Second Rate Sorcery

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Are you freakin' kidding me?
Scout failing a discount spell

The Second Rate Sorcery is a community-created special taunt for all classes.

When the player activates the taunt through the taunts menu, the character takes out a staff with a skull on its top and a tag reading "99¢." They attempt to cast a spell, fail to create anything but green sparkles, and then react before putting the staff away, destroying it, or throwing it away. Some classes add slight variations on the taunt, such as the Demoman slipping drunkenly before casting a spell and the Pyro seemingly scolding the staff after it fails to cast.

With the exception of the Demoman and Pyro, all classes will voice out a specific magic spell while taunting.

For the voice lines and animations of each class, please refer to the respective class taunts pages.

The Second Rate Sorcery was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Update history

October 21, 2016 Patch #1 (Scream Fortress 2016)

  • The Second Rate Sorcery was added to the game.



  • Second-rate is a term used to describe something of mediocre or inferior quality. The 99¢ tag on the staff implies it is merely a cheap, dollar store novelty item.