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That's what I'm talking about!.
The Scout on weapon balance.

TF2Tightrope is a collection of server mods. They aim to be a community-run version of the official beta by testing out new weapons, maps, game modes and balance changes.

Project Beta


Project Beta is about testing new weapons, while tweaking old ones. Changes are based on community feedback.

New Weapons

Class Item Type Replaced and Name Functionality
Leaderboard class soldier.png

The Battle Plan

Pictogram plus.png On wearer: 33% faster move speed
Pictogram minus.png On wearer: Move speed is decreased as user is injured
Pictogram minus.png User can not be overhealed
Pictogram comment.png Move speed will stop decreasing at 100hp and 240HU/s

The Doom Bringer

Pictogram plus.png On Kill: 2 seconds of 100% critical chance
Pictogram plus.png +15% faster reload speed
Pictogram minus.png -75% clip size
Pictogram minus.png No random crits

Leaderboard class pyro.png

The Intensifier

Pictogram plus.png On hit: target is marked for death for 15 seconds
Pictogram plus.png Does not require ammo
Pictogram plus.png +50% fire rate
Pictogram plus.png +50% afterburn duration
Pictogram minus.png If the target is extinguished the mark is removed
Pictogram minus.png Cannot be crit boosted
Pictogram comment.png This weapon cannot mark for death another Pyro

The Underburner

Pictogram plus.png Reflected projectiles sets opponents on fire
Pictogram plus.png +20 health restored when extinguishing a teammate
Pictogram plus.png +100% increased horizontal push back force
Pictogram plus.png +25% increased vertical push back force
Pictogram plus.png -60% airblast cost
Pictogram minus.png -50% max primary ammo
Pictogram info.png Reflected projectiles gain a small fire particle effect

Leaderboard class heavy.png

Huo-Long Heater
The Heavy Lifter

Pictogram plus.png While deployed: lifts user upwards
Pictogram plus.png While deployed: sustains a ring of flames
Pictogram plus.png Deals 7 times falling damage to the player you land on
Pictogram plus.png On wearer: deal +15% more damage
Pictogram minus.png User is marked for death while spun up, and for 3 second after
Pictogram minus.png Deals no bullet damage
Pictogram minus.png -50% ammo

Leaderboard class engineer.png

The Overclocker

Pictogram plus.png +50% faster sentry gun fire rate
Pictogram plus.png +500% dispenser radius
Pictogram plus.png Teleported teammates gain an 8 second speed boost
Pictogram plus.png +50% attack speed
Pictogram minus.png -50% building health
Pictogram minus.png -75% melee damage vs players
Pictogram info.png Overclocked buildings can be identified by a particle effect

Leaderboard class medic.png

The Blinken Säge

Pictogram plus.png On use: Become ÜberCharged for a short time at the cost of 10% ÜberCharge
Pictogram plus.png On use: Relocate to a new position at the cost of 10% ÜberCharge
Pictogram minus.png -15% damage dealt

Other Weapon Changes

Class Modified Item Functionality
Leaderboard class pyro.png

Sharpened Volcano Fragment
Sharpened Volcano Fragment

Pictogram plus.png On wearer: 40% of fire damage dealt is received as healing
Pictogram plus.png On Hit: target is engulfed in flames
Pictogram minus.png -50 max health
Pictogram comment.png Cannot overheal the user
Pictogram info.png Healing is unaffected by crit or minicrit multipliers

Third Degree
Third Degree

Pictogram plus.png +25% damage vs players being healed
Pictogram plus.png +25% damage to all other players directly connected via healing
Pictogram minus.png No random crits
Pictogram minus.png -25% damage vs players not being healed

Leaderboard class demoman.png

Claidheamh Mòr
Claidheamh Mòr

Pictogram plus.png 1 Second increase in charge duration
Pictogram plus.png 37% longer melee range
Pictogram minus.png Slower deploy and holster time
Pictogram minus.png No random Critical hits
Pictogram minus.png -20% firing speed

Leaderboard class engineer.png

Eureka Effect
Eureka Effect

Pictogram plus.png Press your reload key to choose to teleport to spawn or your exit teleporter
Pictogram plus.png -50% metal cost when constructing or upgrading teleporters
Pictogram plus.png Take no damage from rocket jumping
Pictogram plus.png +2 health gain per second for each level of an active dispenser
Pictogram plus.png +5% move speed for each level of an active teleporter
Pictogram minus.png Cannot be granted health from healers
Pictogram minus.png Cannot pickup health kits
Pictogram info.png Electric sparks appear on wearer's feet

Leaderboard class sniper.png


Pictogram plus.png +25% charge rate
Pictogram plus.png Critical hits are guaranteed for headshots
Pictogram plus.png Can charge without zooming
Pictogram minus.png Cannot headshot unless fully charged
Pictogram minus.png -10% damage penalty on body shot
Pictogram minus.png Shots leave a dim, clear line behind them
Pictogram minus.png No random critical hits
Pictogram comment.png Hold down fire button to charge, release to fire
Pictogram comment.png Does not automatically start charging when zoomed
Pictogram comment.png Doesn't unscope between shots
Pictogram info.png Charged shots will gib victims


  • Alternate weapon skin varieties function as the non-modified version of their original counterpart.

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