Victory Lap

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These bumper cars have no brakes! A) Because they move relatively slowly, but B) Because there are no rules!

The Victory Lap is an Action taunt for all classes.

When the player selects it from the taunt menu, they will enter a team-colored bumper car similar to the ones seen in Carnival of Carnage. While in the taunt, the player can remain still, or move freely in any direction. Movement speed and traction is reduced when using this taunt, and a quiet, humming sound effect loops while it is active. Upon leaving the taunt, the player will stand up, the bumper car almost instantly disappearing, with a quiet, magical "poof" noise. The player can also press Primary Fire to honk the bumper car's horn.

Update history

October 21, 2016 Patch (Scream Fortress 2016)

  • The Victory Lap was added to the game.


  • The Victory Lap's hum will stop playing if interrupted by footsteps or fall damage.
  • If the player is wearing an unusual whilst activating the Victory Lap, the bumper car will sometimes use the red team model regardless of team.
  • If a Sniper gets an arrow lit on fire, the sound of the arrow lighting will repeat for the duration of the taunt [citation needed]
  • If an Engineer or Soldier has the Panic Attack equipped and out when they use the Victory Lap, the sound of the weapon's reload will repeat for the duration of the taunt once they beep the cart's horn.
  • While under the effects of a standard Übercharge, the lights from the Bumper Car use the Übercharge texture gradient and therefore appear solid.
  • If a player is in the process of activating the Victory Lap and gets stunned by the Sandman or the stunning portions of some taunt kills, the car will not appear until they exit the taunt and taunt again once the stun effect wears off.
  • The bumper car and player float slightly above the ground.
  • The bumper car does not appear while on the losing team at the end of a round.
  • Upon death, the engine sound may still be played to the player.
  • If the player is wielding the Gloves of Running Urgently and activates the Victory Lap, the bumper car will appear red.


  • The term "Victory lap" means a lap taken by the victors of motor sport races to celebrate their win.