Mercs vs. Aliens

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Mercs vs. Aliens banner.png
Thats no Moon... base. It's an attack! Aliens are attacking for one reason or another, probably relating to hats. It's time to plan. Build the battlefields that the mercenaries will take the fight to the aliens on! Of course, RED and BLU can't get along, so there will be that to take care of, but remember no matter who the victor is, you want to see that Mothership brought down!

Mercs vs. Aliens was a 2015 mapping contest run by and sponsored by Ronin. It encouraged mappers to create thematic maps based around an alien invasion and destroying the mothership. It resulted in 13 entries, and a combination of judge and public voting was used to determine the winners.

The three contest winners, Probed, Watergate, and Byre, were made official maps in the Invasion Community Update. Snowycoast was later added to the game in the Tough Break Update.


Thumbnail Map Name Author(s) Rank
Koth probed.jpg Probed Crash 1st
Pd watergate 1.jpg Watergate Egan, Bakscratch 2nd
Arena byre b40007.jpg Byre Idolon 3rd


Thumbnail Map Name Author(s)
Pl inari b2.jpg Inari Aly
Koth backwoods b13.jpg Backwoods Fantasmos
Pl invasion a3.jpg Invasion Donut the Vikingchap
Cp mudwater b3b.jpg Mudwater Berry, TheoF114
Koth kalamity b1.jpg Kalamity StickZer0 (Puffbit~)
Ctf felgen a2b.jpg Felgen M-L-J
Cp 3some b1.jpg 3some Sergis
Pl snowycoast.jpg Snowycoast EArkham
Arena cliffside a5.jpg Cliffside PyroDevil
Sd haleharbor a5b.jpg Hale Harbor Izotope, Light08
Koth probed.jpg Probed Crash
Pd watergate 1.jpg Watergate Egan, Bakscratch
Arena byre b40007.jpg Byre Idolon

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