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Egypt 01.jpg
種類 控制點模式
檔案名: cp_egypt_final
開發者: Sean "Heyo" Cutino
區域: 3
所處地區: Egyptian
環境設定: Daylight, sunny
危險區: Ceiling trap,
Fire (environmental)
Healthico.png 補血包: Smallhealth.png ×4   •   Mediumhealth.png ×7   •   Largehealth.png ×5
Ammoico.png 彈藥盒: Smallammo.png ×2   •   Mediumammo.png ×16   •   Largeammo.png ×4
Menu photos cp egypt final.png
Map Overview
Egypt overview.png
Item icon Map Stamp - Egypt.png

Egypt(直譯為埃及)攻擊/防守控制點地圖之一,採用了傳統埃及沙漠的地形,以及有特色的垂直空間使用方法。紅隊的目標是要保護墳墓中的金塊防止藍隊挖掘到。Egypt 是一張由Valve選取為官方地圖的社群地圖。




  • 控制點 A:第一個控制點是位於坡道上的高平台,差不多是直接在藍隊重生點外面。在高的平台上面還有一個小平台靠著重生點,這樣可以防止藍隊的火箭兵爆破兵直接從重生點火箭跳黏彈跳上去。藍隊比須從坡道上去來開始佔領控制點。
    • 小庭院:從控制點 A 延伸過來的其中一個庭院。小庭院有兩條木頭坡道以及一組階梯連到控制點 B 的隧道以及控制點。
    • 大庭院:第二個同控制點 A 連過來的庭院。這會從控制點 A 及 B 的建築物中曲折。

  • 控制點 B:第二個控制點位在於一個水井。四周的地勢都很高,給予狙擊手步哨槍很好的攻擊視線,以及一條間諜火焰兵常光顧的隧道。這會讓攻擊方在佔領控制點前經常受到偷襲
    • 隧道:除了主要的抵制點,隧道也是攻擊方可以利用的地點,它是直接連接到控制點以及控制點後面的小庭院的一條隧道。
    • 小庭院:控制點 B 後面的隧道終點有一個小庭院。它是比控制點地勢還要高的地方,讓許多防守的職業無法進入此區。


  • 控制點 A:The first control point is placed atop a tall structure that can be reached by two routes. The left route is a linear, uphill climb with another set of stairs while the right route uses stairs to scale the immense height.
    • 邊徑: One of the two routes to the point. This upward path bends around the central structure leading to a set of stairs which lead to the point, and also leads to the platform area below the point which connects to a bridge above the spawn area and the second set of stairs that access the point.
    • 階梯: A large set of stairs connected to the courtyard that exits from the spawn. This leads to another small set of stairs which connect to the point and the platform and bridge that are below the point.

  • Point B:The second control point is an elevated atop a flight of stairs, meeting at even ground with the enemy spawn.
    • Main Building: The building that is straight behind Point A. This is the main area attackers attack from. It has a main entrance leading to the area below the point and a gate which meets with ground level near the point.

Stage 3

Details of stage 3.(Large file)
  • Point A: The first control point of this stage uses the same "CP atop a huge structure" concept as the first point in Stage 2, but features a lot more open ground and cover.
    • Opening: From the attackers spawn is a large opening in the ceiling.
    • Valley: Outside the attackers spawn is a valley which gives access to many sets of stairs eventually leading to the central structure and the side path to the point.
    • Central Building: The building in the center of the valley. From the stairs leads a bridge which connects the building. It has another bridge which connects to the point.
    • Side Path: Other than the central building the point is also accessed from another path that connects with the valley.
    • Flank: From the spawn is a winding set of stairs that lead to the top area by the point.

  • Point B:The final control point is at the tomb entrance itself, but just like the other second points in the previous two stages, is covered by a lot of open, high ground. Once again, this forces the attacking team to deal with their surroundings in a logical order first.
    • Tunnels: Connecting Point B's courtyard and Point A are a series of tunnels with 3 different entrances.
    • Courtyard: From the tunnel entrances are the courtyard which most of the fighting goes on at. Half of it is atop a flight of stairs and has a large arch structure in the middle which leads to the final point.
    • Vault/Tomb: When the final point is captured, a door opens in front of it. This door has a flight of stairs which leads to a tomb with a sarcophagus filled with gold coins.


See Community Egypt strategy

Control Point Timing

控制點模式 玩家人數
控制點模式 1-1 ×1
28 .000
18 .667
15 .273
13 .440
控制點模式 1-2 ×1
6 .000
4 .000
3 .273
2 .880
控制點模式 2-1 ×1
8 .000
5 .333
4 .364
3 .840
控制點模式 2-2 ×1
6 .000
4 .000
3 .273
2 .880
控制點模式 3-1 ×1
10 .000
6 .667
5 .455
4 .800
控制點模式 3-2 ×1
6 .000
4 .000
3 .273
2 .880



  • 將地圖新增至遊戲中。


  • 根據玩家的回報更新了地圖 Egypt:修改移動路徑並增加額外的補血包彈藥盒。


  • 修正一個於地圖 Egypt 在延長時間佔領控制點時,會發生的回合結束錯誤。


  • 修正上色穿透漏洞。
  • 玩家現在無法在拱門頂端和高處平台上建造建築。


  • The joints between map brushes are visible in certain areas such as BLU's spawnroom entrances.


The Hieroglyphics
  • Some of the hieroglyphics featured in the map are Team Fortress 2-related. These include a Heavy with his Minigun, a Sapper, two small Sticky Bombs, a large Sticky Bomb, a level one Sentry Gun, the Backstab symbol, a simplified Demoman face, a crocodile, an Ubersaw, a Soldier (sitting down), the Team Fortress logo and what could be construed as a Pyro (mainly because of an axe-like protrusion at the front of a silhouetted figure).
  • Throughout the map are torches, which can hurt you if you are on top of them, even if you're under the effects of Bonk! Atomic Punch.
  • Curiously, these ancient Egyptian ruins contain stairs, an invention commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

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