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The Unusualifier is a tool item that can be applied to a specific taunt. It is an upside-down top hat emitting an aura of fire, with a magic wand leaning on the left side of it and stars springing out of it. This item can be found as a bonus item from unboxing a Creepy Crawly Case.

Using this tool on its specified taunt will give the taunt a random Unusual effect.

Update history

October 21, 2016 Patch (Scream Fortress 2016)

  • Added a taunt Unusualifier.
    • A new tool that will Unusualify a specific taunt with a random Unusual effect when the tool is applied to the taunt.
    • Can be found as a random bonus item when opening a Creepy Crawly Case.

November 21, 2016 Patch

  • Taunt Unusualifiers apply non-Halloween Unusual effects now that Halloween has ended


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