

Bricks and mortar for your swampy stronghold.

Swamp Wood Swamp Wood

Musty and dank wood. Not very enjoyable.

Swamp Brick #2 Swamp Brick #2

Swamp brick, even more dirty than before!

Swamp Wood #2 Swamp Wood #2

More musty, dank wood. Still not enjoyable.

Swamp Brick #3 Swamp Brick #3

Swamp brick, dirty at the bottom.

Swamp Wood #3 Swamp Wood #3

It's even more musty and dank wood!

Swampy Concrete #2 Swampy Concrete #2

Blocks of swampy concrete.

Worn Metal Worn Metal

A scrape on this, and you'll need a tetanus shot.

Neutral Stained Concrete Neutral Stained Concrete

For wet spytech bases without a team.


There are 36 overlays in the Swamp Theme:

Algae Algae

All ponds need critters.

Wade Canoes Sign Wade Canoes Sign

In case you happen to sell canoes and be named Wade.

Water Level Marker Water Level Marker

For determining the height of the water.

"No Swimming" Sign "No Swimming" Sign

Didn't we cover this already?

Bayou Shipping Sign Bayou Shipping Sign

For shipping on a bayou.

Hazardous Environments Sign Hazardous Environments Sign

To warn people that the environment is hazardous. Of course it is.

"Do not Feed the Gator" Sign "Do not Feed the Gator" Sign

Because some people think feeding the gator is a good idea.

Freeman Airboat Tours Sign Freeman Airboat Tours Sign

We hear it's dangerous.

"Watch Your Step" Sign "Watch Your Step" Sign

Who knew there would be slippery stuff in a swamp?

TF2Maps Sign TF2Maps Sign

Uh, how'd this get here?

"Out of Order" Sign "Out of Order" Sign

When things aren't in order, you can tell everyone.

"Area Prone to Leaks" Sign "Area Prone to Leaks" Sign

For maps which have leaks.

Spawn-N-Go Sign Spawn-N-Go Sign

Did you know that fish "spawn"? Neat, huh?

Pritchard Pipes Pritchard Pipes

Careful! They leak!

No Wake Sign No Wake Sign

Your tour guide will probably ignore this.

Slippery Sign Slippery Sign

It's only here to avoid a lawsuit.

Sapper Sour Candy Sign Sapper Sour Candy Sign

A jolt of fruity flavor!

No Trespassing Sign No Trespassing Sign

Violators will be shot!

Do Not Drink Sign Do Not Drink Sign

Don't drink the water, fish crap in it!

No Smoking Sign No Smoking Sign

A polite notice. Violators might be shot.

Private Property Sign Private Property Sign

Some people don't want you in their bogs

Shucker & Sons Sign Shucker(sic) & Sons Sign

For Schucker, and his sons.

Mud Puppy Sign Mud Puppy Sign

Sewage Clearance. Got sewage?

Do Not Touch Sign Do Not Touch Sign

It's there for a reason.

Savannah Animal Reserve Sign Savannah Animal Reserve Sign

For less fortunate critters.

Boat Rental Sign Boat Rental Sign

Boggy Brook guarantees a happy time!

Algae Algae

Even more algae to bring you(sic) map to life!

Lilies Lilies

Plants for the water.

Muddy Footprints Muddy Footprints

People just can't seem to wipe their feet.

Mud Puddle Mud Puddle

For those rainy days

Dirt Tracks Dirt Tracks

Drive a Land Rover and leave these behind!

Moss Moss

Nature's drapery.

Net Net

Keep things in their place!

Leaves Leaves

For that "just swept two weeks ago" look.

Skybox textures

There are 6 skybox textures in the Swamp Theme:

Starry Night Skybox Starry Night Skybox

A starry sky for a swampy night.

Cloudy Night Skybox Cloudy Night Skybox

A cloudy sky for a swampy night.

Hazy Daytime Skybx Hazy Daytime Skybox

A hazy sky for a not-so-clear day.

Hurricane Daytime Skybox Hurricane Daytime Skybox

A cloudy sky for a stormy day.

Dusk Skybox Dusk Skybox

A hazy sky for a swampy dusk.

Hurricane Night Skybox Hurricane Night Skybox

A cloudy sky for a stormy night.

Detail sprites

So far, there is only one type of detail sprites in the Swamp Theme:

Swamp Detail Sprites Swamp Detail Sprites

To give swampy grass some dimension.

Particle effects

There are 10 particle effects in the Swamp Theme:

Bug Swar Bug Swarm

They bite.

Buoy Flash Buoy Flash


Water Drip Water Drip

If you want your map to have a leak.

Goo Bubble Goo Bubble

It's a sticky situation.

Swampy Smoke Swampy Smoke

To add to the fresh aroma of the swamp.

Lightning Lightning

If a storm is rolling in.

Barrel Fire Barrel Fire

In case a simple lantern won't do.

Bug Zapper Glow Bug Zapper Glow

To illuminate that electric prop.

Payload Water Explosion Payload Water Explosion

For carts with aquatic inclinations.

Swamp Slime Swamp Slime

It's pretty gross. Don't say we didn't warn you.


So far, the Swamp Theme only has one script:

Swamp Soundscape Swamp Soundscape

To add ambience(sic) to this horrid environment.

Source files

A few interesting files, one that shows off all of the Swamp Theme assets for easy access:

Swamp Theme Zoo Swamp Theme Zoo

A VMF library of everything in this pack.

Website Vignette Website Vignette

The VMF and BSP for the swamp vignette at the top of the old swamp theme page.

Website Vignette #2 Website Vignette #2

The VMF and BSP for the swamp vignette at the top of this page.


These are the instructions for use of the Swamp Theme, as provided on the Swamp Theme site.


To use one of the skyboxes in your map, go to Map -> Map Properties in Hammer Editor and change the "Skybox Texture Name" to one of the available Swamp Theme skyboxes.

Available Swamp Skyboxes:

  • sky_night_02
  • sky_night_03
  • sky_haze_01
  • sky_hurricane_01
  • sky_fever_01
  • sky_hurricane_02

Light settings for all six skyboxes are located in the Swamp Theme prefabs. For more information on prefabs, see below.

Detail sprites

To use the custom detail sprites in your map, go to Map -> Map Properties in Hammer, and change the Detail.vbsp field to detail_swamp.vbsp and change the Detail Material File to detail/detailsprites_swamp.


Located in tf\scripts\

To use the soundscapes in your map, simply rename the soundscapes_swampmapname.txt to the name of your map. Example: soundscapes_cp_swampland_a3.txt

Available soundscapes:

  • swamp.outdoors (2 additional sound positions)
    • Position 0 - owls, crows
    • Position 1 - dogs and birds
  • swamp.outdoorsrain (2 additional sound positions)
    • Position 0 - loud thunder
    • Position 1 - quiet thunder
  • swamp.indoors (no sound positions)


Particle manifest located in tf\maps\

To use the particle systems in your map, simply rename the swampmapname_particles.txt to the name of your map. Example: cp_swampland_a3_particles.txt

Available particles:

  • awe_swamp
  • cloud_mosq
  • cloud_mosq_high
  • cloud_moving (Set the particle's parent to a moving object and have it move back and forth in the skybox)
  • env_buoy_flash
  • env_rain_001_collision
  • env_rain_002_collision
  • env_rain_128
  • env_rain_64
  • exp_water
  • fire01
  • fire01_heatwaver
  • goo_bubble
  • goo_bubble_constant
  • goo_swamp
  • lightning_striker
  • slime_leaking
  • swamp_constant_smoke
  • waterdrip
  • watersplash
  • zapper


Several prefabs are included for your convenience. You will find them in the Swamp category. If you are unfamiliar with using prefabs, see Prefabs on the Valve Developer Community.


  • The descriptions for both the Chainsaw and Bug Zapper props reference the Heavy's voice dialogs.
  • The Tour Schedule material and the Freeman Airboat Tours Sign are references to Half-Life 2, in which the main protagonist, Gordon Freeman, uses an airboat on occasion.
  • The mentions of leaks in maps is a reference to how the BSP system requires maps to be sealed (leak free) spaces.