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Japan Content Pack
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Website Info
URL: http://japan.tf2maps.net/
Legend has it, a few hundred kilometers over the Thunder Mountains, there is a place known as the Land of the Rising Sun. Some say it's the location of a top secret headquarters, some say it's the secret homeland of the elusive samur-eye demoman. All we know is that they have pretty landscapes and even prettier architecture, so we contracted Mann Co. to ship some of Nippon back here, for you to use in your custom team fortress 2 maps and/or SFM videos!.
Japan Content Pack publicity blurb

The Japan Content Pack is a collection of multiple models, textures, particles, and overlays made for mappers to create Japanese styled custom maps. Such models and textures released with this pack include, but are not limited to; Bamboo plants, Lanterns, Archways, and new roof patterns.

The first map to have been released with the Japan Content Pack was Suijin.

The Japan Content Pack can be downloaded here.


  • Freyja
  • E-Arkham



There is a total of 32 props included with the Japan Content Pack.

Sakura Tree Sakura Tree

Super Kawaii.

Usa Torii Usa Torii

The gateway to enlightenment.

Inari Torii Inari Torii

A fancy gateway to enlightenment.

Ryobu Torii Ryubo Torii

The gateway to enlightenment with supporting pillars.

Bridge 1 Bridge 1

For crossing troubled waters.

Bridge 2 Bridge 2

For crossing troubled waters and staying out of the rain.

Bamboo Wall Bamboo Wall

For blocking things al naturale style.

Bamboo Cluster Bamboo Cluster

Good for panda food if you end up going to China.

Bamboo Card Bamboo Card

For when you want bamboo but don't have the tris to spare.

Banner Banner

For hanging and looking pretty.

Privacy Screen Privacy Screen

For changing hats in privacy.

Paper Door Paper Door

For breaking through heroicly.

Garden Lantern Garden Lantern

In case you want to light up something outdoors.

Pole Lantern Pole Lantern

Lighting things up at a slighty higher location.

Rope Lantern Rope Lantern

Hang up when time to party.

Lantern Lantern

For hanging and looking prettier.

Obon Lantern Obon Lantern

A floating, glowing lantern to light up your night maps.

Lantern 2 Lantern 2

For hanging and looking pretty in a different way.

Wall Lantern Wall Lantern

Attaches to walls and proves traniquility.

Deer Scarce Deer Scarce

For that peaceful tap tap that scares Scouts away.

Gong Gong

Reccomended to shoot often for maximum annoyance.

Calligraphy Set Calligraphy Set

The warrior practices a variety of arts to keep his mind sharp and fluid.

Katana Stand Katana Stand

Your Half-Zatoichi needs to rest somewhere.

Wall Wall

For topping cobblestone walls.

Ressuply Locker Resupply Locker

For resupplying, Nippon style.

Wall Roofing Wall Roofing

For topping the walls in style.

Upgrade Station Upgrade Station

For better killing robots, Nippon style.

Stool Stool

No inappropriate jokes!

Temple Column Temple Column

For holding things up in a slightly more ornate way.

Sign Sign

Thematic Signage.

Moongate Moongate

The spytech door of the feudal era.

Temple Buttress Temple Buttress

Named by immature architects


There is a total of 9 materials included with the Japan Content Pack.

Colored Wood Colored Wood

For trimming temples and handrails. 7 Variations.

Bamboo Flooring Bamboo Flooring

Flooring in style.

Bamboo Beam Bamboo Beam

Beaming in style?


There is a total of 13 custom modular roof pieces included with the Japan Content Pack, condensed into one file.

Roofing Roofing

To allow for maximum flexibility and options for your map, the pack comes with 13 modular roofing pieces.


There is a total of 5 overlays included with the Japan Content Pack.

Team Kanji Team Kanji

For when you want to tell Japanese people what side they're on.

Suijin Kanji Suijin Kanji

For worshipping the water god.

Exit Kanji Exit Kanji

For telling Japanese people where to exit.

Fallen Blossoms Fallen Blossoms

For people that really like pink.

TF2M Kanji TF2M Kanji

The Nippon division of TF Industries.


There is a total of 2 things in the "other" category.

Sakura Blossom Particles Sakura Blossom Particles

The blossom that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

Japan Prop Library Japan Prop Library

A VMF library of everything in this pack.


  • The description of both bridges are a reference to the Simon and Garfunkel song "Bridge over Troubled Water".
  • The Suijin Kanji, both in name and the description, reference the Japanese Shinto god, Suijin.