Saxton Hale responses

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The content on this page is for the custom SourceMod Team Fortress 2 plugin VS Saxton Hale Mode, and the voices were made by Dreux Ferrano. The following sound files are in no way official, and should not be used elsewhere on official content pages. It should, however, be noted that most of these responses are directly quoted from the official Team Fortress 2 comics.

Round Start/End Responses

Gette it Onne!.png  Upon Round Start
Achieved.png  Saxton Hale Wins
Killicon skull.png  Saxton Hale Loses

Gameplay Responses

Ghost Yikes!.png  Taunt Rage
Backpack Shovel.png  Jumping
Unknownweapon.png  Upon One Player Remaining

Kill Responses

Backpack Shovel.png  Killing 3 enemies in 10 seconds
Leaderboard class scout.png  Killing a Scout
Leaderboard class pyro.png  Killing a Pyro
Leaderboard class demoman.png  Killing a Demoman
Leaderboard class heavy.png  Killing a Heavy
Leaderboard class engineer.png  Killing a Engineer
Leaderboard class medic.png  Killing a Medic
Leaderboard class sniper.png  Killing a Sniper
Leaderboard class spy.png  Killing a Spy
Killicon tool chest.png  Destroying a building
Killicon backstab.png  After Saxton gets backstabbed