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That’s right, this is our second Mann vs. Machine contest! We want you to make cool, creative MvM maps, and we’ve got some of the biggest MvM experts to help you! Set aside the differences between Red and Blu and stop by the upgrades station: we’ve got lots of robots to grind into scrap.
— The "Mappers vs Machine" thread on

The Mappers vs Machines Contest was a contest hosted by in 2017. The contest's aim was to see who could create the highest-quality Mann vs Machine map over the course of 5 months. There were 45 entries made and judged, which was lowered to a shortlist of 16 finalists by judge voting. A combination of judge and public voting determined the winners.


Thumbnail Map Name Author(s) Rank
Teien Contest.jpg Teien Freyja Best Looking
Airdrop Contest.jpg Airdrop PenolAkushari Most Creative
Sequoia Contest.jpg Sequoia Freyja Most Fun, Best Overall
Steep Contest.jpg Steep Idolon, Phi Public Choice


Thumbnail Map Name Author(s) Rank
Dockyard Contest.jpg Dockyard Sntr Finalist
Waterfront Contest.png Waterfront signalmax, Pluto, Lamiiku Finalist
Sealand Contest.jpg Sealand KaidemonLP, johanstefan02 Didn't place
Vermann Contest.jpg Vermann WingDing Didn't place
Intersection Contest.jpg Intersection Rytu, Emolga Didn't place
Havana Contest.jpg Havana Nicky, Muddy Finalist
Citytower Contest.jpg Citytower Morty Didn't place
Greenvine Contest.jpg Greenvine ✪ Angel Didn't place
Origins Contest.jpg Origins [Т.С.В.М]DrSquishy, ¤ PootizBird™ ¤ Didn't place
Spacepost Contest.jpg Spacepost BigFootBeto, Flipy, StarBright Finalist
Spacecentre Contest.jpg Spacecentre LunarEagle Didn't place
Potassium Contest.jpg Potassium Rytu, Un Seau, Qohen Didn't place
Damm Contest.jpg Damm Columbidae, Phenomene Didn't place
Shipper Contest.jpg Shipper ITstumbler Didn't place
Estate Contest.jpg Estate Erk Didn't place
Fiori Contest.jpg Fiori Zahndah, Dasnvi Finalist
Synthesize Contest.jpg Synthesize Sexy Brioche Didn't place
Pitfight Contest.jpg Pitfight Quenquent Didn't place
Barren Contest.jpg Barren Dayal, Hell-met Finalist
Kelly Contest.jpg Kelly Mikroscopic Finalist
Fordway Contest.jpg Fordway Carange Didn't place
Helix Contest.jpg Helix Diva Dan, BenCo, HolySnickerPuffs Didn't place
Factory Contest.jpg Factory Sage J. Fox, Sweater Pups, Schaden Finalist
Affinity Contest.jpg Affinity Necro Finalist
Roughneck Contest.png Roughneck Avulsion Didn't place
Canyonpush Contest.jpg Canyonpush Hyperion Didn't place
Terrorland Contest.jpg Terrorland Blamnesia Didn't place
Cargoship Contest.jpg Cargoship Da Spud Lord Didn't place
Stronghold Contest.jpg Stronghold SentryPL Didn't place
Landmass Contest.jpg Landmass Hi5TBone, Croplight Didn't place
Kingspark Contest.png Kingspark RED, Sedna, Magicpen Didn't place
Trainco Contest.jpg Trainco Bogdy, Professor Heavy, Killerzman Didn't place
Seabed contest.jpg Seabed Blade x64, хвзз, [FAUCeT] Psychopath Finalist
Beachfront contest.png Beachfront Aichten, FiveEyes, That Hat Guy Didn't place
Relic Contest.jpg Relic Faux Rhinoceros, Svode, Medscootman Finalist
Overflow Contest.jpg Overflow Flowaria, Clickin, Overlord Didn't place
Chase Contest.jpg Chase YabaYabaYaba, RC+ Didn't place
Kiviak Contest.jpg Kiviak RodionJenga, TAVRAX Didn't place
Amf Contest.jpg Amf Bluemario2 Didn't place
Calico Contest.jpg Calico Tumbolizo, Izotope, Stiffy360 Finalist
Infuse Contest.jpg Infuse NoderNaeta Didn't Place

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