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Ctf 2fort bridge ss.png
Basic Information
Map type: Capture the Flag
File name: ctf_2fort
Released: October 10, 2007
Variants: 2Fort Invasion
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Farmland
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Drowning
Deep Water: Yes
Pyrovision Support: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×2  •  Mediumhealth.png ×4
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×2   •   Mediumammo.png ×4
Map Photos
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Map Overview
2Fort overview.png

This article is about Community 2Fort strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main 2Fort article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

Multi-Class Strategy


Main article: Knockback

  • Knockback is of little use here, but it can be useful for knocking enemy Snipers off the upper deck and throwing off their aim.
  • Knockback can also be useful for separating Medics from Heavies by airblasting the Medic or Heavy into the water below the bridge.
  • Knockback can be useful for knocking enemy Pyros into water, stopping them from using their primary weapon and some secondary weapons.


Main article: ÜberCharge

Good places to use invulnerability include:

  • The enemy courtyard: It is usually full of Sentry Guns, but crucial to capturing the Intelligence, so it is useful to turn invulnerable and burst through their guns.
  • The enemy sewers: If the opposing team is camping out the sewers, it shouldn't be too hard to run through the area with a well-timed invulnerability.
  • Bear in mind that if using the Bonk! Atomic Punch, you can't activate it while holding the Intelligence. If you forget this while about to pass a Sentry nest, you will drop the Intelligence there, making it extremely difficult for your team to get.
  • Similar to the above, activating an ÜberCharge will only apply its effect on the Medic, though he can still heal the player carrying the briefcase.
    • This does not mean the Medic cannot block shots for the player carrying the briefcase, but it requires a little skill to successfully pull off.


Main articles: ÜberCharge and Bonk! Atomic Punch

  • The sewer entrance into the respective bases have various blind spots that can be exploited, particularly just above the stairway into the base and the corner just next to the entrance. It is also possible to jump down into the sewers from the outside, box players in, and deny them the ability to reach the water.
  • Hiding on the battlements and watching the bridge area is a good way to ambush enemy players as they attempt to push across. When playing as RED, the shadowed areas on the left side of the battlements can be used as concealment.
  • The base entrance into the sewers are also a good place to ambush players when on RED. As the RED base has a stack of crates just outside of the entrance, they can be used as quick concealment to fool passing enemies.
  • The outer walls of the enemies' fort are also an excellent place to ambush enemies dropping down from their battlements. With enough help, Engineers may be able to set up a Sentry Gun or a complete nest for a temporary stronghold.
  • Either as a Scout with the Soda Popper, or a Soldier with any Rocket Launcher, it is possible to jump onto a small ledge in the top area of the wall next to the straight staircase. This is a great area to hide due to many players not looking up or even think about checking there. Use this spot if you are overrun with enemies and need a place to hide and allow them to pass under you.

Useful shortcuts

  • If the enemy courtyard is blocked off by Sentry Guns, try going up through the grate, then quickly making a left at the ramp to the Intelligence. The Sentry Guns won't turn fast enough and the route is extremely short. If you do get hit, there is a small healthkit at the entry point, with a medium one just a little further down.
  • The third spawn point (even though it has no spawns) is located at the base of the staircase to the Intelligence, and is very little used. Engineers looking to upgrade their Sentry Guns should use this area rather than waiting for their Dispenser or medium ammopack to recharge. This can really speed up upgrading time.
  • If the main courtyard is full of Sentry Guns and enemies try double jumping onto the balcony as a Scout. Not only a classic shortcut but also makes it easy to kill Snipers and help your team safely move forward.
  • Enemies will often attempt to enter either teams' fort through the main entrances. Should you notice an enemy back off from an entrance, keep an eye on the other, as there might be a possibility that the enemy will re-enter the fort through the second entrance soon after.

Team strategy

Single class rushes

Scout rush

This will generally only work for the first Intelligence capture of the game. Split your team up into two teams of Scouts. Referred to herein as "Group A" and "Group B".

  • First, groups A and B must jump onto the roof which covers the bridge at mid. Group A must then jump onto the enemy team's battlements, run past the other team's spawn room and into the upper courtyard (the area which contains some sloping ramps behind spawn). This push finishes with Group B in the Intelligence room after running down the back straight staircase. After jumping onto the roof (which is over the bridge, once again), Group B must fall off into the water at mid and progress through the sewers. At the end of the sewers, Group B must run to the courtyard (the area directly to the right of the enemy's spawn room). Group B then continues from the top of the stairs and into the Intelligence room. When the Intelligence is taken, provided enough players are alive, the Scouts must protect the Intelligence carrier by leading them back through the Ramp Room (to draw Sentry Gun fire) and thus back to your base. Having a stream of players prepared to protect the Intelligence carrier is highly recommended. Repeating this maneuver will allow the Intelligence to be quickly regained if dropped and continually pushed closer to your capture point.
  • The advantage of this coordinated Scout rush is to overwhelm the other team's defense on two fronts at the start of the game. The opposing team will have had little time to setup defenses, which the fast moving classes will be able to exploit.
  • If you arrive at the enemy Intelligence room and find it unguarded it is recommended to have a spare Scout (or two) stay behind for a fast second capture.

Engineer rush

This will work for keeping your enemies at their base. The appropriate weapon to use here is a Gunslinger with a mini-sentry. Split your team into three teams of Engineers. Referred to herein as "Group A", "Group B", and "Group C".

  • First, group A should go into your Intelligence room and set up. You should have a sentry in every corner of the room. Also, it is useful to have a sentry in the basement room, right outside the Intelligence. Then, group B should attack the bridge and set up a barrier. This should keep enemies from crossing and exiting their building. Finally, group C should attack through the sewers, and then split into to two. One group should set up in the enemy sewer room. The other should infiltrate the base and set up there.
    • The advantage of this coordinated Engie Rush is to overwhelm the other team's offense and confuse them.
      • If you can infiltrate the enemy base and find the Intelligence room unguarded, try to set up a teleporter right behind the desk in the Intelligence, where the enemy cannot see it.

Multi-class pushes

Controlling the Sewer

  • Firstly the team attempting this strategy must clear the enemy team's Sewer of enemies. After clearing out the enemy's Sewer, an Engineer needs to build a Dispenser and Sentry Gun at the inner corner of the room which connects the two main pipes in the Sewer. He then has to build a Teleporter exit near to his Dispenser, and a Teleporter entrance at his spawn, for quick access to the enemy Sewer.
  • This strategy will help your teammates get to the enemy base quicker. As a precaution, make sure that the Sentry Gun is in a good spot for firing at enemies who approach the Sentry Gun nest and not in a spot where it will be easily have its Health chipped down.
  • Snipers can stay at either end of the tunnel, at the top of the stairs, or at the Sentry Gun and halt enemy progress. This helps stop people coming into the sewer or people leaving where the Sentry Gun is.

Invading through the Sewers

  • If your enemies are foolish enough to leave the Sewer entrance to their base unguarded, punish them by using the area to establish a foothold in their territory. To start with, travel through the enemy Sewers to the stairs. Then ascend the stairs, and place a Dispenser to the left of the door which leads to the Ramp Room. After that, place a Sentry Gun directly in front of this door. An upgraded Sentry Gun in this position can effectively cut off the enemy's access to the entire first floor of their base (although they can still use the grate drop-down). A Teleporter exit placed behind the stairway can be used as a safe entry point for your team. The only weakness of this system is that it is possible for an enemy Demoman to lob Grenades at the turret from the stairway; however this is easily negated by having a Pyro nearby.
  • This setup is nearly impenetrable without an ÜberCharge from the other team.

Invading the enemy Intelligence room

  • One strategy is to set up defenses and a Teleporter in the enemy's Intelligence room. This is difficult to achieve; a single Engineer can potentially sneak into the room and set up defenses, but he is extremely vulnerable and can be easily taken down.
  • To start with, use a coordinated rush and have your teammates guard you while you build. Save a solo trip for instances when the enemy has almost totally gone on the offensive, but has neglected their defense. If the enemy team has Sentry Guns set up at the entrance to your fort, you can perform a suicide run to try and count the Sentry Guns assembled, or change to the Spy, and Cloak to do the same with a reduced risk of dying. Once you have an idea of how well defended their base is, switch back to Engineer, set up a Teleporter entrance, and take to the Sewers to gain entrance. Beware enemies coming through your Sewers, although the enemy Sewer should be empty. When you reach the Ramp Room, make sure to take the stairs closest to the staircase which leads to the enemy Intelligence, which is the safer way into the Intelligence room. Generally, spawning enemies will leap off the Battlements, and will be less likely to enter the Ramp Room. Do not use the Spiral, as spawning enemies can spot you. When in the Intelligence room, set up a Sentry Gun first. It is your best defense, which you will need when setting up alone. Build a Dispenser next, using the Ammo cache outside the room to stock up on Metal as it builds. Once the Sentry Gun is fully upgraded, place the Teleporter exit. Alternatively, build the Teleporter exit first, and tell your teammates to take it and cover you while you build your Dispenser and your Sentry Gun.
  • If successful, you now have an excellent foothold in the enemy base. You can easily reach the other team's Intelligence, and the enemy will be almost unable to capture yours, being cut down by Sentry Guns at the home stretch. Things to especially look out for are Spies, ÜberCharged opponents and Demomen.

Bridge push

  • One strategy is to set up a second base, while invading and defending your own base.
  • Try to see if you can possibly use your Wrangler or a friendly explosive jump to get on top of the bridge awning. Once you get there, set up a Dispenser and regenerate enough metal to get a teleporter set up there, so you can get Heavies and Pyros to help protect you. Then, have your Heavies hold off any enemies whilst you set up your level 3 Sentry Gun.
  • If successful, you now are protected against all the classes, with the exception of soldiers and Demomen. It is vital to have a Pyro up there reflect projectiles.
  • A Heavy swarm can overwhelm the enemy team if assisted by Medics. Three or four Heavies accompanied by Medics can use their combined firepower to wipe out anything that stands in their way. Watch out for Spies if you use this technique though, as many Spies will not resist the urge to obliterate this iron force.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

  • Use the bridge awning to double jump into the enemy battlements. Note that the distance from the bridge to the top battlement is different for the RED and BLU sides. Be careful not to slip off the roof before double jumping, as this will use your double jump and you will not make the battlements.
  • Use the small ramps at the ground entrance to either base to force jump into the battlements. This will surprise enemy Snipers that are focused on the bridge, the bridge awning and opposing battlements.
  • The bridge awning is a great means of getting behind an opposing attacking force and attacking them from behind. This is especially good for going after trailing Medics.
  • At the start of a new round, rather than doing the expected double jump to the enemy battlements, go from your spawn point directly to the opposing sewer system. If this is timed well, you will meet no resistance in the opposing base as they attack on the upper levels, and any Sentry Guns in the ramp room will only be level 1.
  • You can also get to the other side of the bridge by double jumping over the water and using the Force-A-Nature's recoil to propel yourself to the other side, or using the Atomizer for a third jump. Most enemies will think you fell into the water below instead and ignore you.
  • If the Intelligence is dropped in the Grate room and it is located right near the hole to drop down, a Scout can use a double jump and the Force-A-Nature's recoil to snatch it.
  • A Scout can have easy access to the spiral staircase by doing a force jump into the enemy grate room. The grate room itself is typically neglected unless the enemy team is defending. The upstairs area is generally defended, typically with a Dispenser in front of the spiral staircase entrance and a Sentry Gun at least. Destroying the Dispenser from the grate room will allow you to bypass the sentry before it can fire a single shot (usually the sentry will face the courtyard), but may alert the enemy team and will certainly alert the Engineer. This technique may only work a few times until the Engineer or someone else gets tired and changes the defensive setup to prevent such an easy access.
  • Use the Sandman as a defensive tool while staying near your base. Launch baseballs from your team's Sniper nest or front, ground entrance at advancing enemies on the bridge. This can slow attackers out in the open making them more vulnerable to attack. Recharge your ball quickly by retreating to the nearest spawn room.
  • When defending from your base, use the Force-A-Nature to force jump back up to the spawn closest to your Sniper nest. This is helpful to escape enemies or to recharge the Sandman quickly.
  • Use a combination of the Shortstop and Crit-a-Cola to defend your base. Sitting near the grate in the Grate room, crouch, drink and pepper enemies that attempt to enter through your base's front entrances. This also provides you with quick access to ammo, health and your resupply room to recharge your drink.
  • Combined with the cramped areas of the map, the Scout's speed is incredibly useful for Spy checking (especially Cloak and Dagger Spies). Use the bat, Sandman, or Holy Mackerel constantly while running and strafing throughout your base to bump into and eliminate enemy Spies.
  • The long tunnel of the sewers leading to each base is great for using the Sandman's baseball. The narrow confines of the tunnel make dodging the baseball more difficult and make it easier to retrieve the ball after a successful hit.
  • Sentry Guns will be the main problem when trying to capture the Intelligence. A good Engineer will most likely build a Sentry Gun right outside of the upstairs spawn, overlooking the Courtyard, and the room itself. To overcome this obstacle, use Bonk! Atomic Punch to cross through the courtyard, or the room, with ease. Be careful though, as there might be another Engineer downstairs with a Sentry Gun guarding the Intelligence room.
  • The fastest way to capture the Intelligence (providing you spawn in the courtyard area) is to double-jump across the battlements, run past their courtyard spawn, across the stairway link, down the metal staircase, past the Intelligence safe room and then turning a right-hand hairpin to the Intelligence. Then, repeat the method on the way back. Beware, as this route is risky and has very few safe places to offer. This is, however, the most efficient method for a quick first capture.
  • Alternatively, when you are coming back through the enemy team's courtyard, use the grate drop-down to access the bridge or sewers, both of which are much safer. This prevents clash with traffic outside their spawn and the battlements. Being such small areas, any competent enemy team can effectively box you in.
  • Using the Soda Popper's Hype charge to enter the grate room from below will allow you to avoid the courtyard and the Sentry Gun that has been built by going down the Spiral stairs instead of taking the staircase that leads to the Enemy's Spawn near the Intelligence.
  • Beware, as an attentive Engineer may place a Dispenser as a warning system, blocking your path unless you destroy the Dispenser.
  • Alternatively, use the Winger and the Atomizer instead of the Soda Popper to enter the Grate room from below.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

  • One strategy that you can use is hiding around the corner of the lower deck, allowing you to jump out of the corner, fire a few rockets at the enemy Sniper deck or lower battlement, and then jump back into cover.
  • A stealthier Soldier may want to use the Concheror to receive a constant flow of health (2 health per second) while rocket jumping. This will keep you moving for longer after rocket jumping or taking damage.
  • A "brute force" approach to seizing the Intelligence requires a Soldier or two to accompany a Heavy carrying the Intelligence. Always try to stick together when invading the base, as the combined firepower of two Soldiers will overpower anything the enemy can throw at you, including Sentry Guns.
  • When defending, a good tactic is to stay at the top of the grate and fire at any enemies that come through the entrance. If you are attacked, go to the resupply room, get a Medic to heal you, or get to a friendly Dispenser. A good weapon loadout would be the Airstrike, the Shotgun or Buff Banner, and any melee weapon.
  • The Soldier's rockets are optimal for taking down Sentry Guns. Their splash damage allows the Soldier to safely hit around corners and for dealing good damage while cornerpeeking, a feat most other classes cannot perform.
  • As Soldier, you can rocket jump onto the roof of the bridge. This allows you to easily fire at enemies on the balcony. Due to the balconies small area, splash damage will make your margin of error very minimal. This strategy is also useful to harrass enemy Snipers, and throw off their aim with knockback.

Rocket jumps

  • While you are carrying the Intelligence, remember that rocket jumping can help you to reach your own base faster, and avoid enemy fire. For example, you can rocket jump up through the grate at the entrance of your base, or up onto your own base's battlements. Rocket jumping through the tunnels in the sewers also allows for greatly increased speed.
  • With some precise aiming, you can actually rocket jump clear across the water by backpedaling off the edge while jumping, and then performing a rocket jump. Using this method, you can quickly perform a second rocket jump to reach the enemy battlements while still having approximately half of your health left.
  • When in the moat between the bases, it is possible to rocket jump out of the water by standing close to the sewer entrances and performing a rocket jump. The ground of the moat should be at a high enough elevation to allow for the splash damage to propel you upwards. This can be used to surprise enemies crossing the bridge by landing on the opposite team's side.
  • One of the most direct attacks is to go through the bridge and rocket jump onto the enemy battlements. This will surprise any enemy Snipers and get you a lot of kills very fast.
  • An easy rocket jump is to jump up on the grate in the enemy battlements. Aim forward and straight at your feet (pressing "w"), as opposed to aiming to your side. This allows you to circumvent the Sentry Guns that are usually in the courtyard with minimum loss to health.
  • An easy method of getting into the enemy base (or to go back to your own) is to rocket jump off the battlements and onto the roof above the bridge, then rocket jump again into the other battlements. Be wary of Snipers in between your jumps.
  • One can rocket jump on top of the railing on the right side of the enemy battlements (when looking at it from your own battlements) and then wait there to shoot any passing enemies with their primary weapon. This is not advised on your own battlement railing, because you will probably be an easy kill for enemy Snipers that way

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

  • The grate area that overlooks the main base entrance is also a good ambush point. However, be sure to have a weapon other than the Flamethrower equipped, as its nozzle is particularly noticeable in this spot. Hide in spots that are more opened spaced for your flamethrower to hide as well.
  • The inside corners of the base entrances are also good ambush points, as players often neglect to check the corners before proceeding farther inside. However, be sure not to be spotted as while navigating to these corners, as Snipers can easily spot players from across the map and warn their teammates or simply Headshot you instead.
  • The Homewrecker is an excellent choice for a melee weapon for defensively-minded players, as it can be used to save teammates' Sentry Guns from Sappers as necessary. Spy check using the Backburner so if you are behind Spies, you can deal more damage to them before they reach the Sentry Gun. Do not airblast Spies when defending a Engineer's sentry since it takes up more ammo with this weapon and will not burn the Spy.
  • The Backburner is more useful for performing ambushes, as its guaranteed critical hits from flanking attacks can be used to stop offensive pushes very quickly. However, using the Flamethrower or Degreaser also allow players to stop ÜberCharges in their tracks by using the compression blast more easily.
  • When fighting in the bridge area, try to use the bridge cover supports as cover against enemy fire, and the awning itself to block Sniper attacks. As most fire comes down the axis of the bridge, this creates a corridor in which compression blast and the Flare Gun can be utilized effectively.
  • An ÜberCharged Pyro can clear an entire Sentry Gun-locked area with ease. Due to the indoors nature of the bases, corners can be exploited to great effect to easily approach Sentry Guns without worrying too much about knockback. Using compression blast, players can knock back and burn the enemy Engineer with ease while still doing damage to the Sentry Gun.
  • On the battlements, a skilled Pyro can use compression blast to knock back incoming arrows, rockets, and other explosives. It can also be used to ignite and knock away explosive-jumping Soldiers and Demomen, as well as Scouts jumping across the bridge covering.
  • 2Fort has a central pool of water into which some enemies will jump if they are ignited. Coordinated attacks can be used to ignite and force players into the water while teammates ambush them from below. If a player is trying to jump in the water to cool down from your after burn, airblast them back so they cannot reach the water in time and will die from the afterburn effect from your flamethrower.
    • The Pyro can equip the Neon Annihilator to pursue enemies covered in water; remember to catch the enemy off-guard, however, as you can be susceptible to attacks while wielding the Neon Annihilator.
  • Great care must be taken when using the sewers to enter the enemy's base. Remember that the Pyro's primary weapon does not work while underwater, and that enemies can put flames out easily. However, the sewers also provide significant cover from enemy Snipers, which can allow flanking Pyros to perform ambushes very easily.
  • A Pyro with the Flare Gun can take advantage of the enclosed nature of the sewers and rain flares on the enemy from a distance. Especially in the long stretch, a Pyro with good aim can land critical flares and delay an advance for a significant amount of time. Just be aware, a enemy can always run back into the pool of water if they catch on fire. Fire at them whenever they have a far stretch to run to get to that water source.
  • If you find yourself in the center pool, your Shotgun is a better choice to defend yourself. If you're wielding a Flare Gun, it's best to use your axe to face your enemies; if you have low health it's best to run away.
  • Remember to Spy check often as they are likely to hide in the sewers, corners, and near Sentry Guns if they are using the Cloak and Dagger to recharge Cloak or keep an eye on your team.
  • When traveling under the bridge, use the Neon Annihilator to do more damage to enemies underwater than you normally would on land. This weapon is also good for checking for Spies underwater.
  • You can help an Engineer's sentry fort in the Intelligence room and back him up when his sentry goes down. As the enemy Soldier or Heavy surges into the room to eliminate the weak Engineer, you can catch them off guard and save your buddy. Should the intruder detect your presence, you can still help by reflecting rockets.
  • Equip the Detonator to allow the Pyro to be able to jump onto the bridge roof and across to the opposite team's battlements. This is a great shortcut and will throw your enemies off-guard.
  • Using the Detonator or the Thermal Thruster, the Pyro can propel themselves into the hole in the grate of either teams' base. Combining this flanking route with the Backburner will provide great ambushes.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

  • If the enemy manages to get your Intelligence, place Stickybombs at the top of the long stairs and in the doorway of the spiral. By standing in the hay room and watching the Intelligence compass, you can accurately predict when and from which exit the enemy will appear.
  • When no enemies are in the land between the bases, you can sticky bomb jump up into the grate room in the enemy base. In the grate room, you can mine the door with stickybombs, and then use the yourself to lure in unsuspecting players from the main spawn room. To have less of a chance to get shot, you can shoot grenades out with your Grenade Launcher to lure players in instead. One con of this stratagem is that when you detonate the stickybombs, it takes precious time to put them back in place, leaving you exposed and vulnerable to enemy attack.
  • When the Intelligence has been dropped, the enemy may make a dash to retrieve it before the timer resets. Drop Stickybombs around the exposed Intelligence and wait. Often even visible Stickybombs will be ignored by Scouts rushing to pick up the Intelligence. Detonate and repeat. If you are under fire, move out of sight and listen for the alert, or watch the Intelligence compass to know when the Intelligence is being picked up.
  • Standing on the grate next to the hay loft allows you to rain grenades and place Stickybombs in the area below and affords you some protection from incoming enemy fire.
  • In the Intelligence room, place Stickybombs so that they appear to be right inside the Intelligence, hidden from view, and stay in the room and detonate when a Scout attempts to take it. Watch out, because critical stickybombs can ruin this tactic, since their glow will be visible, causing the Scout to hunt you down or shoot at the desk before attempting to take the Intelligence.
  • You can lob grenades or stickybombs onto the enemy battlements to clear it of Snipers, Soldiers, and other players with long-ranged weapons. With the Grenade Launcher, you'll have to use the bridge as a cover. With that area cleared of enemies, your teammates can stand on your battlements safely or go through the enemy's front entrance without worrying about getting shot from the battlements.
  • On the defensive, consider equipping a sword and the Chargin' Targe, Splendid Screen or Tide Turner. There are many narrow corridors in 2Fort, and in these hallways, enemies will have a very hard time dodging a Demoman charging at them. You can also chase down an Intelligence carrier this way. This setup is also effective on the offensive, as long as you don't enter an area defended by a Sentry Gun. It is nigh-impossible to destroy a level-3 Sentry Gun, and you can be boxed in by the Engineer's teammates if you're not careful.
  • If enemy Snipers are preventing your team from exiting your base, equip the Loose Cannon and the Sticky Jumper. When exiting spawn, head to the Battlements and place two stickies near the edge. Sticky jump onto the enemy battlements in a position where the Snipers are in a straight line, then fire the Loose Cannon at them. The Double-Donk feature will help finish off Snipers, and can be used to prevent access to the Battlements. When you are low on health or see no enemies, repeat the jump to your own Battlements and head to a Resupply Cabinet. If needed, equip the Ullapool Caber if melee is needed.

Stickybomb jumps

  • It's possible to stickyjump onto the battlements, a particularly effective strategy, in combination with the Eyelander or any other sword, to surprise any Snipers.
  • You can jump up through the grate with a single sticky, a useful strategy if you need the Intelligence.
  • If necessary, you can stickyjump out of the water to surprise enemies at either base's entrance.

Sticky traps

  • The roof of the bridge is capped on each end by a triangle-shaped piece of wood. This area cannot be seen by approaching enemies. By placing Stickybombs here, you can eliminate open travel across the bridge (eight Stickybombs in this position will kill a fully healed Heavy/Medic combo).
  • A Demoman on defense can essentially cut off enemy advances into his team’s fort by placing sticky bombs on the top of his team's grate. Sticky bombs placed atop the grate are able to splash damage enemies passing underneath the grate. It is difficult for enemies to destroy or move the bombs from this position, and if enemies attempt to do so, they will often leave themselves open to attack from your pipe bombs. Typically, 4-6 well placed stickies (you'll want an even spread, leaving you a somewhat predictable kill zone) can take out most enemies passing under the grate, but why not use all 8? Just be sure to keep your sticky launcher loaded. If you only use 4-6 stickies on the grate, that will leave you a couple stickies that you can place at the doorway at the top of the spiral stairs, essentially cutting off that path for Scouts, Demomen, or Soldiers trying to enter from the Sniper deck. You can monitor all of these stickies by standing in the corner just behind the grate (protecting your back from Spies). You can also lob grenades through the grate opening out the two front doors of your base from the grate.
  • If your opponents wise up to your strategy, then try standing on the front side (water side) of the grate. This makes it practically impossible for you to monitor the stickies around the doorway at the top of the spiral stairs, but it allows you to put stickies at the corner of the grate nearest the sewer stairs, cutting off that path. Camping the grate allows you to defend several enemy attacks. For example, if enemy Engineers try building on the bridge, you can go to the Sniper deck and spam the bridge with grenades (be careful to stay out of enemy Sniper scopes). Say some opponents entered your base and start attacking the Engineers who have setup Sentry Guns in the courtyard; you're only a few feet away, so you can easily help them (remember that stickies are very useful for defending ÜberCharges by 'bouncing' the Übered players around, possibly breaking the Über connection). If opponents are pouring out of the sewer, just drop through the grate and spam the sewer stairs with grenades for a few easy kills.
  • While camping the grate, it is important to take out the high priority targets like Medics (who may have a charged Über). If the Medics eventually learn that they can't get past you without using their Über, then they are forced to use it early, negating their ability to destroy Engineer defenses in the courtyard. Other high priority targets are Demomen and Soldiers, because they pose the most threat to you. Either one of these classes can fire bombs/rockets through the grate, making your life difficult. If you do need to retreat, you can still fire pipe bombs or stickies onto the grate to splash damage players passing under the grate (probably the same players who just chased you off).
The first Sticky bomb trap location.
  • A way to defend the basement: First, place three Sticky bombs on the first left wall of the left Intelligence room corridor, near the entrance, as shown. These three bombs should not be seen by enemies coming from the spiral, but should be able to kill anyone that enters the corridor. Next, place another three Stickybombs on the left wall of the right Intelligence room corridor, near the corner, as shown. As with the first bomb spot, they should be placed so they are not visible to enemy attackers until they turn the corner. Finally, place the remaining 2 Sticky bombs near the Intelligence, in the middle of the basement, or around the corner of the L-shaft left exit. You are unlikely to actually use these, but their mere presence can make attackers hesitate before making their move, giving you more time to react. Since three Stickybombs is enough to trap each corridor, these two remaining bombs are basically free-form, but remember that placing them too far forward may alarm enemies and make them wary of other traps. When the Stickybombs have been placed, position yourself with your back to the basement resupply room, so you can see enemies coming from either of the basement entrances, and keep your Grenade Launcher ready to use.
  • Alternatively place 4-5 stickies at the top of each corner leading directly into the Intelligence room and sit on the Intelligence looking directly down both corridors. The height of the sticky bombs will deceive enemies into thinking there is no threat, leaving you to detonate them when they come around the corner.
  • A lesser used but surprising strategy is to place all stickies directly on the Intelligence, as they will be extremely difficult to notice, and hide in the basement resupply. Once you hear the alert that the Intelligence has been taken immediately detonate your stickies. The enemy WILL be within the explosion radius and will NOT have time to react. This is best done with the Scottish Resistance. Head into the Intelligence room and kill anyone who wasn't caught in the explosion. If you survive or if no one else was there, place half your stickies where the Intelligence currently is and the other half where the Intelligence will return. (Do this even if you do not have the Scottish Resistance) After the Intelligence returns detonate your stickies (or half with the SR) and reset your trap, hiding two to four behind the desk as the enemy may shoot the Intelligence next time.
The second Sticky bomb trap location.
From here, the basement defender can see enemies coming from both entrances.
  • If you know an enemy is heading towards the Intelligence room through the courtyard, you can lay a sticky trap on the L-shaft stairs near the doorway. Moving players cannot see down the stairs until they are on them. Similarly, if there are enemies entering the base from the sewer, they probably will not slow down while traversing the stairs. Therefore, stickies placed on the bit of ground by the top of the stairs can gib enemies, or at least make them step back.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

  • The areas inside of each respective base are ideal for Heavy play. The tight quarters prevent enemy players from being able to escape your fire except at longer ranges, and the enclosed corridors and multiple corners allow for many ambush opportunities.
  • If attacking the enemy base, beware of being ambushed from behind, especially when under the grate. The enemy has access to multiple avenues with which to attack you from, and your slow speed can prevent you from escaping in a timely manner if things go bad.
  • Beware of Sentry Guns that enemy Engineers may place in their courtyards. These are often placed at angles where you cannot attack without exposing yourself, so your best bet is often to leave them to other classes.
  • Due to the wide-open area between the two bases, spinning up your gun is only recommended if you can get under the cover of the bridge awning, as Snipers can easily pick you off otherwise.
  • The sewers provide an ideal way to enter the enemy base without the risk of being killed by Snipers. The enclosed corridors prevent enemies from dodging your fire, and the water under the bridge can be used to ambush any enemies that try to jump down.
  • Capturing the enemy team's Intelligence should not be your first priority, as even with the GRU you are not as fast as most other classes. Instead, try to use your firepower to cover your teammates as they attempt to capture it. Your mere presence can be used to attract enemy attention and give your teammates a chance at a successful capture.
  • Even with your superior health and firepower, you alone are unable to wade into the enemy base, seize the Intelligence and escape alone. Bring along a Medic and some other explosive classes to support your push. Use the opportunities given to you by friendly Spies to invade while they are unprepared.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

The following locations should be considered when constructing a Sentry Gun:

  • On the ledge in the courtyard. It is important to place it no further out that the middle of the ledge (if you place it at the corner the Sentry Gun can be shot from the battlements without triggering it) and as close to the edge as possible, not at the corner, otherwise it cannot see down to the ground to fire upon incoming hostiles. By being up on the ledge, you cover the entire room, and there is only one way to destroy it without putting the attacker in range of the Sentry Gun. To destroy it, the attacker must come up from under it and use splash damage from below, or clip the corner of the Sentry Gun with their weapon. If the Sentry Gun is placed at the junction of the right side ramp and the top ramp, then it blocks the movement of enemy Spies into the hay room and has a shorter arc to turn in, to lock onto enemies.
  • Note: On the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, Soldiers can use their rockets from below to damage the Sentry Gun on top. This is an exploit, although it still must be warned against as many a Soldier who knows the Sentry Gun's position can simply blow it up from the bottom of the courtyard.
  • If you have the Pomson 6000 equipped and your buildings are in the courtyard, you can defend the area fairly easily by shooting at enemies in the hallways. The only way to the Intelligence room for Spies and Medics is through those hallways, and you can Spy-check and render an ÜberCharge push ineffective with this weapon's properties.
  • Across from the Respawn area in the corner of the hay room. Place a Dispenser in the corner against the wall separating the grate doorway and the room. Then place the Sentry Gun against the wall (use alternate fire to rotate it) by the Dispenser facing the doorway to the spiral. This Sentry Gun covers the grate and battlements, which if the previous Sentry Gun was placed, not only protects the hay room, but also prevents access to the only other entrance to the Intelligence.
  • In front of the fire extinguisher on the spiral. This is very important if you want to eliminate Scouts coming from the second floor trying to grab the Intelligence, then using the spiral. Since you're placing the Sentry Gun in front of the fire extinguisher, this is the midpoint of the spiral. This spot isn't visible from the entrance of the spiral. Build a Dispenser sideways on either side, then place the Sentry Gun in front of the fire extinguisher wall. This is an uncommon yet good way of taking out opposing Scouts. Soldiers and Demoman who rocket/sticky jump to the top floor and enter from the spiral will also be surprised.
  • The 'mid' point in the sewers. It's very important that you build it facing the short pipe, and not the long stretch. Don't build it in the corner facing both pipes (it can be splash damaged there). Instead you want to build a Dispenser against the wall in the corner (facing the long pipe) and then build the Sentry Gun in front of the Dispenser (angled so it is facing the short pipe). What you end up with is a Dispenser flat against the wall with the long pipe in it, and the Sentry Gun up against the Dispenser, but facing the short pipe. There is no way to get enough splash damage on the Sentry Gun from this position to blow it up easily, and it locks down the sewers. This can also be used offensively by building it in the enemy base. Of course, you must still watch out for Spies, who over such a short distance will be fully cloaked and be able to come right up to you before decloaking. If your back is visible, they will be able to backstab you with surprise. The Sentry Gun will then kill them, but without its Engineer, it is much more vulnerable.
  • In your Intelligence room, in the 'short' corner (the corner between the two doorways). The placement of this Sentry Gun is very tricky to get perfect, but if you do, it's very hard to take down. To place this Sentry Gun correctly you should to put it as far into the corner as possible (use alternate fire) and at a 45 degree angle. Next you want to place your Dispenser in front of the Sentry Gun, but rotate it so that the short side of the Dispenser is what block's the Sentry Gun's field of view. The Dispenser should be placed just off center, so as to not block the line of sight to the Intelligence or either doorway. An alternative is to place the Dispenser out of sight, behind the desk. It is much more vulnerable here, but often goes unnoticed.
  • Under the enemy grate. This is a very unlikely position to attain and hold. However, if you can get a gun built here, it is possible to jump onto your gun and then jump up to place a Teleporter exit on their grate. If you end up in a game where the enemy is turtling in their courtyard or Intelligence room but otherwise letting you walk in their front door, you could utilize this strategy to surprise them.
  • Under your grate, while your Dispenser goes in the nook between the entrance and the courtyard. If you can get your Sentry set up here, it will surprise enemies coming through the entrance and up from the sewers.
  • Rather than a permanent location, the spiral or the short staircase from the courtyard to box your enemy in once they have your intelligence. Drop a Sentry Gun at the end of one escape route (a Mini-Sentry is best-suited for this!) and take the other route yourself to box the escaping enemy in the basement. A flag-carrying opponent will more likely try to avoid combat with you or the Sentry Gun, and focus on escaping with the briefcase.
  • The center of the Intelligence room facing into the corner between the two entrances. Placing it here maximizes the response time of the Sentry which has a direct line of sight down both corridors. This can be effective against classes with relatively short range weaponry and will suffer minimal damage. However, the Sentry is slightly more vulnerable to long ranged weaponry in this position.
  • On the ledge between the hay room and courtyard, especially at the beginning of a round. This allows the Sentry to shoot at careless enemies who try to run through the hay room and courtyard, and it gives you easy access to metal to upgrade. It's easy to defeat a Sentry in this position, so once you're sure the other team isn't rushing into the base, move it to another spot.
  • In a different area from a teammate's Sentry Gun. For example, if he chooses the main entrance, build in the hay room or elsewhere. That way, if invulnerable or buffed enemies destroy or evade one gun, the other could still stop them or slow them down and give the owner of the destroyed Sentry time to rebuild.
  • In a different place from where it was a few minutes ago. During a lull or if your teammates are covering defense well, move your Sentry to another spot, like from one corner of the courtyard to another, or even to a different room altogether. Enemies who have seen it will assume it's in the same place and will have to organize another strategy to avoid or destroy it.

Stacking the Intelligence Room

This strategy is rather simple to execute and very efficient to enforce. It comprises building a Sentry Gun on top of or directly next to the Intelligence briefcase, and a Dispenser directly behind the Engineer. A Teleporter exit should be placed in the Intelligence room as well, so that teammates can speedily access it (to support the Engineer). The Engineer will sit on the table between his Sentry Gun and his Dispenser and simply wait for an enemy to enter the room.

The ideal placement of Buildings for this strategy is: having the Dispenser to the side of the desk nearest the window but with space behind for the Engineer to stand, and having the Sentry Gun be positioned to cover both entrances and as much of the room as possible. The Engineer can then sit in the Sentry Gun nest with his back covered.

As an Engineer, you could also consider placing Teleporters near to the Intelligence room. Many Spies will be unable to resist Sapping these on their way to the Intelligence room, giving you an advance warning of their approach, even if the Spy has activated his Cloak afterward.

The most common methods for fighting against this form of Engineer-stacking defense are:

  • An ÜberCharged Soldier, Pyro, Heavy or Demoman.
  • Two Spies; one Spy will try to sap the Sentry Gun and the other to take the Intelligence.
  • A Demoman firing Stickies or Grenades from a safe position.
  • A Soldier firing rockets at the Engineer (and not his Sentry Gun) from a safe position.

If you are having trouble dealing with enemies using this method, one tactic is to fire at enemies from the hallways that lead to the Basement with either your Shotgun or Pistol. Once an enemy spots you, run quickly back to the Intelligence room, as if you were fleeing in fear. By doing this, you may lure an unsuspecting player into hunting you to the Intelligence room, and having the player meet his demise in the form of your Sentry Gun. Be careful when deceiving them as you may be killed anyway if you are not particularly agile.

Booby-Trap the Moat

If the opposing team is abusing the Sewers of your team, you can stop them quite easily.

First build a Sentry Gun in the water-filled moat directly under the bridge or in one of the corners which are closest to the enemy side of the Sewers. This is quite useful for you (and your team), both for scoring easy kills and playing mind games with your opponents. This works especially well for the BLU team as their buildings blend in slightly with the water. However make sure that you are not found by an enemy whilst erecting your Sentry Gun, for you are an especially easy target for during this time. Engineers will often abstain from upgrading their Sentry Gun to level 3 as long as possible in the water, as the rocket module has just enough height to poke above the surface of the moat, grabbing the attention of Soldiers, Snipers, and Demomen.

The best Sentry Gun placement by far is underneath the bridge at the entrance to the pipes for the enemy team. This is extremely efficient and effective at gaining kills and restrictions. By placing the Sentry there, upgrading it to level 3 and letting it simply run by itself will block off access for the enemy team to either pipe, kill anyone on the enemy team who is in the water and most importantly, let your team abuse the sewer line, something which the enemy often doesn't have time to counter, as most pushes are done on the bridge and in the battlements.

Forward Base in the Water

Build a Teleporter exit in the small room that connects the sewers to the stairway leading up into the enemy base. This area can then be controlled by building a Dispenser (usually at the bottom of the stairs) and a Sentry Gun. This forward Teleporter allows newly-spawned players to quickly proceed deep into the enemy base without having to fight their way over the bridge or through the sewers.

The largest downside of this strategy is that all of your buildings may be taken down with ease by a skillful Soldier, Demoman, or a small group of enemies who are working together. One way to help prevent your base from being destroyed with ease is to have an Engineer place a Sentry Gun in the water under the bridge. As it is underwater, enemies will not notice it at first and will therefore be harder to attack. If you have some teammates in the sewers with you helping defend your buildings and hold the territory, then your base will be very hard to take down short of an enemy ÜberCharge.

Forward Base in the Enemy Front Door

Build in that doorway

Build a Dispenser and a Sentry Gun in the right-side entrance of the enemy base. For maximum effect, there should be two Engineers there to keep the Sentry Gun intact, and one or two Pyros to root out Spies who come to sabotage the operation. This surprisingly defensible position makes it difficult for enemies to enter and exit their base. The common configuration is to place the Dispenser in the corner of the room, sandwiching the Engineers between it and the Sentry Gun. However, this plan is rather quickly defeated by a single Demoman laying eight Sticky bombs into the area via the grate room. From there, he can lay the Sticky bombs with impunity, and detonate them, possible destroying the entire base and getting a few kills in a single blow.

Engineer Flanking

Place your Sentry Gun against the Intelligence, either on top of it, or in the corner against the glass. This way, when enemy Soldiers, Heavies, and Demomen come around the corner, they immediately get shot and back away. After the enemy has retreated and cannot see you, immediately go into the alternative corridor and flank the opponent. This also works well with a Medic and Medic buddy pair; flank the pair while they are concentrating on trying to take down your Sentry Gun, kill the Medic and retreat back to your Sentry Gun to repair it. The short corridors in the basement are perfect for trapping your opponents between your Sentry Gun and your weapons fire, and as such this can be a very deadly form of attack for an Engineer.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • In general, always try to venture out onto the bridge area only when there is already a friendly presence there. Enemy Snipers will rarely pass up the chance to kill a Medic.
  • The Crusader's Crossbow is a useful weapon for countering or suppressing enemy Snipers firing from their team's battlements. While the odds of getting a kill are fairly low, simply preventing a Sniper from getting a clean shot is often enough to succeed.
  • As a Medic, you have several options to ÜberCharge or be a team player.
  • Tag along in a group of three or more, while pocketing them only. This builds ÜberCharge very fast, and has a high success rate of securing the Intelligence when timed correctly. If solo, consider pocketing a Demoman or Heavy on this map, as their high damage intake and out take is enough to break through almost any defense with a nicely timed ÜberCharge and will take so much that your ÜberCharge rate will build faster.
    • Stay at the courtyard or on the first floor and heal anyone who needs it. Do not pocket heal anyone, no matter how tempting. This will be very rewarding for your team and all general combat, but it doesn't unlock the full potential of the Medic. Consider then going back to the first strategy listed when you have your ÜberCharge ready. After breaking through their defenses, go back to your earlier area and keep healing everyone.
    • Circle the basement floor with someone else and have an ÜberCharge ready. It's nearly impossible to escape an ÜberCharge against someone, especially a Soldier, Demoman or Heavy in particular. When the Intelligence is stolen, pop nearby and wait until he comes out. Try organizing a Pyro to continually Spy-check the surroundings while you pocket him. This is the most reliable and safe way to use the Medic, but limits its' potential even further.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

  • Sniping from the ground floor in the dark areas near the base exits gives a relatively safe view of the upper tier.
  • Shooting from the water can take out the opposition on the bridge or the far bank.
  • 2Fort is an excellent Sniper's map, but as the common strategy reads, you need to switch locations. An example would be to start on the supply room side of the Sniper deck. Put your back against the corner, this gives you a clear view of the opposing team's supply room side, and helps you resist Spies. The only way Spies can really get you is though shooting or stabbing your front side which, by the time you notice, you can heal up, then kill the Spy. After a few kills, it's best to move down to the lower side, any users that may switch to Sniper will expect you to be on the Sniper deck, going down on the lower deck can really give you the advantage. Going outside and to either corner is good because this gives you the top and bottom decks of whichever side you chose, and the bridge. If you chose the left corner, you can take out any foes on the right lower deck, but is rather difficult to get good aim. Finally, going back up on the Sniper deck and sniping though the windows is a good option. The enemy will fear using the bridge, and will most likely take the water; the windows on the Sniper deck give a good view of the water. Enemy Snipers might try and corner you with each Sniper at opposite ends, it's best to take them out one by one, but the Sniper deck windows gives you a clear vantage point for the attempted counter.
  • Jarate is an excellent choice here. Even blind Jarate tosses can potentially coat an entire bridge push. It is also possible to hit across the bridge with Jarate from a jumping high arc throw from the battlements; this can be good if a just missed Spy that cloaked got away, and you have an approximation to his location, leaving him vulnerable to kills or forcing him to the water.
  • Scouts are also a problem for Snipers here, almost more so than a fellow Sniper. It's a common tactic for Scouts to rush your battlements by hopping from theirs and running the top of the bridge. Though, a quick, well timed shot at the zenith of their jump can knock them out of the sky or at worst send them off course and into the ground or water. If a Scout actually makes it across, it's for the better to fall back to resupply and plan an ambush, or let someone better at close quarters handle the situation. However, you can make them rethink their decision by a quickly thrown Jarate, which will usually make a Scout turn tail.
    • Most Scouts tend to not dodge when using the bridge roof because they think they have the shock value and get cocky. A headshot is enough to make them stop thinking like this. You may need to practice though. And as always, a fully charged bodyshot is viable against a Scout.
  • If you are a Sniper and trying to take out your enemy counterparts on the other side of the moat, consider firing from somewhere unexpected instead of on the obvious Sniper deck. This map only stresses further the importance of moving around while aiming, as a competent Sniper will throw you off by wobbling around as he takes aim.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

Take the sewers.
  • There are four main tasks for a Spy on 2Fort:
  • Killing Snipers on the battlements.
  • Destroying Sentry Guns.
  • Killing enemy players as they cross the bridge.
  • Getting hold of the enemy Intelligence.
  • The best way to get into the enemy base is to run from the spawn over the Sniper deck and into the water. Cloak before you come out onto the Sniper deck, so that you are fully invisible as you step out and fall down into the water. It is also possible to jump across the poles on the outside of the bridge. This is effective at avoiding and getting around Spy checking but looks highly suspicious when decloaked. Once you're under the bridge and so well shielded from above, uncloak. Don't forget to get your Revolver out - you're running towards the enemy in a narrow passage, so the Knife isn't useful. Run through the sewers and up the stairs into the enemy base. Once you get to the top of the stairs you then have a choice; you can take the left passage, if you want to go for the Intelligence, or you can go straight on, if you wish to attack enemy Snipers on the Sniper deck.
  • If you go left, the ten seconds of Cloak is just the right amount to let you be fully cloaked as you turn into the longer passageway leading to the open air area, and remain cloaked right up until you're far enough down the back stairs to the basement that you won't be seen. You then continue down into the basement, dealing with whatever is down there and then taking the Intelligence.
  • If you go straight on, Cloak as late as possible before coming into the open air area and running up the main stairs. Then cross over into the Sniper deck and kill the Snipers there. Once you've done this, don't stay on the deck; when they respawn, they'll be looking for you. Either drop back down to your own base for a quick break, or better, run into the Grate room and disguise as a Demoman. You're out of sight, and if someone does come in, there's a chance they may think you're holding a Stickybomb trap from that position.
  • Although it is a bit tricky, it is possible to crouch on the edge of the bridge and walk along it to the other base. Such tactic will save you from random spam going on the bridge and if you get ignited by a Pyro there is always a chance to drop in water. Naturally, this is best done with Cloak and Dagger.
  • If there is more than one Sniper on the deck (And there usually is) They might notice you backstabbing their buddies. As the Sniper decks are fairly cramped, they'll usually pull out their Kukri and charge you. To circumvent this, the best strategy is to run around the structure in the middle of the Sniper deck, Cloak, and then crouch-walk onto the tiny ledge that surrounds said structure. You can then laugh as the Sniper runs around, swinging his Kukri at everyone and everything. This also gives your OWN Snipers a good giggle, and an easy target. Snipers will catch onto this strategy eventually, and try to get onto the ledge as well...all the more fun for your own Snipers. Just remember: This ledge can save your life.
  • If however you simply want to get kills, a good place to wait is up against the front of the opposing fort. Enemy players
    This corner by the ramp is a good place to both wait for cloak to recharge and backstab enemies that are jumping down.
    generally spawn and then run to the Sniper deck and fall off to the area in front of the bridge; very few players actually exit via the ground floor. As such, a Spy waiting up against the front of the fort isn't seen and is behind the enemy players as they run down the narrow, straight bridge.
  • A good spot to recharge your Cloak in the enemy base is behind the boxes/barrels near the entrance to the enemy's sewers while crouched. This area is hardly checked, and if your team is attacking from the enemy sewers, this serves as a good chance to backstab any enemies running past you.
  • The best Cloak recharge spots are usually in blind spots or corners. Popular and well tested recharge spots include:
  • The front wall of the opposing enemy fort.
  • The corner in the water right next to the staircase in the sewers.
  • The corner at the upper level exit of the spawnpoint that has multiple exits.
  • Under the stairs in the Courtyard directly under the Spawn Room.
  • The corner of the narrow staircase entrance to the Intelligence room.
  • There are a lot more to try out, but these spots are generally the most effective for both recharge purposes but also the element of surprise and as a result backstabs.
  • The Cloak and Dagger can work wonders when trying to take out Sentry Guns in the enemy Intelligence room, as it will allow you to remain infinitely cloaked, so you can time when to strike. If the Engineer is in a spot where he cannot be back-stabbed, the Ambassador can work as a great alternative, as one Headshot and one bodyshot can kill the Engineer. Make sure to be hiding out of the Sentry Gun's range when attempting this.