Highlander King of the Hill Contest

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The Highlander King of the Hill Contest was a TF2Maps.net contest held from June 21st, 2012 to August 30th, 2012. Contestants were to make a King of the Hill map designed for Highlander play. The contest was sponsored by Team Fortress 2 YouTuber STAR_. The contest was first announced by then site staff member Fr0Z3n.


Awarded by STAR_

First place:

Second Place:

  • $75 USD
  • 1 Bill's Hat

Third Place:

  • $50 USD
  • 1 Bill's Hat

Awarded by Fr0Z3n

Map Maker's Medallion for the top three finalists


Per STAR_'s request, Hein, Ma3la, and himself were the three judges for each of the maps' "Game and Class Balance", which accounted for 50% of the their overall score. Ravidge, TheKieranator, and LeSwordfish were the three judges appointed by the TF2Maps staff and admins to judge the "Aesthetics" and "Technical" (clipping, optimization, etc.) aspects, which each accounted for 25% of the map's score.


First place: koth_arctic by Hanz

Second place: koth_railbridge by Eyce

Third place: koth_flake by Arnold