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War3Mod (also known as War3Source or Warcraft 3 Mod) is a server plugin based on Warcraft 3 developed by Blizzard.

Upon killing enemy players, you will receive experience points that can be spent on special talents. Also, a currency called "Credits" is given to buy artifacts from the ShopMenu.

Gameplay demonstration


There are 17 possible classes in War3Mod, thus between War3Mod's classes and Team Fortress' classes there are possible 153 different combinations. Furthermore, every class has four different talents; three ability talents and one ultimate talent, which can be gained at different experience levels. The talents can also be categorized as "Passive Talents" and "Active Talents" depending on if they need to be activated using a command or not. Below you can find the classes with their respective talents, with descriptions, from the mod.

Note: Skills written in italic are skills that need to be activated via a console command.

To use an ultimate, you have to use the +ultimate command in the console.

To use an ability, you have to use the +ability command in the console.

Also, you can bind these commands to keys, so that the talents can be used faster. For example:
bind (key1) +ability
bind (key2) +ultimate

  • The result will be that upon pressing the key1 button, the ability will be activated, and upon pressing key2 the ultimate will be used.


Below here are the possible items you could buy from the ShopMenu using the gold, but remember that you are allowed to use a maximum of two items, in case you will want to buy a new one and you already own two items, you will have to select which item to delete, and the gold will not be refunded.Some Shop items are rescricted for specific races. For example, an Undead Scourge player can not buy the Mask of Death, as well as Boots of Speed , also the Cloak of Shadows which cannot be bought for the Human Alliance and Orcish Horde. Shop items will be lost upon death.

1. Boots of Speed - 3 Credits. Allows you to move 20% faster.
2. Claws of Attack - 3 Credits. An additional 10% damage boost, up to a minimal of 1 damage (Doesn't work with any race abilities)
3. Cloak of Shadows - 2 Credits. Makes you 40% less visible.
4. Mask of Death - 3 Credits. You will have 30% lifesteal, up to a minimal of 1 health on hit and a maximum of 40 health on hit.
5. Necklace of Immunity - 3 Credits. You will be immune to enemy ultimates.
6. Orb of Frost - 3 Credits. Slows your enemy down by 20% when you hit him. (Multicapative)
7. Ring of Regeneration - 3 Credits. Gives you +4 Hp/s regeneration.
8. Tome of Experience - 10 Credits. Automatically gain 100 experience; this item is used on purchase.
9. Sock of the Feather - 4 Credits. You will have 40% less gravity.
10. Antiwards - 3 Credits. Protects you from all wards.
11. Helm of the Black Legion - 10 Credits. Has a 50% chance to protect you from any bullets hitting your head.

Command list

This is a list with all official console commands:

1. +ability - To use "ability" talent
2. +ultimate - To use "ultimate" talent
3. say resetskills - Dump the distributed talents of the race chosen at present
4. say war3help - HelpMenu
5. say war3menu - Main mod menu
6. say war3stats - Players stats
7. say war3top10 - Top 10 players on the server.
8. say war3rank - Players stats
9. say war3dev - Mod's developers
10. say showxp - Show experience points
11. say spendskills - Spend experience points for talents
12. say shopmenu - Open ShopMenu
12. say showskills - Show current race's talents
13. say showcredits - Show quantity of credits
14. war3admin - For server's admins


The RED Spy demonstrating the transparency bug.
  • Skills that grant transparency, like the "Human Alliance's" Invisibility or the "Orcish Horde's" Wind Walker will not make the cosmetic items or Intelligence transparent, thus they will appear as normal.
    • Sometimes weapons will not appear to be transparent in the first-person view, but in fact they are in the third-person view.
  • Luna Moonfang's Lunars blessing doesn't work.
  • Soul Reaper's Withering presence doesn't work.
  • Ultralisk's Organ Redundancy doesn't take into account your max ammo, thus setting your ammo back to 200 when it is above that point (MVM)
  • SCV's Lone Unit doesn't take into account your max metal, thus setting it back to 200 when it is above that point (MVM)
  • Firebat's Mercenary Munitions stopped working correctly after the Jungle Inferno Update
  • Succubus Hunter's Totem Incantation currently gives a max of 5 XP no matter the ammount of heads you have. (Supposed to be 1-5 XP per skull, up to a max of 100 XP)


  • The "Human Alliance's" Devotion Aura will be kept as permanent overheal, but after the first injury the overheal will drain as normal.
  • A way of staying underwater for a longer time is to use a "Ring of Regeneration" and have a decent level of "Sacred Warrior's" Inner Vitality; at a high enough level, you can stay underwater for how much time needed, emerging with full health.
  • "Chronos'" "Chronosphere" will not block taunt attacks, with the exception of the Pyro's Hadouken which acts as a ranged attack.
  • The "Undead Scourge's" Vampirical Aura and The mask of Death item will grant health from any source of damage, including Sentry Gun fire.

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