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Aww, did I get blood on your suit?
The Sniper on Spycrab hunting

Crabmod is a community-created game mode that elaborates upon the Spycrab meme. The BLU team takes on the role of a migrating herd of "Spycrabs", while the RED team consists of Huntsman-wielding Snipers called "Hunters" attacking the "Spycrabs".


The goal is for the Spycrabs to reach the other side of the map before the Hunters can eliminate them. The game begins with only 2-3 Hunters, with the number increasing depending on how many players are present. The game is over when one of two things happen:

  1. All Spycrabs are killed, resulting in victory for the RED team. If all of the Spycrabs are dead, friendly fire will activate and a short round of team-killing will commence for the Hunters.
  2. A Spycrab reaches the control point at the far side of the map, resulting in the BLU team winning.

The players playing as Spycrabs cannot switch their weapon from a Disguise Kit unless the Spycrabs are victorious. When the Spycrabs are still alive during the round, they must keep their Disguise Kits above their head and crouch while walking to the control point. Some server mods make it impossible to move with the Disguise Kit below your head.

On some servers, if a Hunter has killed a fair amount of Spycrabs they are awarded a fake achievement called "Crazed Huntsman" which will protect them from friendly fire during the end of the round.

Plugin information

  • Current version: 0.9b
  • Plugin is available to download after March 16, 2009 from the Allied Modders Forum.


The Spies are forced into the Spycrab position. If they do not crouch, they are frozen in their spawn area until they do so. A message stating 'Crouch and Look Up' will appear on-screen to help new players learn what to do. If they look down, the camera auto-locks them back to looking at the sky, but the angle is sufficiently low enough to see the Hunters. Fallen Spycrabs will respawn as Hunters.

Weapons allowed

  • Snipers
  • Primary: Huntsman
  • Secondary: Jarate (not usable unless the Sniper does not have the Huntsman)
  • Melee: All Sniper melee weapons
  • Spies
  • Primary: All Spy primary weapons (not usable unless the BLU team wins.)
  • Melee: Knife
  • Special: Disguise Kit

Note: If a Sniper does not own the Huntsman or Jarate, they will be given a modified Pistol that fires arrows. This Pistol uses the Engineer's viewmodel, but the player appears to hold nothing in third-person view. If the Sniper owns Jarate, but not the Huntsman, they will only be able to use Jarate.


  • The fake achievement, "Crazed Huntsman", is a reference to Meet the Sniper where the Sniper attempts to explain to his father that he is an assassin, and not a crazed gunman.
  • A slightly altered version of this game mode also exists where one Spycrab is escorted by their team (consisting of Spies equipped with a primary weapon) to a control point, similar to the objective in The Hunted.

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