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Parkour Fortress logo.
He-hey, I'm flyin'!
— The Scout on Freerunning

Parkour Fortress is a server modification created by Mecha the Slag for Team Fortress 2, which is heavily influenced by Mirror's Edge, in which the player can freerun around user-created maps. While in Parkour Fortress, speed, timing, and precision are used to the player's advantage (or in some cases, disadvantage) to pull off stunts and tricks while keeping momentum, and either reach the end of the course or to bring all of the flags to one location, thus winning the round. In some maps for Parkour Fortress it times the player on how fast they can beat the course, and, if they beat a time on the leaderboard, the player's name replaces the one already on the leaderboard.

While the original servers are offline as of December 2018, a revival project under active development launched an Open Beta server on May 10th, 2019.

The re-imagined mod is lead by Screwdriver!?, along with his active development team, with plans of fulling opening in the near future.


The objective for most parkour fortress maps is completing a course in the shortest time possible using a number of techniques such as wallrunning, wall jumping, ledge grabbing, crouch-sliding, and double jumping. The player gains momentum by performing smoothly, which keeps the running speed at an elevated level and as such rewarding those who can maneuver the course easily. Momentum can be lost by stopping, running into walls, sliding too long, or falling from extended heights, although the latter can be avoided by holding Ctrl upon landing to perform a roll. Hazards are common features in the maps, the most common of which being cliffs and heights. Other hazards include poisoned water, saw blades, and sometimes even open doors, which can kill nearby players when shutting themselves.

In the pf_points map, the objective is to capture three intelligence cases scattered around the map and bring all carriers to a single location. Unlike other parkour maps, players are equipped with fists to pummel opponents. Momentum in this game mode, besides granting the usual speed, guarantees critical hits if the player is using the fists. Weapons such as the Machina and Pistol spawn at predetermined locations, which players can pick up by walking over them. These weapons allow the players to use ranged weaponry at the cost of close-range power and specifically speed for the Machina. The ever-present hazard of falling to the player's death is more common in this game mode, since the map is situated on top of industrial skyscrapers.

Maneuvers and abilities

  • Wallrunning: A player can wallrun by holding W and A or D (depending on which side the wall is) and pressing Space, allowing the player to temporarily run along a vertical surface. Pressing Space while wallrunning causes the player to jump off the wall. Due to the complicated inputs, this ability is notoriously difficult to perform for beginners.
  • Wall jumping: By jumping directly at a wall, a player can climb up the wall for a short distance, allowing the player to reach a ledge that is slightly out of jump range. During the climbing, the player can face away from the wall and press Space again, making the character jump off the wall. This allows players to reach areas that are not otherwise accessible.
  • Ledge grabbing: A player can grab an adjacent ledge by facing it. Pressing Space after grabbing the ledge pushes the Scout over the ledge and onto solid ground. Pressing Ctrl makes the character let go of the ledge.
  • Pipe climbing: By pressing W, a player can ascend an adjacent pipe. Although a pipe is a secure means of ascending or descending heights, climbing it is quite slow and using other means to cut out time spent on the pipe can shave a few seconds off of a run.
  • Sliding: Pressing Ctrl while running on the ground makes the player slide. If the player is not on a descending slope, the slide eventually halts and, if the player had momentum, removes it. If a stationary player presses Ctrl, the player crouches instead of sliding.
  • Double jumping: Pressing Space in the air initiates a double jump, if the player has not done one already. Note that after falling a certain distance, the mod bars the player from performing the double jump.
  • Zipline: Touching a zipline allows the player to grab and slide to the posterior end at a very fast pace. One can choose to let go of the zipline by pressing Ctrl at any time during the descent.


Class Image Title Authors Criteria
PF End.png End Of The Road Mecha the Slag Make it to the end of a time run
PF Intel.png Intellectual Movement Mecha the Slag Capture the intelligence on the Points map
PF Death.png Only Death Below Mecha the Slag Fall to your inevitable death
PF Kijun.png The Kijun Challenge Mecha the Slag Complete the Kijun map

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