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I'm goin' ta blast ya into thin gruel!
The Demoman on basic Bombermod gameplay

Bombermod is a server modification coded in SourceMod by Mecha The Slag based on the popular video-game franchise Bomberman. It was planned and arranged by Lefonna of Slag Gaming.


Each player spawns as a Demoman in an arena surrounded by large blocks. Some of these blocks can be destroyed, while others cannot. A modified Stickybomb Launcher is used to destroy surrounding blocks and attack enemy Demomen. After a player is killed, they respawn in an area above the game map, where "Revenge Mode" activates. Revenge Mode is similar to the Revenge Mode in the original Bomberman. The player uses a modified Loch-n-Load with only one grenade in a clip and a significantly longer reload time. It is used to hit players in the map and potentially return to playing by killing them. It is possible to kill more than one player at a time, though. After either a certain amount of time has elapsed, or there are only two players left in the map, Sudden Death mode will activate. In Sudden Death mode, players in Revenge mode become "Ghosts" at regular intervals - re-appearing as a ground clipping Monoculus that causes instant death on contact.


Various power-ups may appear from the rubble of an exploded block, appearing as coloured Halloween pumpkins. These power-ups grant special abilities for a small period of time. Red pumpkins grant faster reload speeds, faster shooting speeds, and reduced Stickybomb arm time. Blue pumpkins increase the Stickybomb Launcher's clip size to two stickies instead of one, and green pumpkins grant faster movement speed. The more pumpkins a player accumulates, the greater the players' attributes.

When a player is killed, all the power-ups that they have received will scatter in the area they were killed in, where other players can take.


The mod has been noted in a few news outlets, appearing on the front page in the March 2012 issue of PC Gamer, as well as on and Nerd Reactor