The London Pack

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The London Pack
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It’s been nearly fourteen years since the Teufort Nine came together to work at TF Industries, and in that time they’ve travelled far beyond the six slices of industrial Americana they were initially assigned to. They’ve visited polar bases, Japanese temples, tropical rainforests, haunted theme parks, and even the screamless void of outer space. But after all this time there’s still one part of the world that’s remained relatively untouched by their bootfalls - one whose absence the TF2 mapping community has finally decided to remedy.

So brush up on your Cockney rhyming slang, exchange your dollars and cents for farthings and ha’pennies,

and synchronise your death watches to Greenwich Mean Time - that’s right, Team Fortress 2 is hitting the UK!
The London Pack publicity blurb

The London Pack is an unofficial, community-made collection of mapping assets (models, materials and overlays) for Team Fortress 2 and other related Source engine games, themed around the United Kingdom and with a particular focus on London. Nearly three years in the making, these assets have been meticulously crafted to pay homage to the UK’s unique history of design, architecture and culture, as well as to ensure maximum consistency with TF2’s iconic art style and ease of use for mappers.

As of version 1.0, the London Pack contains 122 models, 126 world materials, 36 overlays, and a zoo vmf.

The London Pack can be downloaded here.



There is a total of 122 props included with the London Pack.

Tube train Tube train

Going underground.

5 skins; also includes separate model for destination board, with 6 skins

Tube train tracks Tube train tracks

Mind the gap.

2 height variants; 3 track lengths each each

Diesel locomotive Diesel locomotive

The pride of the Albion Rail fleet.

4 skins

Passenger carriage Passenger carriage

Next stop, Backstabbing Central.

4 skins

Double decker bus Double decker bus

Upstairs, downstairs.

3 skins; also includes separate model for destination board, with 10 skins

Black cab Black cab


3 skins

Luxury car Luxury car

Ejector seat optional.

6 skins

Boxy car Boxy car

Cooper? I hardly knew ‘er.

8 skins

Bubble car Bubble car

A well-rounded automobile.

8 skins

Van Van

No income tax, no VAT!

8 skins; includes variants for open and closed back doors

License plates License plates

Wrong side of the road...right side of the law.

9 skins; 2 size variants

Phone box Phone box

Operator! Give me the number for 999!

3 skins

Post box Post box

Letters from the front.

3 skins

Police box Police box

Same size on the inside...we think.

3 skins

Traffic lights Traffic lights

Runnin’ runnin’ red lights.

5 skins

Level crossing lights Level crossing lights

Stop, look, listen.

4 skins

Belisha beacon Belisha beacon


2 skins

Bollards Bollards

Take that accidentally in the bollards for a start.

4 skins

Keep left bollard Keep left bollard

Flaaaaaank left.

Traffic cone Traffic cone

Read the small print on your cone-tract.

Construction barrier Construction barrier

Area denial never looked so eye-catching.

3 skins

Traffic signs Traffic signs

Speed limits are there to be broken, right?

3 skins; 4 model variants

Street name signs Street name signs

“Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate” not included.

12 skins; 2 size variants

Chimneypots Chimneypots

Breathe in those pea-souper fumes.

4 skins; 2 size variants

Park bench Park bench

It’s one o’clock and time for lunch. Bom-de-dom-de-dom…

3 skins

Litter bin Litter bin

Keep Britain tidy!

Wrought iron railings Wrought iron railings

Lynn, I’ve pierced me foot on a spiiiike!

12 modular pieces; 2 height variants each

Doors Doors

Talk about a jamb session.

7 skins; 3 model variants

Windows Windows

Walking in a window wonderland.

3 skins; 20 modular pieces

Gutters Gutters

Get your mind out of ‘em!

8 models

Pub signs Pub signs

Last orders at the bar.

3 skins; 2 size variants

Tea brewer Tea brewer

I pit-tea the fool.

Kettle Kettle

The pinnacle of British stereotypy.

3 skins

Corkboard Corkboard

It’s the lore!

Vinyl record Vinyl record


4 skins

Vinyl turntable Vinyl turntable

Spin to win!

3 modular pieces

Chalk rocks Chalk rocks

You’ll fall head-Dover-heels for these chalky deposits.

7 models

Houses of Parliament Houses of Parliament


St. Paul’s Cathedral St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you seek his monument, look around you.

Tower Bridge Tower Bridge

Don’t get the name wrong.

Also includes separate model for bascules

Generic skybox buildings Generic skybox buildings

Urban sprawl: now with 100% more sprawl.

2 skins; 5 models

Materials And Overlays

There is a total of 126 materials 36 overlays included in the London Pack.

Materials And Overlays Zoo Materials And Overlays Zoo


There is a total of 1 VMF files included in the London Pack.

Asset Zoo Asset Zoo

A VMF file containing every model and material in the pack, giving the mapper a simple overview of everything included in the pack.