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That's what it was made for.
The Engineer on obstructing forts.

FortWars is a mod for Team Fortress 2. It was originally developed by Matheus28 and later rewritten by Mecha the Slag. The goal is to construct various fortifications before the round starts and to use them as a means to capture the neutral flag and hold it. This game mode is similar to Source Forts and Garry's Mod Fort Wars. Other possible objectives include Capture the Flag and A/D Control Point maps.

Players are given a money system along with a list of spawnable props to construct their forts.

Gameplay demonstration


Players are divided by a transparent wall during Setup time and must quickly construct their forts in the two minutes and thirty seconds allotted (although this can be changed). They have a set amount of money and number of props to build their fort with. Players can create their own spawn locations within or on top of their forts. To win, one team must hold a neutral intelligence for a set amount of time. It is possible for custom spawn menus and commands to be added into the mod using modules. Money is given for killing enemy players and is used to construct more props to further strengthen the player's base, but only during the allotted Setup time.


(Official props only, other props may be added through modules.)

  • Pipe: A simple pipe. Players can jump above it; if placed above another, it can block players.
  • Barrel: A simple barrel. It can be used to block the enemy path so that they do not have a clear line of sight of the player. This prop has 3 random models and is relatively weak.
  • Pallet: A cheap and weak pallet. It should be used inside your fort to make floors.
  • Concrete Block: One of the most useful props; players cannot jump above it and can make a good wall or barrier out of it.
  • Stairs: A useful prop to connect props from different heights. It makes a one-way-only barrier possible.
  • Reinforcement: A prop used to fortify other props, it is very resistant. This props has 3 random models.
  • Support Wall: A useful prop to make walls.


  • sm_fwhelp: Opens a help menu.
  • sm_fwmenu: Opens the spawning menu during setup.
  • sm_fwresetspawn: Resets the player's spawn location.
  • sm_unstuck: Triggers the unstuck.
  • sm_fwgivemoney: Gives money to another player.

These commands can be used on the chat if the player types "/" instead of sm_.

Common maps

  • fw_cube: The simplest map, an empty area to build.
  • fw_bridge: Big and open map, Snipers are very effective here.
  • fw_forts: Small map, used for small servers.
  • fw_tactical_ctf: Enormous map, used for big servers.
  • fw_sewers: Big map, very dynamic and balanced for big servers.
  • fw_war: Medium-sized map, offensive classes have advantages there.


A good idea on fw_forts is to leave the first point open for capture, and heavily defend the second point. Build several support walls a good distance in front of the control point, and reinforce them by either placing more walls, until you have a good number of them, or some pipes. Then, build a few pine-tree clusters behind those walls, as near to the point as possible, but leave one space by the wall open. An Engineer can build a nest there, and no one will be able to see him because of the cover the pine trees provide.


These are the modules that change the FortWars mod from the building phase to the gameplay.

Official modules

  • Fly Mode: This module allows players to fly during setup, useful for building.
  • Class Unlocks: This module blocks players from choosing classes, and they need to buy them using money.
  • Custom Spawn Point: This module allows players to set where they will respawn. (Although this is not really a module as it is built-in, but can be disabled using a cvar.)

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