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Hey there!

My username is carmaste1 (usually car for short), and my Steam Profile is A Clawkwurk Arruw.

Other wikis that I contribute to is the Combat Arms Wiki, so I'm obviously not new to editing.

I do quite a bit of trading, and I use quite a lot to base most of my prices off of.

My TF2 Backpack in

I mostly use TF2 Outpost to trade.

My TF2 Outpost profile (and trades).

My current Stranges (in order of attainment):

Flamethrower (Given by chevygary)

Fists (Traded by -Shadow-Revolution-)

Jarate (Traded by Batman)

Quick-Fix (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Bushwacka (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Mad Milk (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Natascha (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Detonator (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Shortstop (Traded by Farciarz)

Bazaar Bargain (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Family Business (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

L'Etranger (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Escape Plan (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Big Earner (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Homewrecker attached with Strange Part: Sappers Destroyed (Both bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Tribalman's Shiv (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Loch-n-Load (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Pistol (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Scotsman's Skullcutter (Traded by SnippyTheDeliveryFox)

Pistol (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Bonesaw (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Force-a-Nature (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Syringe Gun (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Dead Ringer (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Carbonado Botkiller Sniper Rifle MK.I (Traded by i can count to muffin!)

Overdose (Won in a raffle hosted by Skojanza®)

Ubersaw (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Bat (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Bottle attached with Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping (Bottle bought at TF2 Warehouse, Part bought in Steam Community Market)

Market Gardener (Traded by Supman)

SMG (Traded by Old Man Diogenes)

Wrap Assassin (Traded by AgentCH)

Diamondback (Traded by Lick My Eye)

Carbonado Botkiller Knife MK.I (Traded by [~EBCR] Staccato)

Sydney Sleeper (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Neon Annihilator (Won in a raffle hosted by The great Jewlander!)

Carbonado Botkiller Wrench MK.I attached with Strange Part: Sappers Destroyed (Bought at the Steam Community Market)

Carbonado Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher MK.I (Traded by THE ARCHITECT)

Carbonado Botkiller Minigun MK.I (Bought at the Steam Community Market)

Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun MK.I (Bought at the Steam Community Market)

Carbonado Botkiller Rocket Launcher MK.I (Bought at the Steam Community Market)

Baby Face's Blaster "The Assistcannon" (Traded by Spyder Of Loxley)

Soda Popper (Traded by cbs.Sync)

Razorback (Traded by cbs.Sync)

Eyelander (Traded cbs.Sync)

Shovel (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Persian Persuader (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Carbonado Botkiller Flamethrower MK.I (Bought at the Steam Community Market)

Festive Frontier Justice attached with Strange Part: Critical Kills (Traded by ?lackhole)

Flying Guillotine (Traded by Guang)

Chargin' Targe (Trade by Tee Many Martoonis)

Sniper Rifle (Traded by Sharp Shooter)

Carbonado Botkiller Medigun MK.I (Bought at TF2 Warehouse)

Grenade Launcher (Traded by [PDT] Arrowbic)

Festive Holy Mackerel (Traded by ▲-[T.I,SCLR]-ScolΣ×Th3Mŧt3r¤-▼)

Crusader's Crossbow (Traded by ]ES[ Harvey!3)

As you can see I bought a good amount of my stranges at TF2 Warehouse, and if you still can't figure it out, I really LOVE Stranges!


I'm hoping to get the "Hales Own" level for my Strange Fists, but not for being "Oh man he's good with using the Fists," but more of "WATCH OUT! A HEAVY IS COMING AND HE'S GOT THE FISTS OF SAXTON HALE!"

I will get "Hales Own" for my Strange Jarate, and then add a description of "A legitimate jar of Jarate from Saxton Hale."

Why you may ask? BECAUSE I CAN!