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The Engineer

Voice responses are contextually triggered lines that play after the player has achieved something, for instance killing a certain amount of enemies with a primary or melee weapon, or the player has triggered something, like being set on fire. The Engineer has several vocal responses, all of which are listed below (excluding voice commands).

Taunt-related responses

Main article: Engineer taunts

All voice lines associated with a player-initiated taunt are located in the Engineer taunts page along with a description of the animation.

Kill-related responses

Item icon Shotgun.png  After killing more than 1 enemy in 20 seconds with any weapon (except the Gunslinger)
Item icon Frontier Justice.png  After killing more than 3 enemies in 20 seconds with any weapon (except the Gunslinger)
Item icon Medi Gun.png  Kill assist
Item icon Wrench.png  Melee kill
Killicon sentry3.png  Sentry Gun kill streak
Item icon Wrangler.png  Wrangler kill
Item icon Golden Wrench.png  Golden Wrench, Saxxy, or Golden Frying Pan kill
Killicon minisentry.png  Combat Mini-Sentry Gun kill

Domination-related responses

Dominating.png  Domination
Leaderboard class scout.png  Dominating a Scout
Leaderboard class soldier.png  Dominating a Soldier
Leaderboard class pyro.png  Dominating a Pyro
Leaderboard class demoman.png  Dominating a Demoman
Leaderboard class heavy.png  Dominating a Heavy
Leaderboard class engineer.png  Dominating an Engineer
Leaderboard class medic.png  Dominating a Medic
Leaderboard class sniper.png  Dominating a Sniper
Leaderboard class spy.png  Dominating a Spy
Nemesis RED.png  Revenge kill

Event-related responses

Gette it Onne!.png  Round start
Item icon Eyelander.png  Sudden Death
Killicon skull.png  Stalemate
Killicon fire.png  Set on fire
Health dead.png  On death by weapon and/or critical hit
Bleed drop.png  Severe pain
Bleed drop.png  Sharp pain
Item icon Jarate.png  Hit by Gas Passer, Jarate, Mad Milk, Mutated Milk, or Self-Aware Beauty Mark
Telespin.png  Teleportation
Healthico.png  Healed by Medic
Item icon Kritzkrieg.png  Under the effects of an ÜberCharge
Lvl3dispenser.png  Building a Dispenser
RED Level 3 Sentry Gun.png  Building a Sentry Gun
Telespin.png  Building a Teleporter
Building icon Metal.png  Packing up a building
Building icon Metal.png  Moving a building
Backpack PDA builder.png  Replanting a building
Killicon electro sapper.png  Dispenser sapped by enemy Spy
Killicon electro sapper.png  Sentry Gun sapped by enemy Spy
Killicon electro sapper.png  Teleporter sapped by enemy Spy
Killicon tool chest.png  Dispenser destroyed
Killicon tool chest.png  Sentry Gun destroyed
Killicon tool chest.png  Teleporter destroyed
Item icon Frontier Justice.png  After Revenge Crits activated when Sentry has scored kills recently
Killicon gunslinger.png  Gunslinger punch
Killicon gunslinger triple punch.png  Third Gunslinger punch
Wrangler RED.png  Wrangler cramp

Objective-related responses

Intel red idle.png  After Capturing Intelligence
CP Captured RED.png  After capturing control point
CP Locked RED.png  Standing on captured control, firing weapon
Cross RED.png  Defense

Contract-related responses

Contract complete

Difficult contract

Competitive Mode responses


Setup.png  First round


Competitive Mode

6s Only

Setup.png  Previous round was a win

Casual Mode


Competitive Mode

Setup.png  Previous round was a loss
Setup.png  Previous round was a tie


Match win
Game win


Rank up

Top scoring

Game summary

Mann vs. Machine responses

Setup/Between Waves

Setup.png  Ready to play

Other players are not ready

Uncharged Canteen.PNG  Wave finished, near an Upgrade Station
MvM Class upgraded.png  After accessing an Upgrade Station

During a wave

Dead Heat Icon.png  Wave starts
Smallcredits.png  Collecting credits
Killicon electro sapper.png  Teammate places a Sapper on a Robot
Leaderboard class sniper.png  Enemy Sniper
Leaderboard class sentry buster.png  Sentry Buster



Bomb dropped.png  Bomb dropped

While in Alert Zone

Bomb carried.png  Bomb picked up
Bomb carrier defense.png  Bomb carrier upgrades
Hud mvm bomb upgrade boss.png  Giant Robot


Picks up bomb

Leaderboard class tank.png  Tank


In Alert Zone



Health dead.png  Teammate is killed
Health dead.png  All other teammates are dead
Upon being revived with a Reanimator
Mvm navicon.png  Miscellaneous

Mannhattan specific

Gate responses

Robots attacking

Robots take gate

After a wave

Achieved.png  Won
Killicon skull.png  Lost
Receiving a Killstreak Kit

Common loot

Rare loot

Godlike loot

Versus Saxton Hale responses

Note: Voicelines for this mode were provided by James McGuinn.

Setup.png  Setup
VSH Saxton Hale Model.png  Saxton location




Leaderboard class medic.png  Medic status

Medic is dead

Wall climb

Duel-related responses

Backpack Dueling Mini-Game.png  Starting a duel
Duel RED.png  Duel accepted
Duel BLU.png  Duel rejected

Halloween / Full Moon responses

Helltower responses

Gette it Onne!.png  Round start
BLU Bombcart.png  Pushing the cart
BLU Bombcart.png  Witching Hour: The bridge appears


Backpack Fancy Spellbook.png  Collected rare spell
Backpack Fancy Spellbook.png  Reacting to rare spell
Backpack Spellbook Magazine.png  Casting spells

Item-related responses

Magical Mercenary With Magical Mercenary equipped

These responses override the default responses for that category.
Dominating.png  Domination
Gette it Onne!.png  Round start
Item icon Kritzkrieg.png  Under the effects of an ÜberCharge
Lvl3dispenser.png  Building a Dispenser
Healthico.png  Healed by Medic
Nemesis RED.png  Revenge kill

Unused responses

Gette it Onne!.png  Round start
  • "Remember the Alamo!"