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This template contains the capture point timing for all the official maps (with capture points) included with Team Fortress 2. This template takes three arguments:

Argument Meaning
MAP Map name to display. Defaults to the name of the page the template is placed on, so for the individual map pages, this argument may be ommited and the timing information will be displayed.
SHOWNAME To display the map name in a header row above the timing information. Defaults to not shown.
ROWS Number of 'rows' to show per capture point, i.e. the multiplier count. By default this shows 4 rows if unspecified.

So in example the following:

{{Control Point Timing/Official Map|MAP = dustbowl|ROWS = 2}}

Would generate:

Control Point Multiplier Seconds
All control points ×1
6 .000
4 .000

Valid map names:

Value Map
5gorge 5Gorge
badlands (arena) Badlands (Arena)
badlands (control point) Badlands (Control Point)
badlands (king of the hill) Badlands (King of the Hill)
brazil Brazil
byre Byre
coldfront Coldfront
degroot keep DeGroot Keep
dustbowl (control point)
dustbowl (training) Dustbowl (Training)
egypt Egypt
eyeaduct Eyeaduct
fastlane Fastlane
freight Freight
foundry Foundry
ghost fort Ghost Fort
gorge Gorge
gorge event Gorge Event
granary (arena) Granary (Arena)
granary (control point) Granary (Control Point)
gravel pit Gravel Pit
gullywash Gullywash
harvest Harvest
harvest event Harvest Event
highpass Highpass
hydro Hydro
junction Junction
kong king Kong King
lakeside Lakeside
lazarus Lazarus
lumberyard Lumberyard
mann manor Mann Manor
maple ridge event Maple Ridge Event
mercenary park Mercenary Park
metalworks Metalworks
moonshine event Moonshine Event
mossrock Mossrock
mountain lab Mountain Lab
nucleus (arena) Nucleus (Arena)
nucleus (king of the hill) Nucleus (King of the Hill)
offblast Offblast
probed Probed
process Process
ravine Ravine
sawmill (arena) Sawmill (Arena)
sawmill (king of the hill) Sawmill (King of the Hill)
sinshine Sinshine
sunshine Sunshine
snakewater Snakewater
standin Standin
steel Steel
vanguard Vanguard
viaduct Viaduct
watchtower Watchtower
well (arena) Well (Arena)
well (control point) Well (Control Point)
yukon Yukon