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Tf2ware Tf2warev2.png

TF2Ware is a custom SourceMod game mode and accompanying map that emulates the gameplay style of the WarioWare game series on Nintendo consoles. The modification was created by Mecha the Slag. Two years after Mecha stopped developing the project, TonyBaretta created a new version with over 50 games.

The gameplay within the map involves all players participating in randomly chosen minigames, simple tasks with short instructions and a duration of less than 5 seconds. Players are automatically changed to the class (or role) the minigame requires, are generally forced to wield a specific weapon/slot, do not have any ammunition, and cannot melee attack unless the minigame requires it. Players earn one point per minigame they win and as soon as a number of minigames are played, a Boss Stage begins. These Boss Stages are longer (about a minute on average) and are slightly more complex than normal minigame. They always have a dedicated environment within the map. The player with the most points following a Boss Stage is given a period kill all other players on the stage, after which the flow of gameplay is looped and everybody's score reset to 0.

The most recent version of the map is TF2Ware2_a4.


TF2ware 2.6

TF2ware 2.7.4 Last version

Boss Level Gioca Jouer



Name Description Allowed class(es) and weapons Location
Airblast Players must survive by knocking enemies back into one of the spiked walls.
Tips (Pyro): Hold down MOUSE2 and try to get as far from the spiked walls as possible.
Pyros with flamethrowers that can only air blast
Scouts with the Force-A-Nature
Battle Arena
Airblast (Projectiles) Players must airblast one of the many projectiles falling onto the map to earn a point.
Tips: Try jumping and airblasting at the same time.
Pyros Spawn
Avoid the Kamikaze Scout: "blow up" at least two Heavies.
Heavy: Survive the explosion.
Tips (Scout): Look for a cluster of Heavies and try to round them up into a corner instead of rushing straight at them.
Tips (Heavy): Go to the Scout's starting point, as most others will immediately run away from there. Try to stay away from your teammates, as the Scout will likely target Heavies in groups.
Scouts as Bob-ombs
Break a Barrel Breakable barrel props appear all around the arena, and players must break at least one barrel using their Bat to earn a point.
There are always fewer barrels than there are players.
Scout with the Bat Spawn
Don't Move Exactly as the name says, players must not move after a safe period of about one second.
Players may taunt and look around without incurring a loss.
Any Spawn
Don't Stop Moving The opposite of Don't Move with an identical safe period.
Collision with enemy players is enabled and anyone who stops moving or makes sudden changes in direction is killed instantly.
Any Spawn
Get on a Platform Of the nine square platforms, all but a few (1-4) are removed and lethal water begins pouring in.
Players have a short amount of time to jump onto a platform before the water rises.
Any (Scouts become Demomen) Spawn
Get to the End Players must reach a glowing yellow area at the end of the course within the time limit. Scout Sawblade Course
Hit an Enemy Players must shoot one enemy within the time limit, friendly fire is enabled.
Tips: When the game starts, spam your weapon at someone or keep shooting at a certain person.
Any Spawn
(Blank) Jump Players must launch themselves into the air before time runs out.
Tips (Pyro): Acting like a Soldier performing a rocket jump will still result in victory.
Tips (Demoman): Stickybombs will bounce off the platforms, while they may also get scattered by other players' explosions.
Soldiers with the Rocket Launcher
Pyros with a modified Flare Gun
Demomen with the Stickybomb Launcher
Medics with a modified Syringe Gun
Simon Says In a simple adaptation of Simon Says, players must perform an action depending on the instruction given.
If performed when the instructions read "Simon Says" will result in failure.
Tips (Eat the Sandvich): Taunting counts as eating a Sandvich.
Heavy (eat a Sandvich)
Type the Answer A simple mathematical question will appear and players must type the correct answer to score. Any Spawn
Do the Spycrab Players must crouch and aim up, doing the Spycrab pose. Spies with the Disguise Kit Spawn
Hit the Target The Snipers/Spies must try to shoot a single Heavy target that appears on the field.
The Soldiers must try to shoot a single barrel launched into the sky.
Soldiers with the Shotgun
Snipers with the Sniper Rifle
Spies with the Revolver
Firing Range
Type the Word/Color The name of a color is displayed on the screen in a random color.
The player is prompted to either type the text written (Word) or the color of the text (Color).
The game allows for some error, such as "yellwo" counting for "yellow".
Any Spawn
Jump on a Heavy's Head The Scouts must jump on the head of a Heavy
The Heavy must avoid being jumped on.
Heavy (slightly shrunken)
Don't Get Scared Ghosts will fall onto the map, players must not get scared. Pyros Spawn
Avoid the Trains Two trains will spawn, players must not get run over to win. Scouts Spawn
Hit Ten Gifts Players must shoot ten randomly-spawning gifts. Snipers Firing Range
Flipper Ball Players must reach the other end of the machine while avoiding the pinballs. Scouts (going up)
Pyros (going down)
Pinball Machine
Fight and Stay Alive Players need survive by melee fighting enemies to win. Friendly fire is enabled.
Tips (Demoman/Sniper): Players will have increased speed and knockback, so it is best to crouch when attacking to not get pushed into a wall.
Demoman (The Horseless Headless Horsemann)
Sniper (Skeletons/Merasmus)
Battle Arena
Catch the Cubes Weighted Companion Cubes will randomly spawn around the map, players must capture three to win. Scouts Auxillary Arena
Touch the Sky Players must touch the sky using an infinite amount of double jumps. Scouts Spawn
Enter a Door Three doors (labelled A, B, and C) will spawn on one side of the map.
Players must enter one of these three doors in hopes that it's the correct one to win.
Pyros Spawn
Avoid the Boms Pipe bombs spawn from the sky, surviving the explosions will result in victory. Pyro (with Flamethrowers that can only air blast) Spawn
Kart Race Players, in bumper cars, must reach the end of the course. Scouts (Long Jump)
Soldiers (Mad Gear)
Pyros (Maze)
Long Jump
Maze Track
Mad Gear
Sumo Players, in bumper cars, must stay on the platform without getting knocked off. Heavies Sumo Platform
Taunt Kill Players must perform a taunt kill on an enemy. Any Auxillary Arena
Parachute Players need to touch the platform using the B.A.S.E. Jumper Demomen Auxillary Arena
Water War Players swimming in a pool of Jarate must kill one enemy. Pyros with the Neon Annihilator Spawn
Spycrab Limbo Unable to move normally, players must limbo under a later to win. Spies with the Disguise Kit Auxillary Arena
Shark Players must reach the shore without being killed by the Shark, who must kill at least three of them. Soldiers
Pyro (Shark)
Build Players need to build the requested building.
Players will initially start with a Dispenser. If anything else is called, you must switch to that building.
Engineers Auxillary Arena.
Grap the Cow Players need to "hook" the cow and hit it with their Ullapool Caber. Demomen Auxillary Arena
Treasure Hunt Players must use their Grappling Hook to find the treasure hidden somewhere within the map. Scouts (Mansion)
Demomen (Beach)
Piggyback Heavy Players must catch up to and piggyback the Heavy before he reaches the end.
If the Heavy reaches the end with less than three Pyros piggybacking him, he will win the game.
Pyros (spawning at the top)
Heavy (Spawning halfway towards the end)
Pinball Machine
Stun Merasmus Players must stun Merasmus at the center of the map to win. Pyros with bomb heads Spawn
Hit the Balls Players must hit as many balls possible into the enemy team's side. The team with the least amount of balls on their side wins.
If there is a tie, everybody loses.
Scouts with the Necro Smasher Auxillary Arena
Disguise Players must disguise as the highlighted class to win. Spies with the Disguise Kit Spawn
Pop the PASS Time JACK Players must repeatedly attack the JACK until it pops to win. Scouts with the Necro Smasher Auxillary Arena
Pirate Attack Players must launch themselves onto the correct ship to win. Demomen with the Sticky Jumper Beach
Pickup Plate Players must pick the correct plate of food and then eat it. Heavies Beach
Street Fighter Players must taunt kill enemies from a distance to win. Pyros Auxillary Arena
Batboy Players must battle each other using the Hot Hand and survive until time runs out or when there is one player left. The remaining player(s) win Pyros with the Hot Hand Battle Arena
Soldier target A barrel is thrown across a shooting range; players must hit it at least once to win. Soldiers with the Shotgun Firing Range

Boss stages

Any player who meets the win conditions of a Boss stage is awarded five points instead of one.

Name Description Allowed class(es) and weapons Arena
Avoid the Cuddly Heavy The Cuddly Heavies must "hug" (collide) all of the Scouts to death.
The Scouts must try to survive this ordeal to the very end.
Tips (Scouts): Try to stay away from groups and keep a low profile. Never try to jump over or be cornered by the Heavies.
Tips (Heavy): Go for large groups of Scouts. Try to communicate with other Heavies and try to close in one Scout at a time.
Love Arena
Obstacle Course Players must complete the obstacle course at a steady pace. Soldiers with the Rocket Launcher (Vertical)
Heavies (Horizontal)
Linear Courses
Score 7 Goals Players must fire seven grenades into a constantly-moving basketball hoop attached to the far wall. Demomen with the Grenade Launcher Basketball Court
Push Away the Enemies Platforms will fall down one by one as the game progresses. Players must survive. Spy with a Knife that launches enemies on hit Falling Platforms
Jump the Rope Players must jump the rope to stay alive.
Tips: Jumping when the rope is 90 degrees towards you will ensure you can survive.
Pyros Jump Rope
Frogger Players must play through a classic game of Frogger to win. Medics (as frogs) Frogger
Ghostbusters The Ghostbusters must "bust" all the ghosts with their Medi Guns to win.
The harmful ghosts win if all the Ghostbusters are killed.
The harmless ghosts win by surviving to the end of the game.
Medics (Ghostbusters)
Heavy (Harmful Ghosts)
Spies (Harmless Ghosts)
Reach the End Players must complete a simple maze while running away from a wall that will follow and kill you on touch, if played with Heavies. Heavies (as bananas)
Medic (riding carts)
Linear Maze
Survive MONOCULUS Two MONOCULUSes will spawn and shoot eyeball rockets at the players, who must survive to win. Pyros with a Flame Thrower that can only air blast Spawn
Gioca Jouer An emulation of the original version of the song, Gioca Jouer, known for being the 1981 Festival di Sanremo opening theme.
Tips: When the text calls out for "Disguise", you must press your disguise button (Default: B).
Auxillary Arena
Slender Players must find and collect all eight pages before the Slendermen kill them. Medics
Spies (Slenderman)
Avoid the Red Floor One of the four platforms will flash red and make players lose health when touched. Once the gate opens, all players must go to the other side before it closes. Scouts Platforms
Grand Prix Players must clear five laps while boosting up the ramp to the other side. Pyros (riding carts) Maze Track
Dodgeball Players must survive by airblasting the rocket, increasing its speed until it hits someone. Pyros with a Flame Thrower that can only air blast Auxillary Arena
Meet Chester Players must avoid the hungry Chester. Scouts Auxillary Arena

Special rounds

Special rounds are activated when the words 'SPECIAL MODE!' appear across the screen. These real special rounds include:

  • Don’t Score! Players are challenged to not score any points. The winner will be the player with the least amount of points.
  • Single Player Players are invisible to one another.
  • Third Person Every player is now in thirdperson.
  • BONK Every player now has the Scout's Bat, allowing them to push enemy players.
  • Fov Experience Every player has their field of view set to 110.
  • x2 The round is twice its normal speed.
  • x2 Boss Battle There are two Boss battles played back to back at the end of the round.
  • No Touching! Players cannot touch enemy players during most minigames. Touching will result in killing both players and both will lose a point.
  • Fart Time! You will fart randomly during the game.
  • Big Weapons Every player has huge weapons, three times the normal size!
  • Bonus Ducks Bonus Ducks spawn into main map at the end of every minigame. 1 duck is equal to 1 point.

Wipeout! (Eliminator Round)

About once every ten games, the game will send all players to a waiting area above the map. In this mode, all players have 3 lives and 3 players are chosen at random to play normal minigames. Winning the minigame first will keep your lives intact while the others will die and lose a life. Once your life count reaches 0, you are eliminated from play until the next round of minigames starts. After a certain amount of eliminations, the number of players per minigame will go down to 2. This mode will continue until two players are left, at which point the boss minigame starts and the loser will lose a life if they fail. If both players are left standing, another boss minigame will begin. Committing suicide outside of minigames will not count as a lost life.

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