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I have new way to kill cowards.
The Heavy on his randomized loadout

Randomizer is a SourceMod plugin and server modification for Team Fortress 2. The publicly-released version was developed by FlaminSarge based on the original Randomizer by EnigmatiK. This version has a rewrite by FortyTwoFortyTwo.

Gameplay demonstration


Each player is assigned a random class and given a random primary, secondary, and melee weapon. When a player is killed, their class and weapon assignments "reroll" to give them another combination (suicide will not trigger a reroll). There is no restriction on assigned weapons other than those that the version of the mod supports. For instance, a Scout could be granted the Minigun as a primary weapon or a Heavy could be granted the Holy Mackerel as a melee weapon.

The majority of class-specific abilities remain intact; for example, the Engineer can still construct buildings, though only Engineers with all-class or Engineer-specific melee weapons may upgrade them (any class may repair buildings with any Engineer weapon). Some versions of Randomizer force Engineers to have one of these. Furthermore, the Spy can still use the Invisibility Watches, although the alternate-fire on several weapons may interfere with this ability, such as the Minigun, the Sniper Rifle, and Stickybomb Launcher.


Public Version

  • This version is maintained regularly and available to use for server operators on the AlliedMods website.
  • Several custom weapons are included in the pool of weapons. These include Ludmila, The Attack Sentry Gun, the Khopesh Climber, Rebel's Curse, Texas Ten-Shot, Fighter's Falcata, and Army of One (custom Rocket Launcher that behaves like a single-shot nuclear Rocket Launcher). Each of these weapons appear to be Natascha, the Tribalman's Shiv, Golden Wrench, Frontier Justice, Kukri, and Rocket Launcher, respectively. However, a notification appears on spawn or upon touching a Resupply locker, indicating the true name of the weapon. Each of these custom weapons also displays the 'Customized' quality color (which is the same as Vintage, #476291) when inspected, but with no item prefixes (such as "Customized", "Vintage", or even "The").
    • The Texas Ten-Shot, Fighter's Falcata, and Rebel's Curse are weapons thought up by both Trilby and FlaminSarge, and given attributes and coded by FlaminSarge.
    • The Army of One was re-coded for Randomizer by FlaminSarge, but was originally created by YouTube user NinjaxCad.
    • On some servers, certain customized weapons, such as the Khopesh Climber and Rebel's Curse, have custom models.
  • Because most classes cannot properly use certain weapons (such as the lunchbox weapons), Randomizer emulates these effects, such as by stunning a client and adding health to simulate eating a Sandvich.


An example of classes holding weapons incorrectly; in this case an Engineer holding the Huntsman.
  • Several classes hold certain weapons in unusual ways or in ways that obstruct the screen.
    • Some versions of Randomizer will cause weapons to be partially invisible to accommodate this.
  • When classes other than the Scout drink Bonk! Atomic Punch or Crit-a-Cola, as well as when classes other than the Heavy eat the Sandvich, the Dalokohs Bar, the Fish cake or the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, the players may take on the stunned animation for the duration of the drinking/eating. However, no stun sound effects are heard, only the respective drinking or eating sounds. This also occurs for the Eureka Effect and Phlogistinator.
  • Several weapons, such as the Huntsman and Minigun, cause players to adopt the Civilian pose when in use. This only occurs if a class is missing the relevant weapon animation.
  • In a few cases, when a class other than the Soldier uses the Buff Banner, Battalion's Backup or the Concheror, they will find that even though the rage meter is full they cannot activate the buff.
  • If a non-Medic class is given one of Medic's secondary weapons, activating Ubercharge will temporarily switch the player to a Medic. This will disconnect the heal beam. The player will switch back to their previous class after the Ubercharge is over.

Custom Weapons

  • The following custom weapons are in the public version of Randomizer.
Custom Weapons
Class Weapon Attributes/Notes
Leaderboard class soldier.png
Item icon Rocket Launcher.png

Army of One

Pictogram plus.png +400% damage bonus
Pictogram plus.png +200% explosion radius
Pictogram minus.png -75% clip size
Pictogram minus.png -70% projectile speed
Pictogram minus.png Hidden: -100% max ammo

Leaderboard class heavy.png
Item icon Natascha.png


Pictogram plus.png Alt-fire is vampire (On alt-fire hit: +3 health; -25% alt-fire damage penalty)
Pictogram minus.png 10% slower firing speed
Pictogram minus.png 20% slower spin up time

Leaderboard class engineer.png
Item icon Frontier Justice.png

Texas Ten-Shot

Pictogram plus.png +66% clip size
Pictogram plus.png On Hit: 15% temporary damage buff
Pictogram plus.png +25% max ammo
Pictogram minus.png -80% slower reload time
Pictogram info.png Particle Effect: Domination

Randomizer rebels curse.png

Rebel's Curse

Pictogram info.png Dissolve ragdoll on kill
Pictogram plus.png This weapon is a silent killer
Pictogram plus.png +5% damage bonus
Pictogram plus.png +10% faster move speed on wearer
Pictogram plus.png +10% critical hit damage resistance on wearer
Pictogram plus.png +10% explosive damage resistance on wearer
Pictogram minus.png -10 max health on wearer
Pictogram minus.png 20% slower firing speed
Pictogram minus.png -25% max metal on wearer

Item icon Southern Hospitality.png

The Attack Sentry Gun

Pictogram plus.png +20% HP on buildings.
Pictogram plus.png +20% Sentry Gun damage and radius
Pictogram minus.png -35% Metal limit
Pictogram minus.png +100% Teleporter cost
Pictogram minus.png -50% Construction hitting speed boost
Pictogram minus.png -50% Upgrading speed

Leaderboard class sniper.png
Item icon Jarate.png

Jar of Ants

Pictogram plus.png On Hit: Bleed for 10 seconds
Pictogram info.png Also handy for putting out a fire


Khopesh Climber

Pictogram plus.png Can climb walls by hitting them
Pictogram minus.png -10% damage penalty
Pictogram minus.png -95% fire rate
Pictogram info.png The Khopesh Climber is a weapon from Advanced Weaponiser by Mecha the Slag.

Item icon Kukri.png

Fighter's Falcata

Pictogram plus.png +20% swing speed
Pictogram plus.png +10% damage bonus
Pictogram minus.png No random critical hits
Pictogram minus.png On Hit: -15 health


  • Server administrators that know the SourcePawn programming language may add their own weapons to Randomizer.
  • The public version of Randomizer has a server variable/setting to increase the rate at which players roll their default weapons.

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